Spencer Hastings
General Information

April 11, 1994 (Age 18)

  • Spence
  • Jane Doe (sign in at Radley Sanitarium)
  • Mary Smith (sign in at Lost Woods Resort)
  • Jane Bond and Harriet The Spy (by Emily)
  • Veronica Mars, Lucy Liu, Nikita, Nancy Drew (by Hanna)


Physical Description


Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Dark Brown



Family Members

Melissa Hastings (past)

Marital Status

Dating Toby Cavanaugh

Series Information
  • Field Hockey
  • Academics
  • Lacrosse
  • Decathalon Team

Intelligence and determination

  • Stole her grandmother's paperweight and buried it (as a child; exposed to Wren)
  • The Jenna Thing
  • Kissed Wren Kingston (exposed)
  • Kissed Ian Thomas (exposed)
  • Stole her sister's essay and used it as her own (exposed)
  • Pretended to be a candy-striper to get Ali's autopsy report
  • Was present the night Ali's body was stolen
  • Pretended to be Melissa to get information about her whereabouts in June
  • Lied to the cops about where she was during a hit and run to protect Jason (Exposed to Toby)
  • Jason is her half-brother (Exposed)
  • Knows the second identity of "A" (Toby) (exposed)
  • Defaced Toby's mother's crypt.
  • Former patient at Radley Sanitarium (exposed)
  • Became a member of The A Team (exposed)
  • Kidnapped Malcom from his karate lessons (exposed)
  • Was rejected from UPenn (exposed to Ezra and her family)
  • Knew Toby stole the RV (exposed)
  • Using amphetamines to stay awake (exposed)
Portrayed By

Troian Bellisario

First seen
Latest seen

Taking This One to the Grave

This article centers around Spencer Hastings, a TV show character. For another version check out Spencer Hastings (Book Character).

Spencer Hastings is one of the Liars and main characters in the Pretty Little Liars television series on ABC Family. She is portrayed byHANNA wow ORKB(TKG(IR

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that she is extremely intelligent, overachieving, and extremely wealthy. She constantly balances many jobs, such as internships, charity work, being part of the field hockey team, and after-school clubs. She is confident, calculating, and would stand up to Alison when no one else could, showing her determination and courage. Spencer's family can prove to be difficult. Her parents are very demanding, while her aggravating sister, Melissa, is constantly outshining her and winning their parents' scarce approval. With her fiercely competitive nature, Spencer doesn't demand anything less than perfection.

Despite being very sure of herself, Spencer does begin to show a bit of strain when she and her friends start receiving strange texts from the mysterious "A." She is very protective of her friends, and can come off as being bossy at times, but only because she wants to protect them. After losing her boyfriend Toby to the A-Team, Spencer suffered from a mental and emotional breakdown and was admitted to Radley Sanitarium after being found lost in the woods with no ID. To avoid any more suffering and pain, Spencer soon agreed to become a member of the A Team, but it was only to find out information about Red Coat and to see Toby. As of "A Dangerous Game," Spencer has been kicked out of the A-Team, as she was a double agent.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Spencer Hastings has a very slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and dark almond shaped eyes. She has a peach and cream complexion and long medium brown hair usually worn down in waves. Spencer has a very slim and athletic figure from playing field hockey, tennis and other sports that keep her image and figure perfectly intact.



The series begins with a flashback in a barn where Spencer and her friends, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields have a sleepover. They are startled by their best friend and the queen bee of their group, Alison DiLaurentis, who frightens them by causing creaking noises outside the barn as a practical joke. The five girls gossip and share secrets before falling asleep. When they awake they realize that two of the girls are gone; Spencer comes back telling them Alison is missing and that she heard a scream.


A year later, Spencer goes shopping at Rosewood Mall and runs into Hanna Marin. They had drifted apart over the past year due to Alison's disappearance, but are still on friendly terms, keeping up with each other's lives via social networking sites. They talk about what shirt Spencer should wear to meet Melissa's new boyfriend (Wren Kingston). At school, Spencer goes to English class and picks up on the weirdness between Mr. Fitz and Aria.

Spencer's newly-engaged and condescending sister, Melissa, compliments her sister on her renovations of the barn that she has been working on for the past couple of months and then matter-of-factly informs Spencer that she is moving into the barn that Spencer had planned to move into, as promised by their parents. Her fiancé, Wren Kingston, is sensitive and concerned, where as Melissa is smirking and glib. They move in as planned, anyway.

That night, while Spencer is reading she catches Wren smoking. Melissa doesn't know that he is smoking though. Wren apologizes to Spencer about the barn and offers to talk to Melissa but Spencer says it won't make a difference. Spencer also comments that Wren isn't like Melissa's usual boyfriends because she actually likes him.

Spencer finds herself increasingly attracted to her sister's fiancé, Wren. The two behave flirtatiously towards one another, with Wren going as far as to massage a bikini-clad Spencer's back the next day when she displays signs of muscle aches. Melissa calls Wren and Spencer quickly leaves the room.

File:Spencer (7).jpg

Later that night, while Spencer watches Melissa and Wren kiss from her bedroom window, she receives an anonymous email from "A" letting Spencer know that she/he is on to Spencer's jealous feelings, and this wouldn't be the first time. Spencer flashes back to the summer when Melissa was dating then-boyfriend Ian Thomas. She had been standing with Alison and Hanna in her kitchen, when Ian and Melissa had walked in. Suddenly, Alison announced that Spencer had something to reveal, but Spencer denied it, annoyed and angry by her so-called friend's blunt betrayal. Spencer had counters Ali's vague threat with a threat to expose Ali's involvement in "The Jenna Thing."

File:Spencer (8).jpg

Back in real time, Spencer looks timidly out the window, with the paranoid feeling of being stalked. She then catches sight of a wavy-blonde haired girl through the window in the former DiLaurentis home across the street and gasps "Alison."


Later that night, Spencer stands in a crowd surrounding Alison DiLaurentis' old house. Aria and Hanna find her and look on as a body bag rolls past on a stretcher.

At the funeral, Spencer sits in the front pew with Hanna, Emily and Aria, the four friends reunited under such grim circumstances. Hanna sips from a flask and Aria receives a text message. The other three tense up waiting to hear who the text is from and they all realize the mysterious "A" has been contacting all four of them. Spencer turns and gasps when she spots Jenna Marshall being escorted down the aisle by Toby Cavanaugh. No one expected Jenna to come to Alison's funeral. Jessica DiLaurentis tells the girls that she didn't know Jenna and Alison were friends to which Spencer tells her that they weren't


Outside the church, Detective Darren Wilden approaches the girls to tell them he will be reviewing their statements. Hanna tells him that they already gave statements. Wilden tells her that this is no longer a missing person investigation but rather a murder investigation. All four girls get a text that "A" saying: "I'm still here bitches and I know everything" making the girls question if Alison is still alive.

The Jenna Thing


The Pretty Little Liars sit at the Apple Rose Grille that night, discussing the new messages from "A" that they are receiving as well as Alison's disappearance. They also discuss their fears that "The Jenna Thing" will be revealed, but Spencer believes that no one knows the truth about their carefully guarded secret. Hanna pours some liquid from her hip flask into her beverage to her friends disapproval. Spencer reveals that Alison had confided in her that she had been dating someone that summer, an older boy who had a girlfriend, but Alison never told her who. Just then, the girls cringe as they hear a tapping sound, instinctively knowing that blind Jenna Marshall has entered with her walking stick. They silently get up and leave.

File:Spencer (12).jpg

Maya St. Germain and Emily walk over to Spencer, who is outside practicing her field hockey shots, as she is vying for varsity captain. She meets Maya, who awkwardly refers to Alison as "dead girl," but apologizes and moves on. They invite Spencer to join them for coffee, but she is too focused on her practice.


An announcement is made over the loudspeaker, calling Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna to the principal's office. The girls are slightly panicked, and a mocking text from "A" doesn't help their nerves any. At the office, Darren Wilden interrogates the girls about Alison's disappearance, reviewing their stories with great skepticism.


At lunch, the girls fret that their lies will get them in trouble. Spencer reminds them lying to the police is called obstruction of justice, but Hanna is unconcerned. Jenna walks into the lunch room and Aria invites her to sit with them. The five of them share the most awkward lunch ever, as Jenna notes the dead silence on the part of the girls and the fact that Alison is no longer with them. They all flashback to the accident that blinded Jenna.


In the flashback, they recall having a sleepover at Emily's house on July 4. Alison says Toby is spying on them.

Back at lunch, all four girls phones ring. Jenna hands Spencer's hers asking if she's going to answer it. Of course it is from A reminding them of their guilt. − − −

At a restaurant for dinner, Spencer discusses the college class she wants to take with her father, who is not very impressed by Spencer's desire to take a class for fun. Aria is at the restaurant too, and Spencer says hello to her. Then, Wren and Melissa show up, signaling Spencer to return to her annoying family. She orders a vodka soda, but Melissa tells the waiter Spencer is joking. Peter and Melissa order the same drink, but instead of going along with them, Wren orders a vodka soda and discreetly offers Spencer a sip, sensing she could use it while Melissa and their father talk about their accomplishments of the day. Wren jokes his accomplishment was getting a great parking spot. Melissa doesn't think it's funny, but Spencer does.

− − −

That night, Spencer is sprawled out on her bed, studying for her Latin test when Wren enters and flirtatiously offers to give Spencer another massage. She declines, and the two get to talking about personal stuff, and then, they get to kissing. At that moment, Melissa walks past in the hallway, catching sight of the lip-lock through Spencer's oval mirror. The next day, Spencer wakes up and, through her bedroom window, sees Wren moving his things out of the barn. Clearly, the engagement is off.

Spencer goes for a run, presumably to forget her family problems. She spots Jenna Marshall, sitting on a park bench, sending a text message with a phone for the blind and stops dead in her tracks. Jenna then turns her head in Spencer's direction, as if she is looking at her.

The girls decide to erect a memorial for Alison in the woods, near The Kissing Rock, where they used to hang out with Ali. They think Hanna is crazy when she mentions that she thinks Ali is still alive. Just then they hear someone in the forest and a few seconds later, all four phones buzz with a new text from "A" telling them she's hunting them.

At the Hastings, Veronica tries to comfort her miserable and bitter daughter, Melissa. Spencer stands in the doorway, tentative about whether to enter or not. She walks in to get breakfast, and Melissa pushes past her, scathingly dumping every wedding magazine individually in the trash besides Spencer. Melissa and Spencer easily slip into an argument, with Spencer pressing the point that Wren kissed her. She is about to bring up the fact that Melissa should be wondering why her fiancé would feel the need to cheat in the first place, but her mother sends her a warning look, clearly siding with her eldest daughter. Spencer throws her breakfast in the garbage and leaves.

In the hall at school, the contents of Spencer's locker come spilling out onto the floor. She tells Aria she is drowing in AP classes, particularly Russian History. Toby walks by leading Jenna down the hall, leaving the girls to wonder whether he had anything to do with Alison’s disappearance, or if he is in fact the omnipresent "A." Detective Wilden appears, wanting to talk to Hanna.

Spencer meets Wren in Philadelphia, where he is crashing after being kicked out of the barn. She asks Wren to tell her family that she didn't initiate the kiss, and Wren says that he tried, but Melissa isn't answering her calls. Wren assures her that this will blow over and goes as far to say that he thinks he met the wrong sister first. Spencer leaves in a hurry.

In the Hastings; kitchen, Spencer agonizes over her unwritten Russian History paper until an idea hits her. She plugs a flashdrive into Melissa's computer, steals her old A-grade paper, and puts it into her own computer. She changes the name and date on the paper and straightens the laptops out back to the way they were just in time for Veronica and Melissa to come home from the club. Melissa makes rude comments to Spencer and when Veronica goes upstairs. She lets her know that Wren called and that she can see that the two of them are just covering their tracks. She calls them pathetic and walks away. Spencer feels slightly less guilty about stealing her sister's paper.

Having her Russian History paper out of the way, Spencer joins the party, where the other Pretty Little Liars are in attendance. The four girls discuss Toby's return and his saving Emily. They make it clear that they don't trust him, and then they break apart into separate directions.

Spencer is left standing alone, mulling over the events. She sees a guy standing alone in the distance, and flashes back to the night of "The Jenna Thing." Alison had been blackmailing Toby with something to get him to take the blame for the fire in the garage. Spencer had walked over to listen, and Alison had angrily pushed her back, angry that she ignored her orders to stay out of it. Hanna had expressed her desire to come clean to the police and explain it was an accident, but Alison had railed on Hanna, basically calling her a fat loser until Aria scolded her, forcing her to apologize. But Alison had made sure to get her way and to make the girls flee the scene, letting Toby take the fall. Spencer remembers seeing Toby before he was taken away in the cop car to the police station. Back at the party, Spencer is paranoid that the guy watching her is Toby, and she freezes. But it is someone else, and he smiles and half waves at her, interpreting her staring as personal interest.

The next day, the girls reconvene in the woods to memorialize Alison in the shed they used to play in. Spencer lets the other girls know that Alison had something on Toby, besides him being a supposed Peeping Tom. The other girls are surprised to find this information out from her so much after the fact. The girls change their minds and decide to pick a more public place for the memorial. They hear something with them in the forest again, and this time they all run as soon as they hear it. The person gets away, but they do find the same friendship bracelet Alison was wearing the night she disappeared, perhaps planted by whoever was in the forest with them.

Going along with their new plan, the girls map out the details of Alison's new memorial park bench. Spencer then comes up with the idea of "A-proofing." She blocks all messages from people she doesn't know and does the same with the other girls' laptops and cellphones. The girls also appreciate the view when Mr. Fitz rides by on his bicycle, wearing shorts. Just then, a crunched up missing Alison flier blows towards them with a celebratory remark about her death.

In the hallway, Hanna tells the girls about her father's return, and they ask whether it is because of her accident, but she gets defensive. Then, Mr. Sheldrake, Spencer's Russian history teacher lets Spencer know that her essay was excellent and that he submitted it to an essay contest called 'The Golden Orchid. The other girls think it typical seeing Spencer get academic recognition, not knowing her secret.IIIi 

In Spencer's House and the Barn, Hanna tries on outfits for dinner with her father that night. Spencer reveals the trouble she is in with Melissa's stolen essay. Hanna also asks if Spencer peeked to see if she got any "A" messages, but Spencer has not, and neither has Hanna.

The next day, Hanna happily retells the details of the past night to the other Pretty Little Liars, how she had spent quality time with her father. The bell rings, and English class begins. Spencer and Emily seem to pick up on the awkward tension when Mr. Fitz accuses a student of not understanding the book while vehemently defending Aria's interpretation.

At the Hastings, Spencer hears a crash from downstairs as she is sitting on her bed, looking at the Alison friendship bracelet. She carefully goes down the stairs to investigate, grabbing a sharp knife from the kitchen before she realizes that the visitor is a very drunk Wren. He brings a big potted plant from the yard into the house, and Spencer sees that he's broken the back door to get in. He says that Spencer is blocking her number, and she realizes that while "A-proofing" her life, she accidentally Wren-proofed it too. Spencer tells Wren to leave, but he asserts that he is here to speak to Spencer's parents, as per her request. But Veronica and Peter are in New York, shopping with Melissa, and that is probably in both of their best interests, as Wren drops the plant onto the floor. Wren gets flirtatious, and Spencer eases Wren into a chair, replacing the knife back into the block.

Wren apologizes for his behavior, least of all the broken plant. Spencer offers him a ride to the motel he booked because he is in no shape to drive. She later sends an S.O.S. text to Hanna.

