The Rosewood Observer is the local newspaper in Rosewood. The Liars often find themselves gracing the pages of the Observer, often in an unflattering light.

Season 1Edit

  • The Rosewood Observer is first seen in "Pilot." A special issue is printed commemorating the anniversary of Alison's disappearance and announces that she is still missing.
  •  Veronica is seen reading a copy of The Rosewood Observer. The image on the cover is similar to a New York Times front cover picture from around the same time ("For Whom the Bell Tolls" ).

Season 2Edit

  • The Liars find themselves on the cover of the Rosewood Observer after they tell the police their story about Ian in the bell tower and his body mysteriously disappears. The article depicts the girls as liars. ("It's Alive")
  • Dr. Sullivan is a daily subscriber to The Rosewood Observer and has it delivered to her home.
  • Dr Sullivan is seen posing with a copy of the Observer in a text message picture for Aria. No doubt, "A" had her pose in front of the day's copy of the paper in order to demonstrate that the woman is still alive ("Over My Dead Body").
  • "A" threatens Mona to send a copy of Hanna's shoplifting incident report and a photo of Ashley and Wilden to the Rosewood Observer ("Breaking the Code").
  • Maya's photo appears on the front page of the Rosewood Observer with the caption MISSING GIRL ("Father Knows Best").
  • The Liars look through Alison's bag that Jason gave them, and find old copies of the Rosewood Observer. Alison had corresponded with "A" in the classifieds for almost a month during the summer she disappeared. An event in Rosewood is circled in red ink - a concert at the gazebo ("Eye of the Beholder").

Season 3Edit

  • Interestingly, when Aria snaps photos of Ezra with her vintage camera, Ezra bites a copy of the Rosewood Observer - that has a cover previously seen in Season 1, when Spencer made her snide remark to her sister about being with devil-child. The distinct windmills grace both covers.

Season 4Edit


Reading the PapersEdit

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