Spencer walks Wren to his motel room, and before she leaves, the two kiss with Hanna watching in the car. When she gets into the car, they agree they are both in over their heads.

Hanna and Spencer return to Spencer's home and find a message scrawled in lipstick on her vanity: "It won't be that easy bitches." Spencer sends an S.O.S. to Emily and Aria, and the girls survey the vanity together. The Alison bracelet has not been touched, and the broken flower pot downstairs has creepily been arranged to look like a tombstone.

Still reeling from the haunting message scrawled across Spencer's vanity, the next morning the girls discover an additional, even spookier message from "A" – this one in the form of a video of the girls the previous night that was clearly recording them from inside Spencer’s closet. It is sent in a text to Hanna as an attachment. The girls reveal that they have unblocked their phones. They then go upstairs and open the closet to find the lipstick that was used to write the message on the vanity - Aria thinks it is the same shade of red that Jenna wears.

In the hallways at school, the girls talk about who the perpetrator could have been. Just then, Mr. Sheldrake walks over congratulating Spencer on her win' in the Golden Orchid competition.

At Spencer's home, Peter is sitting on the living room couch, reading. He greets Spencer as she comes home, letting her know that he bought her buttercreams, her favorite cookies. Spencer takes this as a sign to mean that he's spoken to Wren if she's in his good graces again, but actually he's heard about the essay win from Mr. Sheldrake. (Wren was right; he would forgive her as soon as she scored an academic achievement.) He then invites Spencer to play a doubles match the following day with a prospective client named Andrew Newhoff and his daughter.

Excited about their upcoming tennis game, Spencer practices serving at the club. There, she meets an attendant named Alex, who comments on Spencer's game.

File:Spencer 001.jpg
Spencer and Hanna dine at the Grille and talk about the lipstick they found in her closet. Hanna is sure Jenna used that same tube and plans to investigate further. Spencer is surprised to see Emily walk in and invites her over. Later, Spencer leaves early, mentioning the tennis match and the boy she met. Before she leaves, the waitress mistakes her for Emily and she directs her to the table.

File:Spencer 002.jpg
Peter asking Spencer to play a doubles match with him had seemed like an olive branch, but it turns out to be nothing but a business venture: Peter wants to hand the win to their opponents, a potential business partner, thus signing the dotted line. She reluctantly throws the match. Afterwards, she finds a fast, unlikely friend in Alex, who picks up on the fact that they were playing games. The two make plans to hang out sometime outside the club.

Later, Peter is ecstatic about Spencer's help in scoring the client. At that moment, Spencer admits to her dad about stealing the essay for the contest, as she expresses that her dad's throwing the match has taught her success is more important than honesty or integrity. She later meets up with Alex for their date.

Hanna, Spencer, and Emily arrive at Aria's to console her with Chinese take-out and rag mags – thinking she’s sullen from her parents' marriage troubles. While discussing their plans for homecoming dance, the girls open their fortune cookies to find another prank from "A" notes cluing them into the fact that he or she will be attending homecoming as well.

At lunch, Spencer urges Hanna to try and steal Jenna’s file from the psychiatrist’s office that’s in the same building as where she works, certain that it contains the key to the identity of "A" or at the very least what the Cavanaughs are hiding. They then catch sight of Toby, who temporarily picks up his shirt long enough for the girls to spot a tattoo that says "901 Free At Last."

File:Spencer 005.jpg
Meanwhile, Spencer is worried about how things will go over when she brings Alex to the dance. Mona's snide comments don't help, but the PLLs are reassuring. Spencer is on the homecoming committee, so she is painting for the dance when Alex shows up to school wanting to know what Spencer is wearing so that he can buy a matching suit. He also forks over cash for their tickets; Spencer tries to refuse, but Alex insists, seductively slipping the money into her back pocket.

At the dance, Hanna and Spencer joke with Aria that they will share their dates with her. Spencer then catches sight of Melissa, who is attending to present the crown to the next homecoming queen, as she is a former homecoming queen herself. She tells Spencer that she knows that she stole her essay and seems intent on ruining the night for her sister.

The girls try to enjoy by dancing with their dates, but then Spencer calls them to convene, convincing Hanna to go steal the file. She commissions Aria to keep Sean occupied on the dance floor while Hanna slips out to his mother's office building.

Meanwhile, Spencer all but ignores Alex, while worriedly keeping an eye on Toby and Emily. "A" tampers with a Tarot card at the fortune teller's booth to let Spencer know that she is also watching the pair and that her friend is about to get it. She takes a call from Hanna while Alex is trying to talk to her. Frustrated by her behavior, Alex eventually leaves.

Melissa lets Spencer know she had a hand in his early departure, then leaves to announce the king and queen. Hanna waves the girls over to show them the file she got from the therapist's office. They read it and realize what information Alison blackmailed Toby with the night of the Jenna Thing - Toby's sexual relationship with his step-sister. Assuming that this was Toby's motive for murder, they send Emily a text message warning her that Toby killed Alison, then set out to find her.

They shout Emily's name while searching the hallways. Eventually they find her cell phone in the chemistry lab, along with an upturned lab table, broken beakers, and blood on the floor. They fear the worst.

The next day, Aria and Spencer visit Emily in her room. She tripped and fell and Toby dropped her off at the ER. They quickly inform her of Toby's sordid past with stepsister Jenna to keep her from contacting him again, but Emily isn't sure what to think. Hanna comes over and they call try to convince Emily to tell the police Toby attacked her.

Spencer tries to repair her burgeoning relationship with Alex, who’s now been reduced to kitchen duty at the Hastings’ country club. Spencer's presence in the kitchen angers a server named Stephanie, who is afraid of getting in trouble with management. But, Alex tells her to back off, and Spencer gets Alex to give her another chance - he's willing as long as Spencer gives him full control over the evening.

Spencer, Hanna, and Aria head toward the shed in the woods to hide Toby’s file, but in a panic, Aria decides to throw it in the river instead – moments before Emily texts them not to destroy it. While the girls bicker, panicked, Hanna complains that she is the only one who gets caught for her mistakes, unlike Spencer, who got away with stealing Melissa's essay.


When Spencer hears that Alex has canceled their date to work at the club, she thinks he's lying, as the club is supposed to be closed. But, on an impulse, she visits the kitchen, and to her surprise, finds him there, working overtime. She helps him with his kitchen chores in order to spend time with him. However, the fun comes to an end when she discovers a nasty prank called The Bitch Board that he and some of the other club workers have created that pokes fun at the elitist members (which include Spencer, as well as her sister, Melissa). Alex does remind Spencer that her sister had treated him with the same level of respect. Insulted, Spencer leaves, but returns later, ready to move past their disagreement. He then pulls Spencer into a slow dance that ends with the two of them kissing deeply.

The girls all gather in Emily's room and Emily tells them she saw Toby's motorcycle all smashed up and Jenna in tears on her porch. While processing this news with her friends, she receives a text from "A": "Thanks for getting Toby out of my way." They thought they were done with "A," but apparently not.

Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna begin to prepare for Alison's memorial. The memorial sparks memories of a summer day that the girls had spent lounging by the shore of the lake. Ironically, the girls had spoken about immortality and the fantasy of living in this moment forever. They remember how had romanticized how fabulous it would be to die in a mysterious way.

They must contend with Alison’s older brother Jason arriving in Rosewood a changed man, and he’s got plenty of plans for the memorial of his own. Jason surprises the girls with news that Jenna has asked to speak at Alison’s memorial, and he’s agreed to let her much to their chagrin.

In her room, Spencer looks at Alison's name bracelet for inspiration in writing her speech for Alison's memorial. She flashes back to who else was at the beach that day. Jenna had come to start a barbecue, wearing her now familiar shades then taking them off. Alison expressed her annoyance, and Emily commented on Toby's conspicuous absence. When Alison responded by mocking him in conversation, Spencer rolled her eyes and pointed out how typical it was of Alison to taunt others. But, she softened when the girls all agreed that this day was perfect and then shared their dream that they would be friends until they grow old. Back in real time, Spencer receives a text from "A" threatening her to do the memorial right.

In the library, Spencer corners Jenna to try to feel out what Jenna is thinking in volunteering a speech for Alison's upcoming memorial. Jenna is snide towards her, preying on her fears of having "The Jenna Thing" made public. The conversation shifts from civil to menacing, and Spencer warns Jenna not to make a debacle out of the solemn ceremony for her beloved friend. At this, Jenna lets Spencer know that while she may have loved Alison, Alison had been through with Spencer at the time of her death; mysteriously, she had told Jenna so in the hospital during the summer that she disappeared.

In the hall, Spencer and Emily talk to Jason about Alison and the memorial. Spencer alludes to the fact Jason has taken over the planning while Emily tries to smooth things over. They notice Detective Wilden and some other officers opening Toby's locker. Spencer and Emily are shocked to hear Toby called Alison the night she died.

Spencer speaks to Jason alone, discussing Alison and the prospect of putting away her killer. Jason confesses that he thinks that imprisoning the killer would not provide closure, as nothing can change the fact that his 15-year-old sister was murdered. But, Spencer thinks justice is worth something. At the mention of justice, Jason balks, accusing Spencer of being a hypocrite, when Ali had told him that she instigated "The Jenna Thing" and was the one who threw the stink bombs and threatened Toby into silence. Later, Spencer remarks the convenience of Alison's cover up to her friends; Spencer had threatened to expose Ali if Alison exposed Spencer's relationship with Ian. If she could convince people that Spencer was the guilty one, Spencer's threats would be rendered ineffective. The girls feel less closure than ever, knowing that Ali had created so much lasting trouble for them.

At the memorial, the girls are stunned by the sudden reappearance of Ian, Melissa’s ex, but even more surprised when Jenna takes the stage. As they wait with bated breath and anxiousness as to what she will say, or worse yet, spill - in the end, she offers quite possibly the kindest words for their dearly departed friend. Whether her moving speech was actually sincere, the Pretty Little Liars can’t be sure, because it could just as easily be another trick up Jenna’s sleeve.

After the memorial, Jason stops by Spencer's house to thank the girls. Knowing what Spencer has told them, the girls are now wary of him, but they do accept his gift - the "Alison" friendship bracelet Alison had been wearing the day of her death. The girls quickly realize that the beaded "Alison" bracelet that they had found must have been a fake, fashioned by someone like "A."

Spencer, Aria, and Hanna study for the SAT while a storm brews in Rosewood. Hanna begins to bring up Noel and Aria but Aria wants to drop it. Hanna brings up Alex and Spencer says he is back from his tournament. Spencer wants their relationship to last but shes afraid that she'll blow it. Spencer's mom walks in, but Spencer doesn't want to bring up her new boyfriend in front of her mom because she wants it to last.

The next morning, Veronica escorts the girls into Rosewood High, leery of why the test is going to be administered as planned with a hurricane brewing outside. There, she has a strange run-in with Spencer’s new beau Alex, and the two share a familiar glance that alludes to a previous encounter. Spencer senses tension from Alex and he seems to start avoiding her.

Soon, they all run into Detective Wilden bearing shocking news: somebody has trashed Alison’s memorial, and he’s there to investigate. The girls cover for Emily without knowing why. They lie about Emily's whereabouts the night before and claim that she was studying with them.

They continue studying in the library. Emily goes off by herself. Later, while they are all in the locker room, Wilden hustles Emily into an empty classroom to question her. Although uninvited, the other girls follow, suspicious of the detective's shadiness. There, he accuses Emily of trashing Alison's memorial and even casts aspersions as to whether she murdered Alisoieces of the memorial that weren't broken.

Just then, Veronica walks in, outraged that the girls' safety has been compromised when they should be in the locker room during this storm. She gives Detective Wilden a piece of her mind and blasts him for trying to interrogate minors without an adult present. The girls are quick to chime in and exclaim the absurdity of accusing sweet Emily of murdering Alison, never mind stealing her bag without a search warrant. It seems that Detective Wilden will be off the case.

On the way out, Spencer finally asks her mother what she is hiding. It turns out that unlike other members of the Hastings family, Veronica is quite a fan of Alex. After she had cancerous cells removed from her breast, unbeknownst to her family, she got drunk and visited the club, where Alex patiently listened to her anxieties. Veronica is grateful to Alex and gives Spencer her approval of their relationship after including her in the secret. Spencer is supportive about her mother's confession and later kisses Alex in appreciation without explaining why.

At school, Mona hand delivers invitations for her camping birthday party (Glamping) on Saturday to select friends in the hallway. Of course, Hanna plans to go, but the rest of the girls are not planning to attend Mona's party, not caring for attitude-driven Mona all that much. They apologize to Hanna, but then "A" sends a message that she will also be in attendanart and the girls will find out her identity.

Then, Spencer flashes back to the previous summer when she had been practicing her field hockey swing on the front lawn. Ian had walked by, and, under the pretense of correcting her technique, put his arms around her waist and leaned in to kiss her neck. Surprised, Spencer had turned around to face him, and this too ended in a series of kisses. Ian walks away, then Alison calls out from where she was standing a few meters away to let Spencer know that she saw her kissing her sister's boyfriend. She had called it disgusting and basically called Spencer a skank to boot.

Next, the girls are called to the principal's office, once again, for questioning by the police. An FBI agent named Agent Cooper arrives; she has been enlisted as the representative of the FBI to assist the Rosewood Police in the murder mystery. Her approach in questioning is far milder than that of Officer Wilden. She does not seem accusing, rather wanting information. She shows them footage (sent by an anonymous source to the Rosewood Police Department) of Alison on.

Later, Melissa walks in on Spencer, who is folding laundry, to tell her she had a good time with Ian. She agrees with Spencer's earlier sentiment that hating each other is tiring and getting old. The subject changes to Ali lying about dating Toby. Melissa suggests it was Alison's constant games which got her killed.

That evening, the girls plan to attend the party at the Rosewood Camping Grounds, and Hanna plans to secretly stake out the woods near the party, should "A" rear his or her head. Aria and Spencer arrive at the party together, taking in Mona's huge stack of presents, as well as the massage and makeover tents, in addition to the lavish dessert and refreshment stands. Mona welcomes them to "Camp Mona" and hands them custom-made sweatshirts for the occasion.

At the party, Emily fills the others in on Toby's confession. . In the video, she is calling to someone (a guy) and teasing him that he wants to kiss her. She asks the girls to provide as much information as they can to illuminate the finding. The girls are cooperative. Hanna, ever the fashionista, lets Agent Cooper know that she is positive that the sweater Alison takes off in the video did not belong to her.

Spencer lets Aria know that she's cracked the clue about "Wright's Playground." She locates Emily, but not Aria, who has disappeared. Spencer and Emily go to the playground and find Jenna's bracelet. They think that means that Jenna is telling them she is A, but they don't know yet. They hear a swing behind them and turn around, but no one is there. They walk back to the party, but they see a tree with Ali's name on it. They also see Ian's name which means they were dating.

Hanna texts the girls "I know who A is" and directs them to meet her in the parking lot. Hanna's discovery yields possibly fatal results because when she gets to the parking lot and spots the girls, she’s quickly hit and flung over the top of an unknown car, whose driver doesn't stop to assess the damage. The girls rush to her side and call 911. A text from "A" reveals that she/he is responsible. Hanna "knew too much."

Spencer, Aria, and Emily are left unraveled as they watch Hanna be lifted on a stretcher into an ambulance. At the hospital they call their parents. Hanna's mom comes over to tell them that Hanna has a broken leg, but is going to be okay. Spencer accuses Toby, but Hanna's mom says the police picked him up last night, much to Emily's surprise. She sends the girls home and promises to call them when Hanna can have visitors. The girls have a brief debate over what to do and come to the grand conclusion of waiting until they can talk to Hanna.

Spencer goes home and finds Melissa in the kitchen. Melissa asks if she is okay and Spencer begins to cry because she is worried about her friend. Melissa hugs her just as Ian walks in. He asks if she is okay and Melissa says she is shaken but he meant Hanna. Spencer says she is and then asks Melissa if he stayed the night. She says yes because they had a lot to catch up on.

The girls are able to see Hanna in the hospital the next day, but first they have to get rid of Ashley so that they can talk candidly. Once Hanna manages that, she reveals the two bombshells she discovered: that Aria is involved with Ezra and that Noel must be "A." She witnessed Noel run up to Ezra's car while Aria was inside and write "I SEE YOU" on his windshield, albeit without signing it "A."Spencer is surprised to know that Aria’s affair has been going on for a while. There's a knock on the door, and... it's Noel! Aria gets rid of him and informs the girls he lied to her about his whereabouts last night.

Later, in Aria's room, the girls rule out Ian as "A," since he was with Melissa the night before. Spencer says that Aria should talk to Noel about where he was and Emily and Spencer believe that Noel is A. Aria picks up on that Spencer switched over to Noel being A fast but Spencer informs her that she needs to talk to him because he knows about her hookup with Ezra.

Spencer and Aria walk in the woods and talk about Aria's affair with Ezra. Spencer declares it to be both self-destructive and really hot. It turns out they're looking for the tree with the "Alison + Ian" carving, but it's been conveniently chopped down!

Aria and Spencer arrive at Spencer's house to talk. Ian invites them outside to drink a toast of champagne. Spencer demands Ian explain what they are celebrating and why he had canceled varsity practice that day. Ian admits he and Melissa have eloped! Only Aria has the sense to utter congratulations. Is her sister sleeping with the enemy?

The girls are contemplating the possibility of "A" and the killer being two different people. Spencer, Aria and Emily go see Hanna and they tell her that the tree is missing. Hanna says that her head is pounding with the new information just as Spencer sees an A message on Hanna's cast. The girls are scared because A is literally watching over them while they cant do anything.

The girls wheel their helpless friend Hanna back into her home, where she‘ll be on bed rest for a few more days before returning to school. Spencer bought some stickers to cover up the "A" message on Hanna's cast. They leave to get the rest of her belongings from upstairs and when they return, Hanna says they can go.

Spencer makes out with her blue collar beau, Alex, by his car until her mom shows up with coffee. Veronica shows her the photo Melissa sent from her honeymoon. Spencer expresses her surprise at the fact that her parents aren't more upset about Melissa’s elopement, but her mom says "what's done is done" and reminds Spencer that she was a big part of making her sister's life difficult the past few months.

Mr. Fitz hands essays back to the class. When English class ends, Spencer can't help but notice Aria stay for a bit of extra help. Mona stops Emily and Spencer in the hallway to invite them to Hanna's place for the party that night. They're a bit skeptical, buhe would work for him that summer. Spencer doesn't understand how he could possibly prefer hard labor to playing tennis, but ultimately accepts his decision.

At Hanna's welcome home party, Spencer finds Alex outside, and he's all upset. Apparently, someone submitted his application for the tennis summit. He accuses Spencer of lying when she denies that she wasn't okay with Alex's decision to work instead. Since he only told Spencer about it, Alex leaves, furious because he thinks Spencer went behind his back. After he leaves, our suspicions are confirmed when Spencer gets a text from "A" taking credit for their breakup.

Back inside, sitting on the stairs, Aria tells Spencer to call Alex and explain things, but Spencer knows she can't do that without revealing everything about "A." Spencer thinks they should confront Noel about it right now, still believing him to be "A." Aria isn't so sure. Noel comes by at this moment asking to get by to use the bathroom upstairs. They let him through and consider what they could even do if he is "A."

Over at their house, Spencer and her dad make small talk about how sketchy Ian is and how the cops are ready to put Toby away. Spencer sees a "Hilton Head" tag for a country club on Ian's stuff and has a flashback of Alison returning from an alleged summer with her grandma in Georgia and with the same tag on her luggage from South Carolina. Spencer had questioned Ali about it, but she evaded the questions, turning it around on Spencer like she'd always done.

Spencer sneaks downstairs while Melissa and Ian whisper ominously about something (not audible); they are back from their honeymoon. A stair creaks, and she runs back upstairs, while Melissa investigates to see if anyone is listening. Ian insists that no one could have heard them, but they look concerned. Spencer sneaks back into her room to find a message from "A" wondering if Ian got married for love or for an alibi.

The next morning, Spencer sneaks downstairs again. She attempts to make some coffee, but of course Ian appears. He asks if they woke her up last night, but she lies. Spencer then spots a resort tag from Hilton Head attached to Ian's luggage and starts quizzing him about his visit. He claims it was a while back. The tag is from the same country club that Alison had visited while supposedly visiting her grandmother the weekend of her disappearance. In a flashback, we see Spencer had always doubted the veracity of Ali's story about going to the country club with her grandmother, since it was in South Carolina, and her grandmother lived in Georgia.

Spencer calls up Hilton Head to try to get some info about Ian. She tells Emily about her suspicions that Alison was with Ian right before she died. Emily is skeptical about what motivations Ian would have to kill Alison. The subject changes to Toby, whom Spencer still does not trust completely and accuses him of being a liar. However, Emily forces Spencer to acknowledge the fact that Alison, Toby, the girls, and practically everyone else on this show lie like crazy. Just then Agent Cooper passes by and bids them good morning. She informs the girls that there's a solid case against Toby, so if they don't need her for anything else, she's planning her leave. Spencer then finds out that Ian was at Hilton Head the same weekend as Alison.

At school, Spencer, Hanna and Emily meet up with Aria in the cafeteria. They inform Aria about Ian and Hiltotrying to get pregnant. Spencer wants to know what the rush is, since Melissa has always been career-driven and has never mentioned babies before. But Melissa just brushes it off. At the same time, Ian walks in surprised that Melissa has revealed their secret to Spencer. Melissa insists that Spencer can keep a secret, and Ian gives her a pointed look and says he knows she can.

At school the next day, Spencer has already spilled the beans about Melissa's impending pregnancy to Hanna. Spencer voices her suspicion about Melissa sudden decision for children. Emily comes over and reveals that Maya is being shipped off to juvie camp for three months because of the joint Pam found.

That night, at Spencer's house, Aria is all smiles because "A" saved her relationship. Hanna reminds Aria that "A" also tried to run her down. Melissa comes in and makes some pleasantries with the girls, which ends in her telling the girls that she doesn't have to worry about Ian looking at other women. Then, the girls surprise Emily by sneaking her away for one last, romantic night between the two in Spencer‘s room – with lit candles and plenty of privacy.

The rest of the girls go through Ian's boxes downstairs, discovering nothing of importance. Maya thanks them and hugs everyone goodbye. They then receive a shocking video (no doubt from "A") about the night Alison disappeared. It is the same footage that Officer Cooper had shown them, but there's extra in this video: seconds of footage center on a smiling Ian. Then the camera angle shifts, and we hear signs of struggling. Alison's hand comes into the view of the lens, groping the leaves on the ground, as she seems to have fallen, until the hand stops moving and goes limp. The girls scream as they see this and hear a noise outside. Whoever it is runs through the woods, and the girls try to chase the stalker, but it's gone by the time they're outside.

The girls examine the video "A" left for them that illuminates what looks to be the final moments of Alison’s life near the Kissing Rock the night she disappeared. Right after Ian's cameo on the video, he surprises them in person, as he tries to grab a late-night snack from the Hastings' kitchen. The girls all freak out while Ian makes small talk, acting nonchalant, so there's no indication whether he saw his face on the computer screen or not. After he leaves, they decide they need to hand the video over to the police.

At school, the girls help decorate for the school's upcoming dance-a-thon, but take a break to discuss whether they should turn the video into the police. They question "A's" motives, but Emily doesn't care; as far as she is concerned, she doesn't want Toby to go to jail, and this video could prevent that. Aria agrees with Emily and offers to drive Spencer to the police station during their lunch break.

At lunch, the girls are getting ready to head to the police station when they realize that Spencer's laptop is missing, despite the fact that it has been in her bag, plastered to her side all day, save when she kept it in her gym locker. A notebook seems to have been swapped with her bag, camouflaging the weight difference. The girls deduce that it must have been taken when she left it in her gym locker, which Ian has access to since he is an athletic coach.

Next, Ian is in the Hastings' kitchen making himself a sandwich when Spencer comes in to ask him if he's seen her laptop. He claims he hasn't seen it and tells Spencer he'll be at the dance that night, having been asked to chaperone. Then he makes cryptic comments about people gossiping in a small town. When she inquires about it, he just says they're living under the same roof and they should try to be a family.

That night, Spencer and Hanna wait in the coat check line at the dance, and Hanna shows off her hip flask. Meanwhile, Emily watches Ian lock his suspicious briefcase away in his desk drawer. Ian checks his coat with his keys in the pocket, and the girls begin to hatch a plan to get the keys and get into his desk, where they think Spencer's laptop is clearly hidden. Hanna wonders if he has already erased the video, but Spencer says that if he did, it would indicate definite guilt and that they should inform the police.

Spencer uses the swiped keys to break into Ian's office. As she's trying to crack his locked desk drawers, bad boy Caleb Rivers inauspiciously shows up and threatens to expose her unless she pays him off.

Later, Aria sees Ezra and Simone together on
Spencer and Hanna get the still wasted Emily outside and decide they'll all crash at Spencer's that night, so Emily doesn't have to deal with her mother, and Spencer doesn't have to be alone with Ian lurking about.

At Spencer's house, Spencer's laptop has mysteriously reappeared on the coffee table under some newspapers with the incriminating video erased and a photo of Alison the night she disappeared in its stead. There is a message courtesy of "A" to accompany the pixels. The picture shows Alison walking through Spencer's backyard, with a shadow in tow; it seems to have been photographed from the perspective of the DiLaurentis house. Hanna notices the shadow behind Alison and asks Spencer if she knows who it is. Spencer claims not to know, despite looking like she does.

Aria rouses the girls early in the morning from their sleep at Spencer's house. She's been up all night analyzing the picture that "A" left them. The girls all huddle close to Aria, but Spencer stands aloof, not quite comfortable participating for some reason. Aria has figured out that the picture was taken from the perspective of Alison's bedroom window. She thinks Alison's brother, Jason, may have taken the picture. Hanna notes that her mother saw him at the bank, indicating that he is back in town. Aria proposes talking to Jason, but Emily and Hanna treat the thought of approaching him with disdain. Spencer quickly volunteers, wanting to know if he indeed took the picture.

Spencer goes to seek out Jason DiLaurentis, where he's working out at the local baseball field. He reveals that he is in Rosewood "taking care of family businesof "A."

In Ella Montgomery's history class, recalling the beginning of World War II, Spencer plays Hermione Granger' by answering all the teacher's questions. Spencer points out that bullies can never be appeased, thinking of "A," and also possibly Paige. Off screen, she tells Coach Fulton about the homophobic comment Paige made at Emily.

Jason drops by Spencer's house to tell her that the picture was determined to be legit. Also, as it was taken from the point of view from the DiLaurentis home (maybe even Jason's window), it is very possible that Jason was the one snapping the photograph, but he doesn't remember, as all he remembers is getting stoned a lot that summer, a secret the Ivy boy wouldn't reveal to just anyone. He mentions that Ian was part of his stoner posse that very same summer, casting the preppy boy in a new unbecoming light...

At home, Spencer eats something before her appointment to see the bead-lady at her house. When Emily brings up the swim team, Spencer nonchalantly asks her if Paige has been kicked off. Emily cannot believe that Spencer knows about Coach Fulton's interrogation about to Paige's homophobic comment, but Spencer readily reveals that she was the one who told her about it, not expecting Emily to react negatively. But she does, and Emily leaves, upset about the fact that Spencer didn't think that she could stick up for herself and Spencer also feels bad.

Spencer goes to the bead lady, asking who commissioned her to create a fake Alison bracelet. She finds that indeed, it is the same lady who helped designed the fake Alison and Jenna ones. Spencer is then horrified to find out that someone posed as "Spencer Hastings" for two separate transactions.

Later in her room, Spencer sits on her bed, reflecting on the picture of Alison the night she disappeared. She then flashes back to that night, something made obvious due to Alison's distinctive yellow top. She had been arguing with Alison about not wanting to reveal that she had kissed Ian. Spencer refused, but Alison warned that Melissa would find out the next day, whether Spencer told her or not. Spencer agreed to tell Melissa before Alison did, but warned her that the dynamic between the five friends would change, as they would now all be against Alison and her games. In response, Alison arrogantly claimed that Spencer and the other Liars were her puppets. Spencer furiously countered just the opposite, that Alison was nothing without them and dead to her already. Alison appeared distraught, then left angrily, and after a moment's pause, Spencer marched outside after her.

Back in real time, Spencer reveals to the other girls, who are now sitting beside her on her bed, that it was HER shadow in the picture with Alison. She had gone after Ali after the two had a fight. Spencer admits that the reason she had never told the girls thus far was because she had felt responsible for wishing Alison dead. Aria wisely points out that Alison had said far worse, and the other girls comfort her similarly. Suddenly, the girls all move to Spencer's bedroom window, where they see J

Later in between classes, Spencer denounces Coach Fulton's idea of pitting two swimmers against each other right before a match. Emily says that Paige wants it more, but Spencer forces Emily to take back her comment. The two then spot a flier calling for a French tutor to help a home-schooled student learn French. The two acknowledge that the sign is obviously referring to Toby, who is under house arrest, even if his name doesn't appear on it. Spencer takes a perforated number, to Emily's surprise; she doesn't think very much of the idea, but Spencer regards it as a way to share information with Toby to find out who is framing them both. Then, on sudden impulse, she removes the whole sign so as to ensure herself landing the position.

Spencer then drops by Ian's office to let him know that she can't make it to practice, as she has another commitment. Ian accuses her of avoiding him and tells her that she can't do that, but Spencer insists it's not about him, including an excuse about her college record being too concentrated in athletics. Melissa then comes by with samples for the renovation of their house in Philadelphia. Before Ian leaves, he puts his sister-in-law on the spot letting Melissa know that Spencer is "quitting the team." Spencer denies it and finally reveals that she is doing some tutoring - and for Toby. The two react very negatively, and Spencer is disgusted by Ian's hypocrisy and his calling Toby a liar; Spencer gives him a square look and announces that Toby isn't the only one guilty of lying.

At the Cavanaugh home, Spencer stoops to pick up the mail, which has uncer suspecting him. They start discussing the evidence from the day Alison disappeared. Suddenly, Toby hears someone (Jenna) shut a window and whispers to Spencer that he isn't supposed to be talking about this. He gives her the slip, thanking her for the book.

Back in Emily's room, Spencer plays the scene with Toby over and over again in her mind, while Emily does her science homework. Spencer tells Emily that hes different than she thought he was. Spencer says that there is something about him and Emily jokes with her by saying there is something Spencer Hastings cant answer. Spencer than leaves Emily's house after she helps her with her homework.

Before the swim match, Melissa approaches Spencer in the school courtyard in a good mood, but things get characteristically tense between the Hastings sisters when Spencer begins to grill Melissa about her and Ian‘s uncharacteristically fast-moving relationship. In addition, Spencer tells Melissa that Ian has lied to her about certain things, and that she should ask him about Alison. Melissa mocks her in return for hanging around with someone as untrustworthy as Toby. Ian comes over, then, and before Melissa follows him inside, warns Spencer not to damage another relationship of hers.

Inside, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Caleb sit together. When Caleb gets up, Aria and Spencer express their surprise at and disapproval of Hanna's new buddy. After the match, Spencer catches sight of Ian and Melissa conversing in the school hallway and decides to walk home to avoid them.

Spencer then shows up to Toby's home and is nonplussed when he tells her to leave with barely any explanation. He hands her the French textbook and close. Spencer suddenly understands why Toby had been so secretive before, with the possibility of Jenna being so close.

In Spencer's room, the girls discuss the strangeness of Melissa's rapid change in life plans. They use a website to decipher the three letters of the Braille message: B-A-D. Aria decides it must be a joke that Toby is playing on them, but Emily doesn't think that he would mess with them at a time like this.

Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily sit down for lunch at a separate table. Spencer expresses her disapproval of Hanna's growing relationship with Caleb, declaring him dark. But, Hanna reminds her friends that they had treated Toby the same way, silencing them. The girls as well as all the other students look on as Ezra diffuses a situation started by an angry parent.

Spencer, upset about the message Toby gave her, goes to his house to confront him. He tells her she is reading it wrong and to come back Saturday morning when Jenna will be away at her flute lesson. As Toby walks away, Spencer gets a text from "A" warning her that Jenna will be pissed...

Simultaneously, Spencer and Aria talk on the phones from two bedrooms, but Aria isn't in her own—she's in Ezra's. Spencer realizes this when a wailing firetruck passes by, but doesn't hear the siren on the other end of the line, which she would if Aria were at home. She questions Aria's whereabouts, asking if she is on the bed. Aria denies it, even though it's true.

The girls shop at a clothing store, where Aria and Hanna explain to the other two what their past quarrel was about. They discuss "A" and Caleb, and Hanna reveals to her friends that Caleb is crashing at her house. The girls express their shocenna’s room while she's not home before Toby warns her not to; Jenna remembers exactly where she places things and will know if things are touched. Toby had been on the phone with the District Attorney and therefore couldn't speak up right away as soon as Spencer arrived. He lets her know that the charges are being dropped, as the blood evidence they collected was corrupted, and they can’t go to trial with it. Thus, Toby is no longer under house arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. He can have his tracking anklet removed as soon as he goes to the Rosewood Police Department. Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him.

After leaving the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer takes Toby to the town limits, where the non-vandalized Rosewood population sign stands. She wants him to be able to enjoy his newfound freedom. Spencer also informs Toby that she figured out the Braille message he left her "214." Toby doesn't know what it means, but he did overhear Jenna talking about Spencer when she printed out that embossed message. Toby posits that Jenna is afraid of Spencer and the girls. Later, she drives him home, passing the motel.

The girls sit outside auditions for Mr. Fitz's production of the Bad Seed. Spencer and Hanna (and Mona) want parts, while Aria and Emily are there for support. Jenna offers to compose flute music for the play, mentioning how she finds the nature of evil fascinating.

The next morning, Spencer has a dream that she is walking through her house at night. She hears a baby cry and descends the stairs into the living room, where a baby is lying in a bassinet. As she approaches the crib, someone sneaks up on her from behind and covers her mouth with his hand.

Spencer wakes up with a start. She then hears ripping noises and goes downstairs to investigate. Ian is in the living room, using a tape gun to board up some boxes. A green Neufeld's bag is sitting at the bottom of the staircase. Ian is boarding up baseball gloves, yearbooks, and trophies to give to his mother to make room for baby gear. Ian asks Spencer for help in taping down one of the boxes, but Spencer flinches, and Ian takes note. He tries to reassure her that it's only a tape gun and that he's not dangerous; he declares that he never hurt Alison DiLaurentis and had nothing to do with her murder, though he adds that he's not surprised that she ended up the way she did. When pressed, he accuses Alison of having been a "psycho stalker who couldn't take no for an answer."

At school, Emily chats with Spencer at one of the outdoor tables. Spencer spots an incoming call from Paige McCullers on Emily's phone and wonders if Paige is harassing Emily again. But Emily assures her that the two have bonded over having something in common - relatives in the military. When Spencer mentions her plans for dropping off a French book at Toby's after school, Emily asks to drop it off instead, as she is looking for a chance to talk to him. Spencer hands it over, though a bit reluctantly. The two then spot Ian and Jenna standing talking to each other. Ian is holding the Neufeld's bag that had been at the foot of the stairs that morning and hands it to Jenna.

All the girls are present, as well as Mona, who raises an eyebrow. Spencer and Hanna have been cast as main characters. Ian walks into the room, expressing surprise that he's in the wrong room for the varsity team practice. The girls huddle close together and comment on how creepy Ian is.

Spencer flashes back to a college party Alison had snuck them into with fake IDs, probably in an effort to spy on Ian. Ian had been flirting with a particularly tipsy girl and had gone off with her to one of the rooms upstairs. Looking back, the girls wish they had said something to Melissa sooner about Ian.

Later that night, Toby and Spencer talk at her house to discuss Jenna's and Ian's meeting in school that day. Spencer demands that Toby steal Jenna's phone so that they can uncover what he's hiding. She convinces him that if he doesn't, he is liable to be framed for murder again.

In her kitchen, Spencer makes Toby breakfast, and he hands her Jenna's phone, which he stole the night before; he is afraid of Jenna's reaction. Spencer uses the opportunity to ask Toby why Alison had been so sure that Toby was the one spying on them. Toby is firm that he never spied on anyone; the only thing he can make of Alison's assumptions is that she had something on him.

Spencer enlists Caleb to help crack Jenna‘s phone for any secret messages she‘s been sending. Caleb mocks the girls for stealing a blind person's phone, guessing quite obviously that they have stolen Jenna's phone.

Aria, the stage manager, calls for a five minute break during play practice. Spencer, Emily, and Hanna review their lines and discuss the motives of their characters, no doubt finding parallels to their own lives. They catch sight of Ian hanging around close to where they are standing, prompting Emily to have a flashback to the night of the party. The girl that Ian had left with had suddenly taken a nasty tumble down the stairs in the middle of the party. They had all exchanged looks after her fall, although Ali had been no where in sight, but Ian had been at the top of the stairs. In hindsight, the girls are left to question whether Ian had pushed that girl.

After the break, Mona moans about not knowing which characters are naughty and which are evil. So, Ezra asks Spencer for her opinion, and she replies that some people are pure evil, prompting her to have another flashback to the same night of the party. While the girl had been taken away in an ambulance, the girls had stood on the lawn talking, not knowing where Alison was.

Spencer snaps back to play practice, where Mona is asking more questions about her character's motives. Frustrated, Mr. Fitz ends practice for the day, leaving Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily alone in the rehearsal room. While packing her costume away in the prop box, Spencer stumbles across a trophy with Ian Thomas' name on it. Spencer twirls it in her fingers, seeing dried blood at the base of the trophy. The trophy is from a tournament in Hilton Head which took place the weekend Ali disappeared. Spencer posits that it is the murder weapon Ian used to kill Alison and decides to hand it over to the police, along with the other Liars.

As they leave the police station, the girls make plans to sleep at Emily's place. Spencer is especially keen on this plan, as it will mean that she can avoid sleeping in the same residence as Ian for one night. Before getting in the car, Spencer points out to Emily that they should alert Toby to what happened, but Emily shakes her head and lets Spencer know that she thinks she should be the one talking to him.

The next day at school, some police officers and a detective appear. The detective, Detective Breyer, approaches the Liars and asks for Spencer. In turns out that while failures to turn evidence into the police before were mistakes, in this instance, reporting to the police was the mistake. He lets them know that the trophy was proven to be a fake - there was no golf tournament in Hilton Head on that date, and the blood on it wasn't human; it was from a rat... The girls are then taken to the police precinct for questioning.

On their way out from school, the girls get a text from "A," letting them know just who was responsible for the trophy set up. Reflecting again on the night of the frat party, Aria considers the possibility that Ali had been the one to push the girl, and Spencer concurs that it was possible that she had done it in a jealous rage because the girl had been with Ian. Aria vividly recalls that Alison had been nowhere to be found most of the night. Suddenly, the girls look up to see Ian close by, slouching in front of the school entrance, lazily watching them. Chilled, the girls turn away.

In "A Person of Interest," The girls are questioned by the police as to why they think Ian is the killer. Each of the girls lets Detective Breyer know about the video footage of Ian with Alison. Spencer suggests that Ian may have been into younger girls, but when asked to back that claim, she pointedly does not mention that she dated him, as she is being interrogated while sitting next to her mother. The girls compare notes afterwards; none of them mentioned Spencer's fling with Ian.

Back at the Hastings residence, Peter and Veronica comfort Spencer, who is clearly shaken up. They suggest a therapist for her, letting her know that they have serious reservations about her version of things. Ian deftly turns the tables on Spencer, taking the spotlight off himself and placing it on her recent, erratic behavior – which has become a growing concern for her family. Melissa and Ian portray Spencer's accusation as another way for Spencer to have everything her sister has or take it away driven by jealousy.

Spencer and Toby form an unlikely alliance, as the two grow increasingly suspicious of Jenna and her ties to a mysterious room at a local motel. Toby is staying at the motel to escape Jenna's wrath, who knows he stole her cell phone and touched her snow globe (actually Spencer's fault). While dropping him off, Spencer hears flute mus
Later, Toby and Spencer are seen in her room reading and studying, respectively, until Toby calls Spencer over to sit on his lap by the window; where she soon falls asleep. After a while, Spencer gets a text from her sister, saying that she needs a ride home from the church. Toby tells Spencer that he'll keep Jenna busy like she wants him to, but he wishes he was going with her instead. She tells him that he's helping her by finding out if Jenna's involved in Alison's murder. She then tells him that he is her safe place to land, and that she wants him to stay safe. They kiss again.

Spencer goes to pick Melissa up from the church, where she has been planning the christening for her unborn child. Melissa can't find her phone and believes she left it in the church. She and Spencer agree to go back for it just when a car comes out of nowhere, colliding with the sisters. Spencer is okay, but Melissa gets injured. It seems that the accident is a hit and run, as they don't know with whom they've collided.

At the hospital, Spencer fills in Veronica on everything that has happened. A police officer approaches Spencer to hand her her bag, which has been recovered from her vehicle. She opens her phone to find unanswered texts from her friends, asking where she is. Spencer offers to go back to the church for Melissa's phone since it's only a few blocks away.

Spencer goes to the church to get Melissa's phone. She calls out for the reverend, then begins searching. The gets Hanna, Emily and Aria on the phone, they are able to hear her entire fight with Ian at the church, including his entire plan for staging Spencer's suicide.

Ian wraps his hands around Spencer's neck and makes a move to throw her down the bell tower. Spencer catches onto the ledge before she falls. 

Later, the girls walk out of the church together, but are stopped when Officer Barry Maple calls them back to ask if their story is a joke. He can see the confusion on their faces, so he motions the girls to follow him into the church. Inside, the see that the bell tower is indeed empty, and Ian’s body is nowhere to be found. Much of the town emerges to see what the commotion is about, and Rosewood is left to wonder just how much truth the girls have been telling. Meanwhile, the girls all receive simultaneous messages as "A" assures the girls that this is far from over…

In "It's Alive," Officer Garrett Reynolds takes the girls in his cop car to the police station, but shadily stops at an undisclosed location on the way to straighten the girls’ stories out. He conveniently orders them to remove his participation from the retelling and not to mention blackmailing Ian at all. He claims that he is hiding the money the messenger brought and he won't be giving them any trouble. Most importantly, he asks them to keep the videos a secret.

The next day, the girls chill out in Spencer’s room to review the events of the night. They are confused about "A’s" motives iing therapy.

Just then, at an already tense moment, Toby stops by to see Spencer. Spencer’s dad sends him away in an attempt to protect his daughter’s reputation from further damage. The rude remarks to Toby send Spencer followed by the others flying back up the stairs, sans coffee. The school is abuzz with rumors about the girls’ story. Mr. Fitz erases a damning hangman meant to spell out “LIARS” drawn on the board. Then, Noel, back from his suspension, waltzes back into class, rudely remarkinncer. Back at the Hastings’ residence, Officer Garrett is speaking with Melissa and her parents regarding Ian, a missing person, not a murder victim. He is trying to locate Ian for her; he returns her cell phone which had been found in the church. Spencer then blasts her parents for not believing her story; she re-declares Ian dead, despite her mother’s protests. She blames them for siding with Melissa as usual.

In the therapist's office, the girls sit silently. Hanna walks in late, hoping to have missed the whole appointment, but to her annoyance, the girls have "politely" waited for her. When they finally do get to talking, they speak minimally. Aria is the most tempted to confide in the inviting Dr. Sullivan, especially about "that thing," but their cellphones go off, scaring them with reminders of what "A" might do if they tell. The session ends with Dr. Sullivan remaining completely in the dark.

Outside, Spencer sees Toby escorting Jenna into a car. He smiles at Spencer, but doesn’t walk over. Then, the girls catch sight of a picture of themselves blasted on the town newspaper, with the caption,ew text: "I spy liars."

Spencer is trying on different outfits, set to meet Emily (and Toby) until Melissa walks in, suddenly civil towards Spe is willing to listen now, knowing what the papers say aren't true, that Ian would never skip town on her like that. Spencer’s cancels her date with Toby, opting to have a heart-to-heart with Melissa instead.

Aria informs the crew about the missing key at Emily’s place, and they consider "A’s" compulsively violent tendencies and violation of their personal space. They bring up Dr. Sullivan, who is sworn to confidentiality, and Emily and Aria are the loudest proponents in favor of cluing her in on their secrets. Spencer and Hanna agree.

At Dr. Sullivan’s the girls are about to tell all. Emily takes out her computer to show Anne the videos taken of them through the window, but decide to explain the situation first. Aria begins to speak, but is cut off by Spencer who catches sight of Ezra’s Hollis diploma on the wall, a subtle hint that "A" is privy to everything they say. They had scheduled the appointment last-minute, yet they suddenly cancel, leaving Dr. Sullivan completely baffled and frustrated with the lack of communication.

That night, Spencer hears someone outside her house, and runs to lock as many doors as she can, but is too slow to lock them all. Whoever it is finds an open entrance, so Spence grabs a knife, shuts off the lights, and hides crouched behind the counter. Her heart stops beating so fast when she discovers Toby, and the two embrace.

Spencer glances at her sister’s beeping cell phone, which has just received a text from a restricted number, saying “Melissa, I’m sorry, but it’s not safe yet. Can’t talk yet.” Ist the texter to see if he/she knows the name Ian and Melissa agreed upon for their unborn child. The texter answers correctly. The girls are spooked, but is the hooded figure watching overhead messing with them? Spencer did utter the name out loud BEFORE said texter gave the reply.

In "The Goodbye Look," the girls discuss the possibility of Ian being alive and how to return Melissa's phone before she detects it missing. They hear rustling around them, the door shuts, and rocks are dropped onto the ceiling from above. Spooked from the sound effects, the girls flee.

On their way home, they pass the DiLaurentis house, where Jason is standing on the curb, disposing the rest of the Ali memorial paraphernalia that Maya's family apparently didn't have the heart to get rid of. The girls are surprised to see him back in Rosewood and back in his old house.

Spencer gets off the phone just as Melissa returns home, a sonogram photograph in hand. Spencer is moved by the picture and then regrets the fact that her sister had to attend her appointment alone. She offers to accompany her for the next one - and also to stay home from school to take Melissa's messages. But, Melissa declines Spencer's offer, pointing out that if the police were to call about Ian, she would want to pick up. Spencer wonders if Melissa is expecting a call from someone other than the police.

During lunch, the girls stand on line in the cafeteria together, trying to discreetly catch up on each other's news. Hanna then plops her tray down at the same table where Aria is sitting, but Spencer protests, reminding her of their forced separation. Hanna is defiant, thinking this will only make them look more guilty and further arguing that they should stick together amidst all the confusion, but in the end, they opt to sit at different tables. "A" sends the girls a text, mocking them for looking so lonely.

Later, while sitting a bench in the school outdoors, Spencer spots Toby. She is hopeful that he is returning to Rosewood High, but he is there to pick up paperwork regarding getting his GED. She tries to convince him to return, but Toby is not interested, especially because he just landed a construction job working for an established company. Spencer is happy for him, and Toby reveals that he plans to work hard in order to leave his parents' home. Spencer worries that this means that Toby will leave Rosewood - and her - but Toby reassures her that he isn't ready to let go of her just yet.

That night, at the Hastings' home, Spencer is moving storebought brownies to a plate and tries to comfort a frustrated Melissa by offering her some. Melissa calls Spencer out on trying to pass off store-bought goods as homemade, promising not to tell, and asks who they are for. Spencer replies they are for Jason, a neighborly gesture to welcome him back to Rosewood, and Melissa reacts disapprovingly. When Spencer questions Ian's connection to Jason, Melissa snaps angrily at Spencer bringing up Ian to her.

Spencer then walks over to Jason's house, bearing gifts. She spots a puppy rummaging through a patch of dirt in the front yard and coos sweetly to it. Just then, Jason barges out of the house and throws a newspaper at the puppy, who scampers away afraid. A little put off, Spencer tries to salvage the situation by offering the welcoming present. Jason brings up the Ian incident, and Spencer brings up the reason for Jason's returning to Rosewood, guessing that it is to tie up loose ends. Jason s heard from inside the house. Spencer snaps back to reality when Jason's porch light switches off.

After school, Spencer drops by the construction site to visit Toby where he is working. Her face falls when she sees Toby looking crestfallen as Mr. Sweeney, the site manager hands something to Toby, apologizes, and slowly shakes his hand. He slowly approaches the car and lets Spencer know that the house owner had told the site manager to get Toby off her property, as she has young daughters at home. Mr. Sweeney had dismissed Toby so as not to lose the client, but at least paid him for the whole week before letting him go. Spencer is outraged, but Toby is jaded. Spencer tries to convince Toby to get in the car, but he declines.

Then, Aria calls Spencer seeking advice about how to deal with her confusing situation of her relationship with Ezra. She calls Spencer an excellent decision maker, but before Spencer can be of much help, she gets a knock at the kitchen door and hangs up with Aria.

Spencer then gets the door to greet Toby, who invites her for a walk. On their forest walk, Spencer and Toby discuss the text message supposedly sent by Ian. They stare at Rosewood from above, comparing it to a monster, or simply a town full of monsters, then comfort each other about their reputations.

When Spencer returns, she calls the police because someone broke in and hurt Aria. They assume that the burglar is "A," but Aria brings up other recent burglaries in the town. Spencer posits that the burglar could be "A," but points out that Ian is a possibility as well. The two girls grow more afraid as they consider  Just then, Jason walks by and notes the girls' presence. They ask him about the dirt upheaved in his yard, and he responds that it is some planting that he is undertaking, in addition to a fence, which he says is for privacy and security...

In "My Name Is Trouble," at the Hastings', Spencer awakes from a nightmare. In her dream, the four girls were at the movies discussing Jason's return to Rosewood when Spencer catches sight of a figure behind them out of the corner of her eye. Just when the girls think it's safe, a dark hooded figure rushes at them with a flashlight.

When she awakes, Melissa is beaming a flashlight in her sister's face as she roughly searches for her misplaced wedding ring on the couch on which her sister is sleeping, not caring at all she has woken her up. Melissa reveals that she had removed her diamond ring because her fingers were swelling due to the pregnancy. While Melissa is looking for it, Spencer tries to spy Melissa's cell phone to see if she has recently been contacted by Ian, but Melissa is protective and doesn't let Spencer anywhere near her phone.

At school, the girls find ways to secretly meet by hiding in the bathroom stalls until the bathroom is empty. They discuss the latest news, including the possibility that Melissa is hiding Ian. When someone enters, they split as if being there all together is a coincidence.

Spencer catches sight of Toby in the hallway, where he tells her that he is there for paperwork for his GED. Spencer is concerned when Toby reveals that he got a job as a carpenter at Jason’s house. She does not trust Jason and suspects that he may be hiding Ian in his house. Wanting Toby as far from Jason as possible, Spencer is determined to buy Toby the truck he is saving up for - and Toby's independence. She makes him promise not to enter the house and he agrees.

When Spencer visits Toby at work, she meets Jason, who lets her know that he's gone. Spencer sees a shadowy figure inside Jason's house through the window. She asks Jason who is staying with him, but he pronounces that he is inhabiting the house alone. Spencer is thus convinced that Jason has something to hide.

In the kitchen, Spencer confronts Melissa about her loyalties. She asks Melissa to protect her in the event that someone (Ian) tried to hurt her. Annoyed, Melissa rebuffs Spencer's question and tells her that she is not going to choose between her sister and her husband.

That night, suddenly afraid of sleeping in her house alone, Spencer calls Emily and asks her to sleep over. As they are banned from seeing other, Emily replies that she can't. Spencer looks out her window and sees Jason inside the room opposite hers, newspapering the windows to conceal everything inside. Spencer is even more convinced of Jason's guilt.

It prompts her to flashback to a time when Jason was having a party with his friends, and a distraught Alison had come to Spencer's house seeking refuge from the drunk boys at the party. She had been in a tearful state, but had lashed out when the girls tried to show her compassion and support, insulting them and turning impersonal. Emily had been over at the time as well, and the two girls wondered what had happened to Alison that upset her so much, other than party boys stumbling into her bedroom for all sorts of reasons. She makes up a story about her grandmother not being well, but the girls don't buy it.

Later, Spencer finds her sister's ring near the toaster, and in a bold move, pawns it to buy Toby the truck he had been saving up for. The store owner seems skeptical of Spencer's claim that it belongs to her, but takes the cash all the same. She does plan to return for it in two days, though, after she can get the money out of the bank to buy it back.

Spencer drops the truck off at Jason's where Toby is working. He tells her that it will take him a while to pay her back but she tells him not to worry about it and that he has a job to get to that he can drive the truck to. Spencer and Toby then say "I love you" to each other and it was first said by Toby. Toby grabs Spencer and they begin to kiss.

In "Blind Dates," the pawn shop owner expresses shock at seeing Spencer walk back through the door of his shop, just like she said she would, 48 hours after pawning the diamond ring. The owner pretends he doesn't recognize her to cover up his mistake, but Spencer has the receipt as proof. He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt.

Meanwhile, Aria, Hanna and Emily are waiting outside for her in the skeevy parking lot next to a dumpster, Spencer comes out and reports the bad news - she basically stole her sister's wedding ring. Just then, they look up to see a creepy sign for an optometrist, with eyes bearing down on them, as if someone is watching them, and they know someone always is.... Just then, they get a text from "A" cluing them into who has the ring.

Back at the Hastings', Melissa is still searching for her ring AND for Ian's passport. She claims that it is needed to make a claim on her ring for the insurance company.

Then, Spencer finds Wren at the hospital where he works to let him know that she saw Wren giving stuff to Melissa and to warn him that Ian had tried to kill her. He tells her that the bag contained strong pain killers, meaning Ian really is alive, tng clearing belonging to Melissa. There is also Ian's passport tucked inside... Melissa is taking a shower, but runs out in her bathrobe when she hears a noise; Spencer hides, suspicious of Melissa's frantic behavior.

Spencer calls Aria to fill her in, who is also alone in her home and as equally scared as Spencer. The next day, Wren calls Melissa to schedule a meeting - with Spencer by his side, convincing Melissa he must go along with her to see Ian as he is likely suffering from a serious staph infection.

olds appears, and based on the police report, he lets the girls know that Ian was dead for about a week. That means that the texts sent Melissa were not from Ian.

At the Hastings' home, Melissa is completely silent and traumatized. Reporters are calling the house nonstop, and frustrated, Spencer tells one caller off only to discover it is her grandmother. Also, since Ian left behind only his aunt, the Hastings are left with the burial duties. Spencer's mother does not want to get involved at all, but out of sympathy for Melissa, Spencer suggests a funeral to give her closure from her loss.

Veronica apologizes to her daughter for not trusting her. She also acknowledges Spencer's hard work and sympathizes with her. She promises to never distrust her again, which she may or may not keep good on... She also lets her daughter know that she is proud of her integrity in wanting to bury Ian for Melissa's sake. She informs her Wren called to see how they are doing and that he's lucky it wasn't Peter who picked up the phone.

Spencer tries to find an affordable wedding ring for Melissa to replace the one she lost. Frustrated, she realizes she will have to spend much more than she anticipated to replace it. Just then, "A" sends a text, threatening Spencer to reveal her role in Melissa's ring's disappearance - or face it resurfacing at the wrong time.
At the church for the funeral ceremony, Emily tries to tell Spencer what she learned from Logan. Spencer is not interested, her mind too focused on her sister's well-being and family healing after this craziness. Spencer's mom has invited the other Liars to the funeral, suddenly regretting separating Spencer from her friends, in light of recent events. Ian is then buried, and the girls dust their hands of Ian and the earth that buries him.

After the funeral, Melissa is finally ready to repair things with her sister. She apologizes for choosing Ian over her and for lying to her family. She is about to confide in her a secret when, suddenly, a cell phone in Spencer's bag starts ringing. It belonged to Ian and had been planted in Spencer's bag by A. Melissa goes ballistic, thinking that Spencer was the one posing as Ian in text messn search of the projector to no avail.

In "Never Letting Go," on the eve of the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are folding show programs on Emily's bed, trying to help Spencer make up for the fact that she has missed a bunch of fashion show committee meetings. They discuss their love lives, and the fact that Hanna has recently kissed Caleb, though she refuses to call him her boyfriend. Just then, Aria gets a text and the girls assume the text is from Ezra.

Then, at the Hastings' residence, Spencer makes out with Toby in her kitchen. As soon as he leaves, she hears her dad on the phone with someone, yelling and specifically complaining that Jason is home. Spencer tries to strike up a conversation with her father, as he searches for an unhealthful nighttime snack. Melissa being on vacation is mentioned in passing. Spencer tries to press her father about the phone call, but he lies about it, a fact obvious to Spencer when she presses redial to find the truth—and discovers the call to have been with Jessica DiLaurentis.

The next day, Spencer tells Aria about how she knew her dad was lying. Spenst after they discuss Spencer's dad lying to her, Spencer and Aria get an e-mail from Ali's mom saying she wants to meet them for lunch.

And so, the Liars meet with Jessica for lunch, despite their awkward reservations. The subject shifts to Jason and his moving back in, and Jessica reveals that she doesn't think of the house in Rosewood as their family's anymore, but as Jason is paying for the house himself, shls to model those dresses in the fashion show; she wants them to realize Ali’s dream and pay tribute to her.

When the girls have a chance to think it over amongst themselves, Hanna is first to express the creepy factor, but out of sympathy for Jessica, they consent. They also discuss Jason now that they are alone, and only Aria does not think that Jason is being freaky. She sticks up for him saying he's coping with Ali's death the best he can.

Next, Spencer brings the programs to the runway, but Mona has created a new revamped version, rendering Spencer's programs useless and time wasted. She has clearly taken over, taking the liberty to hire Noel as DJ. Spencer tries to be gracious, but is burning that Mona  meetings. Nastily, she defends her decision claiming that she thought Spencer would be in jail.

At the runway, in the dress rehearsal before the show, Mona is bossing everyone around, driving Spencer insane. Mona even comments on Aria being short, meanwhile she is fivehelps her recover from her Mona headache.

On the day of the fashion show, while Spencer is giving out swag bags, Toby comes talk to her and compliment her appearance. When Mona interrupts their conversation to issue orders to Spencer, Toby again reminds her to take a breath. Spencer hands Noel the disc Mona asked her to deliver to him, not needing to see what's on it. In the corner of the room, Jessica and Peter have an argument, the details of which Spencer doesn't catch. What is going on between those two?

Spencer runs to Noel to make him turn it off, but he claims he can't. She unplugs all the wires around his equipment until the images and sound effects stop. Immediately after the show, the girls try to comfort Jessica, but she doesn't return their calls, too disturbed for words.

After the fashion show, she finds her father in the kitchen at night once more. She confronts him about his conversation with Jessica and asks him what's going on. Peter snappily and mysteriously tells Spencer to stay away from Jason.

In "Surface Tension," a few days later, at the Marin's home, the Pretty Little Liars stand in the kitchen talking. Apparently, a pipe has broken in the guest bedroom, so Emily and Hanna will be sharing a room now that Emily is set to move in. The subject changes to surmising about who would have done such a thing at the fashion show. They realize "A's" actions are getting bolder and it worries them. They want to forget about "A," but it isn't so easy. Just then, a special delivery from "A" arrives - a gift basket, letting Emily and Hanna know how easy it will be to mess with them under the same roof.

At the Hastings' residence, Spencer discusses her father's upcoming construction projects. Peter has commissioned Toby to work on everything, but is worried that it might be too much for one person. Spencer assures him that he can handle it and contrarily encourages him to hire Toby for Taylor's upcoming nursery as well. Spencer reminds her father that they owe it to Toby after falsely accusing him.

Spencer finds Toby working in the yard. She is really flirtious telling him she could watch him while she works. They are about to kiss, but her dad comes by. Toby shows Peter the sketches he had planned for the nursey and Peter likes them. Spencer smiles that her parents are welcoming Toby. After Peter leaves, Spencer and Toby begin to kiss.

At school, Spencer asks Emily if she has gotten an update from Garrett yet about whatever became of their Logan Reed lead. But, Emily says that she has overloaded with swim practice and hasn't had an opportunity. So, Aria and Emily ask Spencer to do it instead. They tell Spencer that she is better at persuading people.

So, Spencer goes to Garrett to find out information, who completely lies to her by saying that Emily scared off Logan Reed from talking, when clearly it was him who paid him off! Garrett says that he was registered for classes at Hollis College, but no one has heard from him for over a week. Garrett makes it seem like he will show up eventually and promises Spencer to let her know if anything comes up. He then tells her, pointedly, that she shouldn't expect any new leads in Alison DiLaurentis' murder; he claims that Ian was the last thread.

That night, Toby tells Spencer about finding a splintered hockey stick in the yard, buried in the ground. It was wrapped in tape, with the name "Hastings" etched on the tape part, and when Peter saw it, he immediately snatched it out of Toby's hand. On hearing this, she is freaked out.

She flashbacks to when Alison had asked Spencer to show her how to play field hockey, which Spencer was happy to do with her old hockey stick with the Rosewood field hockey team colors on it - blue and white. Aria had been suspicious at the time, knowing that Alison wasn't the biggest field hockey fan. She had guessed that it was for a guy, which was probably correct, knowing that Ian was the field hockey coach, and Alison was secretly dating him. At the time, Alison just smiled while Spencer claimed that guys don't play field hockey, and Alison said that she wasn't yet into field hockey.

Spencer suspects that Jason is involved with this. Knowing that the stick is right on the property line and that Jason was moving the property line so as to include part of the Hastings' property, Spencer finds it awfully convenient. She finds it doubly convenient that Jason doesn't remember anything from the night Ali disappeared. Making Jason look even more incriminating is the flashback of Jason the day that Spencer was showing Ali how to hold the hockey stick. He had come looking for her on their mother's orders, unhappy to have to find Ali. He had grabbed the stick from her and then threatened to hit her. After that, Ali had tried to whack her brother with the stick, but Jason had moved quickly and mockingly warned Ali that she wouldn't get a second chance.

Spencer comes downstairs to find her father poised over the mantel, about to burn the hockey stick remnant in the fireplace. Spencer protests that this could be destroying evidence, but Peter is adamant. He mocks Spencer's suggestion to turn the piece into the police, reminding her of how the trophy incident ended up. He then casts the stick into the fireplace, destroying the potential evidence forever.

At the Hastings', Spencer descends the stairs to find Jenna sitting on her living room couch. After doing a double-take, Jenna accuses Spencer of somehow breaking their agreement. She cites Spencer's digging up information about Ian's death and mocks her for her curiosity. Spencer tries to show her the door, but before she leaves, Jenna sharply announces that she knows that Toby is assisting her and that he rifled through her room. She warns Spencer and Toby to back down. At the mention of Toby, Spencer mocks Jenna in return for the way that she "cares" about him. Before she leaves, Spencer pointedly tells her to say hi' to Garrett for her.

Later, Hanna and Spencer try to comfort Emily, who had a terrible experience at the spa. When the doorbell rings, Spencer apprehensively goes to open the door for Aria, afraid that her friend will be angry with her. The two girls start speaking over each other. They slow down so that Aria can forgive Spencer for her bold move, and Spencer communicates her fears about Aria's welfare. Aria lets Spencer know that her move brought out the best in Ezra, who now wants to expose their secret... She also explains that the only problem is that her mother thinks that Spencer is the one that Ezra is hooking up with.

In "I Must Confess," early in the morning, the Liars gather in Hanna's room and to discuss Emily's bizarre disappearance. Looking through Emily's phone, Spencer finds a picture of Ezra and Aria kissing sent by "A," along with the caption "Clue Ella in, and I'll let you out."

Emily goes to Dr. Sullivan's office and surprisingly, the three other Liars are there waiting for her. As the girls talk about how they are being threatened, Dr. Sullivan can't help but ask who is threatening them. The Liars decide to tell her about "A." Emily tells Dr. Sullivan that the threats began even before Alison’s funeral. At first they thought it was Alison, but then they found her body. They also mention that "A" is an expert at making other people look guilty. They have clues about who he/she/they might be, but they’ve been wrong before. Dr. Sullivan, in turn, is astounded that the girls have not told anybody else about "A" and that she is only person they have ever told.

Toby gives Spencer a ride to school in his truck. From their conversation, it seems that Jenna and Garrett have gotten into a fight. Spencer is afraid of what external pressures such as Jenna can do to weaken their relationship, but Toby insists that they are immune and plants a kiss on Spencer.

In a school assembly, Dr. Sullivan makes a speech that addresses technology’s role in school bullying. The school bullies behave typically, with bored and snide expressions on their faces. The girls wear uncomfortable expressions, as Dr. Sullivan ennails, and Jenna looks snide.

Right after the assembly, the girls congregate outside the building, discussing their feelings of vulnerable

That night, Toby and Spencer make out in Toby's truck near Spencer's house until Toby catches sight of someone in Jason's house. Spencer then sees two figures and assumes it's Jason and his friends voyeuristic-ally spying on the two lovers' make out session. Spencer gets out of the car to storm up to the house, while Toby buttons up his shirt and tries to stop her.

She is stopped in her tracks when her father comes out. When Spencer questions him, he deflects her questions, and when Toby steps in to defend his girlts yelled at and threatened by Peter. Spencer stands in the middle of them, shielding Toby from her father. Spencer ignores her father's order to return home and gets in Toby's car before he drives away from her irate father.

Spencer returns home to face her father on the living room couch. But they exchange words in a much more calm fashiose of the disappearance and the presumed death of Ali, Jessica DiLaurentis had ordered him to change the will to include Jason, so that it wouldn't seem like Jason is a murder suspect.

Spencer suddenly flashes back to the summer Alison disappeared, when the girls had all been hanging out in Hanna's kitchen with Regina. Alison hthe family tree? Regina had gone along with it, saying that anyone that messed up would constitute a truncated family tree.

Snapping back to thto go the police, but Peter won't ha Apparently, the DiLaurentis family knows something that Peter desperately wants to forget, and they had hung the fact over his head, forcing him to change the will. When Spencer asks what is it, Peter gets all gruff and leaves the room, telling his daughter he answered enough questions for one night. Spencer is left bewildered and confused.

Spencer gets a message from Emily to meet Dr. Sullivan at her office; she claims to know "A's" identity. However, when the girls arrive, the office is empty. They receive a message from "A" stating: "The doctor is out!"

In "Over My Dead Body," Spencer is seen ringing the doorbell on Dr. Sullivan's home beside the other Liars. Dr. Sullivan isn't there and hasn't picked up the latest copies of The Rosewood Observer from off her stoop. Her voicemail says she’s been called out of town on a family emergency. Spencer reminds them that the last time somebody thought she knew who "A" was, she got hit by a car. They also agree going to the poot help, as Garrett, Jenna, Ian, and Jason all seem to be linked to the Rosewood Police Department.

In Spencer's room, Toby gets a phone call letting him know that brake fluid had been low in his truck, because its brake line was severed. However, he sees nothing sinister in this, chalking it up to his own negligence. But Spencer knows better. Just then, Spencer is distracted by the sight of Jason taking down the newspaper on Alison’s room's window, right across from her own. He notices her watching him, and she purposefully tugs the curtain closed. Toby then chs the conversation to her father's mysterious appearance at Jason's house the night before. Spencer lies that her father would not reveal anything to her and snaps at Toby when he presses the point. She quickly apologizes, though. at a huge box that was mysteriously delivered to her house, bearing the inscription, "Open or she dies." Trepidly, the girls remove the lid to find a list of ransom demands. The instructions are made of letters cut out from magazines. Beneath the letter are three creepy, talking dolls with pull-strings. The doll resembling Spencer instructs her to "Keep Toby safe."

Thus Spencer's suspicions are confirmed that Toby’s brakes going had not been an accident. Meanwhile, Emily is disconcerted that there is no doll for her. The others speculate that it’s because she’s been a target for weeks, but Emily is slow to believe that the seemingly omniscient "A" would make such an oversight.

Spencer realizes that "A" is being their "ultimate frenemy" by pushing them to do things they want anyway—knowing that all hell will break loose when they do. It’s 2 PM. They now have 5 hours remaining. Spencer remembers that there was no hesitation when "A" pushed Ian off the belltower, fully believing "A" to be capable of murder

Spencer interprets her order to keep Toby safe as to keep him away from her. So at 5:22 P, Spencer goes to Toby in his truck at a construction site and half-heartedly pushes him away. She admits to lying to him that morning about her father's confession. Toby doesn't understand why she lied, and Spencer deepens Toby's hurt when s vaguely admits that she is keeping other secrets from him as well. She tries to convince him that she doesn't trust him and sincerely argues that when she reveals her secrets, people get hurt.

Before he can argue with her, Spencer dashes out of the truck and runs until she reaches someone's front lawn. She collapses beside a big twisted oak tree and breaks down crying like never before because A made her break up with Toby and Spencer didn't want to.

Back in the interrogation room, Aria, Hanna and Spencer are still very silent. Spencer is looking in a mirror starting angrily at herself. The episode cuts back a few hours Spencer is seen talking to Wren, who has driven her home, as she gets ready to go to Tom and Isabel’s wedding. She thanks Wren for comforting her and hands him back his hankie, not really knowing what to do with it. Spencer glances at the clock. It’s 6 PM. Wren suddenly confesses that he’s desperate to kiss her. She says it’s not a good idea, and Wren agrees, but then kisses her anyway. That bastard.

placed there recently. Spencer picks it up to see a note taped to the inside of the shovel, with latitude and longitude coordinates. Hanna remembers that her text during the ceremony read that Dr. Sullivan was about to run out of air. Did "A" bury Dr. Sullivan alive?

In their heels, they stumble towards the undisclosed location in the middle of some woods, but thee main room of the police station. He calls out for Spencer as she walks past and confesses his love for her. Broken-hearted, Spencer keeps on walking and doesn't respond thanks to A, as three officers hold Toby back.
Back inside the investigation room, Detective Wilden confrontny chances to be honest with them, and evidence doesn't lie. He asserts that he has caught the  have known about all along. He puts the now-bagged shovel from the barn on the table.

In "The First Secret," The girls walk to school debating Halloween costumes. Alison is bossy with regards to Hanna's decision and makes a jab about Hanna's weight. Spencer is texting on her cell phone, getting updates about her success in the school elections for class president. She just found out that she's secured the debate team's votes. Noel drives up in a convertible with his jock friends to greet the Liars and especially Alison. Spying Aria, he says "come prepared to be scared," exciting her with the knowledge that they are invited to Noel's bash. As Noel drives away, Alison mocks the other Liars for being s equallnonchalant.

Later in the school Alison lets Spencer know as been taken care of. When the other Liars question her comment, she lies that she had helped Spencer with her speech. Next, thncer accepts people's congratulations, and Alison winks knowingly at her.
That night, the girls get dressed in Spencer’s bedroom. Hanna is donning her Britney costume, Emily is dressed as a Native American, and Spencer is wearing a corset drlison is dressed as Lady Gaga. Suddenly, someone dressed in a burlap cowl with a dli as Lady GaGa (or hot chick), Emily as a Native Americ

ands Spencer the ballots of incrimin

They find Ali in a locked room. Seemingly terrified, she recounts that someone grabbed her and brought her there threatening to kill her with a knife. Nobody can get a signal to dial 911 from their cell phones, so Ali goes out alone. Then she screams, but the door is now bolted and they can’t open it. ThrougThey go bacn the house, and Ali is rocking in a chair, brandishing a knife and loo completely insane, but she says it was all a hoax. Noel was the zombie, the blood was ketchup (which she meanly offers to a tearing Hanna), and they "passed the test." Spencer is the only who can voice her betrayed feelings at Alison's dumb joke, but she unabashedly counters that she now knows that she can count on them as her friends when she needs them. They all look really annoyed and betrayed by Alison's crying wolf, but are silent.

At the party, Noel then approaches Ali to apologize, but she tells him it was perfect—but then realizes he’s apologizing because he didn’t make it to the plot; he was stuck at the party, not because he had been too rough with her. Now Alison is taken aback. Who was it then? Then, Alison gets a text. When Aria questions the text, Alison calls it "a secret."

In "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares," a month has passed since the night they got arrested. On the Rosewood Camp Grounds, the four girls are picking up trash for community service. Two strangers also doing time make snarky comments in front of the girls about them, and when one says they killed someone, Emily snaps at her by saying they didn't do anything. Spencer tells Emily to stop talking to them. Emily tells the other girls that Spencer's mom would sell them out in a second to save Spencer and that they should consider making a deal with "A." A fight ensues. Aria and the guards break it up, earning both Spencer and Emily two extra weeks of community service.

Later at school, Spencer overhears Garrett on the phone with Jenna, learning that she won't be coming to school that day. Spencer approaches, ng connections - namely Jason, and Ian, as if they were all in some sort of club together. He dismisses this and makes a snide comment on Jason disappearing just like Dr. Sullivan.

In class, Spencer hands in her extra c. Then, Emily walks into the classroom and bumps into Spencer as she is turning away from the desk. Angered, she pushes Spencer's books in retaliation onto th floor while the other girls look on. Mrs. Montgomery breaks up the fight and the two girls pick up each other's copy of "The make a deal. Checking that no one is watching first, she picks up the chalk and circles the word "yes" on the board before finding her seat.

Later as Spencer is walking home, Toby waits for her. They have a slightly awkward but friendly conversation. Toby feels bad Spencer is home all alone. He unveils the rocking chair he made for her. She says she can't accept the gift and that he should stay away from her.

That night, all 4 girls meet at the greenhouse. Emily shows them the text she got from "A" earlier. It becomes clear that all the fighting and sniping earlier had been for show. Spencer revels in the knowledge she rattled Garrett's cage. They openly discuss the details of their plan to trap "A." Emily will go to the greenhouse with the box of "evidence" while Spencer, Aria, and Hanna hide outside and come to aid her when the time is right.

The next day, Aria arrives late, apologizing to Spencer, saying "it's complicated." She made it just in time to put their plan into action. Emily exits the gym after the swim meet, spots the girls, and demands the box Jason gave Aria for all to hear. She declares she knows where Spencer hid the box and storms off. The other girls feign annoyance with Caleb, Lucas, Toby, Garrett and other students looking on.
That niht when Spencer gets ready to leave to meet her friends, Toby comes in clearly angry about what happened nt people in his life fighting. He wants to know w they are acting like this but she doesn't give him any answers. She promises to tell him everything the next day, but Toby doesn't buy it. He wants to know what difference one night would make and she tells him that it could change everything.e told her parents about her relationship with Ezra and that she was sent to her room. Spencer panics and texts Emily not to go inside, but Emily is already inside.

he wooden box from a trunk in the greenhouse. She turns around and sees "A," wearing a hooded sweatshirt, identity shrouded in shadow. Emily talks to A, slowly moving toward the mysterious figure, eventually opening the box to reveal the evidence A came for - nothing! A doesn't take kindly to being tricked. "A" attacks Emily, throwing her over a table, holding her down on the ground first trying to stab her, but failing, then beginning to choke her with her own scarf. Spencer and Aria's arrival scares "A" away from Emily. They corner "A," who throws a heavy object into the air, shattering the glass above them, and uses the moment of confusion to escape.

The three chase "A" outside, who runs directly into the path of Hanna's car, just arriving on the scene. "A," however, shows to suffer no major damage and continues to run through the woods, losing the girls. Spencer shouts that now they have nothing. Frustrated, they return to greenhouse and discover "A"s phone on the ground under Hanna's front headlight. They all stare at it thinking the same thing - they may have actually found hard evidence to expose the identity of "A."

In "A Hot Piece of A," after their recent encounter with "A," Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think they may be closer than ever to figuring out who "A" really is. They head back into the greenhouse to look for the box and decide what to do next. They have a contest over who has had the worse day. Spencer suggests calling Caleb to help them recover information from the phone, but Hanna doesn't want to get him involved. The phone rings, caller unknown; each girl is afraid to answer it. They never get the chance because more glass comes crashing down from the ceiling. They drive away, heading straight to Caleb against Hanna's wishes.

Caleb hooks the phone up to his laptop and explains the recovery process. While downloading the information, the owner of the phone shuts it down remotely. Caleb agrees to try to unlock the files they do have if Hanna is okay with it. She reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Spencer approaches Toby wanting to talk. She asks if they can do it someplace more private than a sidewalk so they go into his truck. They sit in his truck for privacy as Spencer tells him she knows that he wants answers but that it is still not safe yet. He asks why she came here then, and she tells him that she misses him and that shutting him out is killing her. They both laugh and then Toby brings her closer and they begin to make out.

Garrett pulls up to the house, interrupting Toby and Spencer's make-out session, shouting into his cell phone, clearly speaking to Jenna. He pleads with her to open the door and says it was a bad idea to bring a third person into their plan. Spencer wonders who he could be referring to then ducks when Garrett looks their way.

At school, Spencer approaches Emily in the hall hoping to enlist her help in snooping around Jason's house, believing him to be Garrett and Jenna's lackey. Emily starts community service at the crisis hotline that afternoon, Aria is on lockdown and Hanna is unhappy with Spencer at the moment for dragging Caleb into their "A" investigation. Emily suggests Spencer let Hanna use her lake house for face time with Caleb. She accidentally lets slip that Hanna has used it for that purpose before, which comes as news to Spencer, but she lets Hanna have Caleb's party there anyway.

Emily shows Spencer and Aria a transcript she swiped from the crisis center (the place she works for community service); the conversation sounds exactly like A's helper. Spencer thinks this is a big breakthrough and that they all should volunteer there in hopes that this person will call again. Aria declines, citing her lockdown status at home, and Hanna is too busy planning Caleb's party.

Speaking of Caleb, he beckons them into a nearby classroom to show them what he recovered from the mystery phone. It is a photo of 4 porcelain dolls sitting in a row on a wooden surface in front of green floral wallpaper. The girls pretend like the photo means nothing to them. They thank Caleb for his help and exit.

At the crisis center, Emily's supervisor tells her to listen in on the call that just came in because it is the transcript caller calling back. He says he is in way too deep and doesn't want to have to hurt anyone. Spencer and Emily listen together and recognize the caller's voice as that of Lucas! They try to convince Hanna Lucas must have been the one in the greenhouse, but she refuses to believe it without proof. No matter what they say, they can't get through to her.

Spencer and Hanna look for tiki torches in the attic of the lake house. Hanna runs downstairs to answer the door while Spencer keeps searching. She moves around a few boxes and discovers that the wallpaper in the background of the doll photo is the same as that on the wall. "A" has been in her attic! Lucas then appears, in search of tools. Spencer backs away from him and heads downstairs after informing him there are no tools up in the attic.

At the party, Spencer tells Hanna what she discovered in the attic, but Hanna is distracted by all her party-planning responsibilities. Hanna is clearly stressed out and refuses to listen to anything Spencer has to say. Spencer and Emily learn from Mona that Hanna took the rowboat out with Lucas to set up the fireworks across the lake. They watch them float away into darkness from the window.

Worried, Spencer repeatedly calls out Hanna's name. Other partygoers gather round Spencer, wondering what is going on. After a few tense moments, Hanna swims to shore. Apparently, halfway across the lake, Lucas stopped rowing, and started behaving really strange, frightening Hanna. Hanna pushed him overboard, and started rowing, she didn't go far before she herself fell overboard. Spencer tries to warm Hanna up and find out what happened. Mona and Noel appear, half-dressed and dripping because they just "took a dip." Caleb arrives and Hanna mumbles "surprise."

In "Let the Water Hold Me Down," the four girls are sitting in Spencer's house, warming Hanna up by the fire. She is certain that Lucas is still alive and out there, though the other girls say he never came back up to shore. Hanna is about to take a drink of water when the other girls notice it's lake water and stop her. An accompanying text from "A" is sent seconds after Hanna drinks a little bit of the lake water.

The next day, Spencer has found cell phones and an old receipt up in her attic at the lake house, certain that "A" was up there. The receipt lists an address in Philadelphia. Aria and Spencer agree to check out the place in Philly later this afternoon.

At school, Spencer is talking to Aria. Aria tells her that her parents almost caught her trying to talk to Ezra but she said she was making a date with Holden. Spencer wonders why Aria was using her own phone and Aria tells her Ezra stopped answering. Spencer is sorry about that and assures her that they'll find a way around it. Just than Holden comes up to them asking Aria on a date. Spencer is smiling at this but Aria is a little weirded out. After she says yes, Aria asks if that was way to weird and Spencer says that she is cute and he likes her.

Spencer meets up with Aria outside school. Spencer attempts to pull up the train schedule on her phone, but is experiencing technical difficulties. Aria sees that the next train leaves in 20 minutes, and suggests that they get going.

Spencer and Aria walk down a street in Philly, looking for the place on the receipt, Smitty's, and find it just to be a newsstand. They figure that must be the place since the receipt is just for gum and magazines, but don't see anything out of the ordinary. They decide it's a bust. Spencer offers to take Aria to coffee, but Aria says she has to meet Holden at 7:30. Aria asks if she is doing the right thing by using Holden, and Spencer says she is; she's taking a chance and being bold and romantic (for Ezra). Aria leaves. As Spencer is crossing the crosswalk, she notices a girl being led by a guide dog to her left, then she notices a guy with a walking cane across the street.

Spencer discovers the reason for all the blind people in the area: a rehabilitation center for the blind is not far from that newsstand. This is where Jenna went after the accident before moving back to Rosewood. Spencer decides to go in and ask about Jenna, but the lady at the front desk says that she cannot divulge any patient information. As Spencer turns to leave, another patient tells her that he knows Jenna.

Spencer has a talk with the guy who says he knows Jenna. He says he hasn't spoken to her in a while. He impresses Spencer with the tricks that Jenna taught him about how to operate without sight. Spencer claims that she knew Jenna before she moved to Rosewood and lost touch. When Spencer asks, the guy says he was here for a while before Jenna came. He has a genetic condition that has made him slowly go blind since he was born. He said he was depressed until he met Jenna, stating how much determination Jenna had. He guesses she was motivated to get out of rehab. He also says he is out of rehab and helps out with an art class here a few times a week, thanks to Jenna.

Just as Spencer is about to leave, the lady at the front desk says that Spencer still needs to sign in, since she had coffee and talked and is, therefore, a visitor. The lady is then called into back, and Spencer uses the opportunity to steal the patient logbook from 2009. She pretends to have signed in, and leaves.

Spencer runs into Mona outside the train station, who is on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Noel broke up with her, and she went on a major shopping spree in Philadelphia to try to get over it since she couldn't get in touch with Hanna. Spencer says she needs to raise the bar a bit; that she could do a lot better than Noel. Mona says she had to work hard to get Noel to go out with her. Spencer counters by saying if she really is the fabulous Mona that she wants to be, Noel Kahn cannot send her in reverse like this easily. Mona thanks Spencer for the advice and walks away.

Later, at Spencer's house, Hanna tells the others what Lucas told her - he called the crisis center because he lost $4,000 in a bet over a basketball game, money which belonged to Caleb. It was a sure thing until the team got disqualified. After the rowboat incident, he drove all over selling his comic books to try to get some of Caleb's money back. The girls ponder this new information over unopened Chinese food. Spencer shows them the sign-in book from the rehab center. They learn that Garrett visited Jenna there for 20 minutes, then signed her out. They could both have been in Rosewood at the time of Alison's murder. They open the food, and, to their horror, find it was replaced with live earthworms. "A" sends a text about this being what live bait looks like.

In "The Blond Leading the Blind," Caleb uncodes more videos from A's phone. They see the video of Ali and Ian at the Kissing Rock and wonder if this is all there is. Hanna hopes it is so Caleb doesn't have to be involved anymore, while Emily hopes they find the information they are looking for. Then a new video starts. Ian hides a video camera on a shelf in Ali's bedroom then Garrett and Jenna enter the room. Ian called them to help search for the N.A.T. Club videos that Ali won't hand over. Garrett accuses Ian of going too far, which is why he bailed on the club in the first place. They start searching Ali's bedroom for the videos at Ian's request. Garrett finds something "weird" in a wooden box, then the video cuts off. The girls are left wondering if those missing videos are what got Ali killed.

Toby calls Spencer while she is in her room with Emily. Emily reluctantly picks up the phone and tells Toby Spencer cannot come to the phone, not wanting to lie to him. Toby says he came by to pick up his tools since Spencer's father fired him and that Spencer has been sending him mixed signals lately. He picks up on the fact Spencer is avoiding him and leaves angry. After he hangs up, Spencer leans back against her closet upset that she has to lie to him.

The secret compartment inside the doll in Ali's box pops open while Hanna holds the doll. They find a series of threatening notes. The one about a pumpkin catches their attention. The girls flash back to walking home the night of Noel's Halloween party. The jack-o-lanterns on her porch are destroyed; a carving knife stabs through a note into one of the pumpkins. Alison laughs it off as the work of "Jason's beer buddies." She apologizes for the prank she pulled earlier, then asks the girls to stay over. In the present day, they realize the note that Alison got actually said "next time it'll be your face." And it was signed by "A!"

Spencer then learns that Toby had an accident. At the hospital, Toby tells Spencer the anchors "gave way." Wren enters, introducing himself as Dr. Kingston. During their introductions, Wren makes it somewhat obvious there is a history between him and Spencer. When he leaves, Toby asks Spencer if there is something she'd like to tell him. Before she can answer, she gets a text from A that reads "Almost got him! Toby won't be so lucky next time."

Outside Toby's room, Spencer tells Emily she thinks she is putting Toby in danger by stringing him along. She wants Emily to do her a favor; something that might make her hate Spencer, but is the only thing she can think of that could save Toby. That one thing was for Emily to tell Toby that Spencer cheated on him with Wren even though she never did.

After Emily tells Toby, she goes to Spencer's house where Spencer is crying and then when Emily shakes her head, Spencer leans against the window and cries more.

Caleb then visits Spencer and Caleb tells her and Emily that Hanna destroyed the files from the phone, but he kept backups on his computer. The only way he's going to continue working is if they let him know what Hanna is so afraid of and if they keep it a secret from Hanna.

The next morning, Spencer, Emily and Aria watch the rest of the video. Garrett opens the wooden box to find something "weird." Then they hear someone coming up the stairs, presumably Alison. Ian tells Garrett they are all going down and pulls out the camera. Garrett and Ian struggle and the camera falls. The tape stops there, and Emily says she's not sure she want Caleb to recover the rest.

The girls hear a car pull up outside and look out the window to see Toby's truck parked in the front yard. They open the door to find the keys in the ignition and a note for Spencer on the dash. She reads the note and tells the other girls "he's gone."

In "A Kiss Before Lying," In the Hastings' kitchen, the girls, minus Hanna, gather round Caleb's laptop as Caleb hacks further into the files from "A's" phone. After one too many requests, Caleb asks them to back up. One by one, each of them gets a call from Hanna, which they all decline. Eventually, Spencer answers her phone and says she is with her family to prevent Hanna from coming over. However, Emily accidentally breaks a glass, and Aria shouts out her name in surprise. Hanna is hurt, thinking the girls are mad at her, but doesn't force the subject. Caleb manages to get a clear picture of the things in Alison's box, which includes a fake ID of Alison with dark brown hair.

Aria and Spencer sit alone in Spencer's kitchen, and Spencer asks Aria to sleep over, as they both need the company, but Aria already made plans with Holden. Spencer is surprised as Aria had only been hanging out with him in order to spend time with Ezra, and as far as Spencer knows, Ezra never showed up to meet her and their relationship is over. Aria notes that Toby's truck has gone, and Spencer says she took it back to Toby's house, and begins crying reminiscing about him. Aria comforts her and Spencer says she doesn't know how Aria is holding it together. Spencer asks if it is her fault they are lying to Hanna about Caleb, but Aria assures her that there are certain situations in which someone must lie to their friends, no matter how much they hate it.

At school the next day, Hanna asks the girls what they did the previous night, and they lie that they were studying. They remember that it is Kate's first day at Rosewood High, and Hanna is worried and keeps looking around for her. As they walk back to their table, Hanna notices Spencer is wearing a man's undershirt, and Spencer admits that it is Toby's. Kate approaches them, looking a little nervous and awkwardly makes conversation with the girls. Spencer asks Kate if they have met before. Kate says it was at the wedding, but Spencer thinks it was somewhere else.

A little later, the other girls watch Noel from across the way and wonder if he is Jenna's replacement for Garrett. Hanna returns and asks them if they know anything about Caleb still investigating the files from "A's" phone. The girls brush it off and quickly leave, but Hanna confronts Spencer, saying that she knows they are annoyed she destroyed the memory drive, but they shouldn't just push her away as she was only doing it to protect Caleb and would do the same for each of them.

The next day, the girls are eating lunch with Kate, who is being disturbingly nice. Spencer asks Kate if she has ever been to Maine, along with many other questions, trying to figure out where they had met, clearly making Kate uncomfortable. When Kate leaves to meet her teachers, Hanna tells Spencer to back off because Kate might tell her dad her friends are grilling her. Spencer insists she knows Kate from somewhere, but doesn't know from where.

In the locker room, the girls change for gym class. Hanna is still distressed about the text, and stuffs her phone into her bag before leaving with Aria. Spencer ties her shoelaces, and notices Kate is having trouble with her locker combination. Spencer reveals that she finally figured out where she knows Kate from - a horse camp during the summer of 2006, where Melissa was a counsellor and Kate attended. Kate says Spencer wins and asks her what she wants. Spencer assures Kate that she wasn't going to tell anyone, but Melissa sent her pictures from that summer, and if her being nice to Hanna is a charade, she'd better keep it up.

That night, Hanna and Spencer hang out in Spencer's house, preparing to watch a movie. Spencer nixes The Notebook, Hanna's suggestion. Hanna is still worried about Kate, sure that her nice personality is just an act. To convince Hanna that she has nothing to worry about, Spencer shows Hanna the photo of Kate from camp, covered in bug bites. However, Hanna's good mood suddenly shifts when she finds the picture of Ali's fake ID on Spencer's phone. Spencer confesses that Caleb is still working on the information from "A's" phone, and they kept it a secret from her. Hanna is furious. She says that while she was worried about Kate backstabbing her, she didn't realize Spencer was the one holding the knife and storms out.

Spencer goes to Hanna's to apologize, and says that going behind her back wasn't an act of betrayal; it was desperation. A has taken everything from her and she can't lose Hanna too. Hanna hugs Spencer and says that she hasn't lost her.

In Hanna's room, Hanna says that she has seen Ali with dark hair before. Flashback to a chubby Hanna entering a hair salon and being sat next to a dark-haired girl named Vivian Darkbloom. Hanna recognizes Ali's voice and is surprised to see that Vivian is actually Alison! Ali says she is pretending to be someone else and asks Hanna to play along. When Hanna asks why, Ali says she does it all the time because she is bored and suggests Hanna do the same sometime. Ali hints she gets sick of being herself sometimes, and pulls off the wig.

Spencer does an internet search for Vivian Darkbloom, which she finds to be an anagram of Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian author who wrote Lolita'. Hanna realizes she still has Ali's copy of that book and grabs it off the shelf. Spencer finds a claim ticket inside.

Outside school, Spencer calls the number on the ticket, and discovers that whatever Ali stored is still there waiting.

Inside, Noel approaches Hanna and thanks her for making his day. Hanna is confused, but Noel just grins and walks away. Emily, Spencer and Aria come up to Hanna, shocked that she would do such a thing, asking for an explanation. Hanna asks what she did, and Emily shows Hanna her phone, which displays a picture of Kate naked in the girls locker room. Hanna is horrified and insists she didn't send it to them, but Aria says she didn't just send it to them, she sent it to her entire contact list. As they look around, everybody stares at Hanna, disgusted by what she has done. The girls don't need to guess who the real culprit is.

In "The Naked Truth," Spencer, Aria and Emily stare at the red raincoat in Spencer's living room, which was what Spencer picked up using "Vivian's" claim ticket. Aria is surprised Ali would ever have worn it, and begins to search the pockets. Spencer asks where Hanna is, and Aria and Emily explain that she is at a meeting at the school about the photo of Kate. Aria finds a crumpled note in one of the pockets, on which a phone number is written. Aria and Spencer want to call it, but Emily is hesitant. Aria says it might give them answers, and Spencer accuses Emily of being scared, which she fiercely denies. To prove this, Emily calls the number, which goes to a computerized voicemail. Aria takes the phone and introduces herself as a friend of Vivian's and asks that they call her back.

At school, the girls stand by Hanna's locker, discussing the situation "A" got Hanna into. Spencer says at least Hanna wasn't suspended, and eventually it will all blow over, but Hanna isn't convinced, "A" won't get hungry and lash out again. Annoyed, she points out how they thought they had all the power because they had "A's" phone, but now "A" is using their own phones against them.

Aria, Spencer and Emily walk down the hallway, and Aria says that they can at least say it could have been a lot worse. Emily explains that Tamborelli won't let her back on the team because he doesn't want her to tarnish the team's image as he has a major sponsor on the hook. Aria and Spencer are outraged, and Emily asks how long they'll have to pay for picking up the shovel.

Outside, Spencer notices Noel and Jenna laughing and kissing on a bench and turns away. She is surprised when Jason appears and calls her over. She asks why he is there, and he says he is dropping off some forms. Jason explains he was in Georgia fixing up his grandma's home, and asks Spencer to give her father the message that he is back and he (Peter) can't keep dodging him. Spencer is confused, but then Ella runs up to them and asks Jason if he could volunteer for Truth Up Day as she is short on staff. Jason says he isn't interested, but when he hears that Spencer's parents will be there, Jason changes his mind.

The next day, at Rosewood High, the students have gathered for Truth Up Day. Spencer informs Emily, Aria and Hanna that Tamborelli is confiscating any phones that aren't switched off. She asks Emily if she has any messages from the number they called, but there are none.

In the hallway, Spencer catches up with Jason and says that she heard he and Veronica are in the same group. Jason says he was hoping to meet with Spencer's dad, and Spencer asks why it is so important. When he walks away, Spencer says she knows that her dad altered the will to protect Jason, but she doesn't know why. Jason tells her to ask her dad when he gets back in town, but Spencer says he hasn't left town and that she's already asked him and he won't give her an answer. Without responding, Jason leaves.

Spencer than overhears a conversation between Jason and her mom and she has a flashback of her and Ali. Spencer finds Jason in the courtyard and wants him to hear her out. She asks him if they have the same father and he says yes and asks her how she knew. She responds with Ali told her a long time ago but she put the pieces together tonight.

Outside the assembly hall, Spencer is outraged with Veronica for keeping this secret from her, and even more so when she is told that Melissa doesn't know either. She asks how Veronica could have gone all these years living next to Jason and not doing anything, but Veronica says she didn't know until Jason was nearly an adult, and by then, she and Peter had discussed it. Veronica says she understands that Spencer is feeling upset and betrayed, and she did when she found out and still does sometimes, but they need to get past it. Spencer asks how, and Veronica says that every family has secrets, and if she'd known and made a different one, then Spencer wouldn't be here. Veronica says that it doesn't change anything and they should talk to Peter, but Spencer says it changes everything and doesn't want to look at her dad right now. Veronica tells Spencer they need to go home, but Spencer asks where home is and calls it a joke before storming off.

Later that night, everyone is asleep in the assembly hall, aside from Spencer, who is gazing out the window. Emily wakes up and asks Spencer what the time is, but Spencer just shrugs. Emily checks her phone, and finds six missed calls from the number Aria called. She wakes Hanna and Aria, and the person calls them again. This time Emily speaks. A man answers and asks if she is Vivian's friend and what she wants. Emily says she has a few questions, and the man says he has some of his own, but he doesn't want to talk over the phone and asks her to meet him. Emily looks at the others and agrees.

In "CTRL: A," at Rosewood High, everyone is celebrating the swim team's victory. Aria and Spencer wait for Emily to arrive, and Aria asks a visibly tense Spencer if she's sure she wants to meet with the man they spoke to on the phone last week. Spencer says they have to go and find out what he knows about Alison, and insists she is fine. Aria notes how Spencer has been staying at her house for a week and asks what's wrong, but Spencer says she just can't deal with her family right now. Aria offers to help, but before Spencer can explain, Emily and the rest of the Sharks enter with a trophy, and everyone cheers for them.

Meanwhile, Spencer goes to see Jason at his office, but finds it closed. However, Spencer spots him across the street, talking to Maya. When Maya leaves, Spencer goes up to Jason and says she has been looking for him. Jason asks if Spencer's dad has said anything, but Spencer hasn't spoken to him or anyone about the situation. Jason says she should talk to her dad, but Spencer wants to talk to him. Jason apologizes as he never wanted to get between her and her dad, but Spencer notes that it's a bit late for that. He says it was never about hurting her, either, and Spencer begs Jason to tell her what it's about. He left town the night she was arrested, so what brings him back now?

Jason admits he found another one of Alison's boxes under the floorboards in her room at their grandmother's. Spencer recites what Alison used to tell them ("When I hide things, they stay hid."), and Jason says there were letters in the box, which were from their dad to Jason's mom, a few of which were love letters. Along with the letters, there was $15,000 in cash in envelopes, $5000 in each one. Spencer asks where Alison could have gotten that money, but Jason tells her to think about it. A shocked Spencer realizes that Ali must have found the letters, figured out what they meant, and blackmailed Spencer's dad under the threat that she would ruin both families. Jason notes how hard it is to believe when someone says it out loud, and Spencer says that if anyone had the nerve to do something like that, it was Ali.

Later on, Aria sits in a booth at a diner with Ali's copy of Lolita! on the table in front of her, and Hanna, Emily and Spencer in the booth behind her. A man comes over and taps the book, noting that Aria is a friend of Vivian's. He sits down and asks Aria how much Vivian owed her, to which Aria is shocked to hear. The man says that Vivian cost him his job. Aria asks what Vivian did, and he explains that he worked at Allegheny Cellular in human resources, and Vivian wanted information. Aria asks what information Vivian wanted, and the man smiles and says that she must be Alison. Surprised, Aria asks if Vivian told him about Alison, and he says that Vivian told him about a friend called Alison who was getting texts from somebody, but the number was blocked and she wanted to know where they were coming from, and would pay to find out. Aria asks if he found out, and he says he did, but made the mistake of telling Vivian before he had the money in his hand, and then he got fired for accessing restricted information. Aria asks what he knows about the person sending the texts, but the man says he's not talking without the money Vivian owes him. Aria reaches for her purse and asks how much, to which he says $2000 and the price could go up. He writes down his number and as he gets up to leave, Aria asks who she should ask for when she calls, and he tells her to ask for Jonah.

After he leaves, the four discuss this new information, and how if he finds out Ali is dead, there won't be enough money in the world to make him talk. Emily says if Jonah found out who "A" was and told Ali, it must be why she was killed. They need to find out what Jonah knows, but they don't have the money. Aria asks Spencer, but her bank account has been on lockdown since she was arrested.

At Emily's victory party, Spencer is shocked about what happened at the police station, when Hanna and Ashley return. Ashley goes upstairs, and Hanna fills Spencer and Emily in on what happened, that Darren is back and he has a photo of the three of them looking for page five taken from a security camera. Copies of the autopsy from the police station are also missing, which must have been stolen as an inside job - Garrett. Hanna worries that Caleb will be sent to jail because of her, and Spencer goes to the closet and grabs her jacket. When asked where she is going, she says that they need to find out what Jonah knows, and she is going home.

Spencer quietly returns home and is about to head upstairs, when she notices her dad's briefcase. She opens it and finds his chequebook, but before she can do anything else, she hears the front door. She quickly returns the chequebook and closes the briefcase, but before she can get upstairs, she is spotted by Peter, who says he is glad she came home.

Spencer and her dad stand a distance away, while Peter explains what happened between him and Jessica DiLaurentis. He and Veronica were getting their degrees, and he made a series of very poor decisions. Spencer is angry Peter is talking like it was a business deal, and plainly says he cheated and got someone else's wife pregnant. Peter simply says yes. Peter says that Jessica lied to her husband and they moved to Atlanta, but several years later, when Spencer was five, they moved back. Peter sadly tells Spencer that the first time he saw Jason, he was outside riding his bike. Spencer asks how it made Peter feel, but he is unable to give answer. She asks why they came back, but Peter says he never asked, as he was afraid she might tell him.

Spencer asks if Ali could have known about it before he did, and Peter says that it's possible. Spencer accusingly asks Peter if he's sure about that, and says that Jason found money along with letters from him. She asks if Peter gave Ali money to keep her quiet, and Peter says that although he doesn't have a lot of credibility with Spencer at the moment, he never gave money to anyone in the DiLaurentis family for any reason.

Jason and Spencer meet up at the Grille, and Spencer tells him what Peter told her. Jason asks if she believes him, and Spencer says she does. Jason isn't sure and says Peter must have been very convincing. Spencer is sure he is telling the truth, and Jason asks who else could have given Ali the money. They argue about it, until Spencer points out that Jason wants it to be Peter so he can keep on being angry. Jason walks out.

Spencer arrives at Hanna's house, having gotten Hanna's SOS, and Hanna asks if she knows how to hack into computers, which Spencer doesn't, reminding her that is what Caleb is for. Hanna explains that she needs to get into his computer and delete the incriminating files, or he will be arrested. Spencer tries to help. Hanna remembers what Caleb told her about his password, and manages to remember all the cities he's lived in, in their precise order, as well as alternating caps. She remembers the exclamation point at the end, but can't remember the last four numbers.

Hanna and Spencer are having little luck with the password, having only one more try before the system locks. Hanna remembers 1-1-something-5, but is stumped with the last number. Spencer asks if it could be a code, a date, part of a phone number, a birthday or an anniversary, when something clicks in Hanna's mind. Without elaborating, Hanna types in the last number, which turns out to be correct. The girls are ecstatic they got in, until they realize they don't know what to do next.

Hanna and Spencer find the school files in a folder named Hefty'. Hanna asks how much is on there, and Spencer says that someone really wants Caleb out of their way. Spencer yells at Hanna to highlight all the files and press CTRL: A on the keyboard, which she does, and the files are deleted one by one, just in time.

Jason knocks on Spencer's back door. She tells him that Peter isn't there, but he already knows; he wants to talk to Spencer. Spencer apologizes for earlier, but Jason says he is the one who wants to apologize, because Spencer was right - he doesn't want to believe Ali was blackmailing anyone else but Peter, because it would make things so much easier, but there really isn't anything easy about it. They agree they are always at odds with each other because they are wired the same way. Spencer tells she thinks she knows why Ali needed the money, or at least a part of it, because she was looking for someone she was afraid of. Jason asks who, and Spencer says she can find out, but she needs Jason to trust her, a lot, two thousand dollars worth.

In "Breaking the Code," Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria are at school. When Emily asks how Spencer got the money so fast, she replies that it is from a relative who didn't want to be named. Aria and Spencer plan to meet Jonah at 6 pm and ask Emily and Hanna not to join them because he might get suspicious if they crowd him. Emily and Hanna want to come along, but eventually agree not to go.

At the Hastings' house, Spencer has just told Melissa about Jason being their half-brother. Melissa is visibly angry, and when Spencer tries to defend their mother, Melissa scolds her for it. Spencer also mentions that Alison knew. When Melissa questions if anyone else knows, Spencer tells her no. Melissa wants to keep it that way. Melissa decides to leave so she doesn't have to see their parents when they get home. Before leaving, she assures Spencer that they will get through this.

Aria and Spencer meet Jonah at the park. They give him the money, and he gives them an address. Unsatisfied with just an address, they ask him for more. He says that's all there is and that when he gave Vivian the address, she was happy with it. With that, Jonah leaves. Aria and Spencer are about to go to the address, but then they spot Garrett in his car, watching them. So, they decide to go later.

The girls gather in Spencer's bedroom where Hanna tells the girls about Ashley's sleeping with Officer Wilden to get the shoplifting charges dropped. She also tells them Mona has been getting texts from "A" about it. When Emily asks Hanna how much she's told Mona, she replies that she's told her nothing, but she feels bad about lying to her. When Hanna goes downstairs to get food, Spencer asks Hanna to check if Garrett is still outside, as he followed her home.

While Hanna is downstairs, Aria tells Emily and Spencer that "A" sent her dad a letter trying to get her caught with Ezra and now her mom is on the hunt to find out who "A" is. Spencer questions why "A "would send a letter like that if she and Ezra are not together anymore. Aria admits that they are actually still seeing each other. Emily accepts this, but Spencer is furious at Aria for lying. Aria apologizes, then before Spencer can reply, Hanna calls the other girls downstairs.

Downstairs, Hanna has received an email from Caleb. It's another part of Ian's video from Alison's room. Surprisingly, instead of Alison walking into the room as they expected, Melissa storms in angrily, asking "Where is she?" The girls are shocked and Aria, Hanna, and Emily immediately want to turn Melissa in, but Spencer gets extremely defensive. The girls reluctantly decide to let Spencer talk to Melissa before they do anything.

Later, Spencer is waiting at a pub for Melissa. Spencer orders coffee from the waitress when Emily texts her asking her if she's talked to Melissa yet. Stressed, she steals a shot of liquor from the tray left unattended beside her. Just then, Wren walks in and they begin chatting. Spencer then sees Melissa outside, about to come inside, but then Garrett pulls up. She quickly turns and gets into Garrett's car. A confused Spencer watches Melissa go and wonders aloud why Melissa would get in a car with Garrett when she barely knows him. Wren reveals that he's seen them together at a doctor appointment before. Then Spencer receives a text from Melissa lying that her class ran late and that they have to reschedule.

Spencer and Wren wind up at his apartment. She pours herself another drink and they joke about their respective family issues and personality flaws. Spencer, clearly drunk and acting very flirtatious, starts kissing him. Spencer and Wren continue making out until he tells her she is drunk and they should stop. Spencer admits that she is smashed and falls backwards onto the sofa.

Spencer wakes up at Wren's house. Wren is back from work and Spencer realizes it is 10:30 and she is late for school. She apologizes for last night. Wren tells Spencer that she is welcome to stay over anytime. Spencer admits she may have to take him up on that the way her family has been lately. They kiss, but this time Spencer ends it and runs out.

While Spencer is home alone rewatching the video Caleb sent, she hears a noise. It turns out to be Melissa. Spencer wants to know where she's been and Melissa says she will tell her, but not now because their parents will be home soon and she can't say what she has to say in front of them. Melissa says it's the same thing she began to tell her the night of Ian's funeral. She turns to leave. Spencer reluctantly follows, leaving her cell phone and laptop on the kitchen counter.

In "Father Knows Best," Spencer sits with Melissa in her car at night and tries to get some answers. Melissa says Garrett was Ian's friend and has been really kind to her since Ian's death. She needed someone to talk to because she doesn't believe Ian was capable of killing Alison. Now she worries she shared too much with him. Melissa reminds Spencer how their parents stopped fighting the day Alison went missing and tells her their father almost seemed relieved to hear the news. She recalls a night she came home and noticed Peter acting strange, but didn't think much about it because she was a wreck herself. She admits to having sent Ali anonymous texts telling her to back off Ian and stop flirting with him and telling Peter all about it. Spencer fills Melissa in on Ali's blackmail money and the possibility it came from their father. Melissa doesn't know what to believe.

The girls stand outside at school to discuss the latest text from "A." They accuse Melissa of being "A," but Spencer insists it is impossible. Aria worries that Melissa may know about the N.A.T. video. Spencer explains how devastated Melissa was to find Ian dead and continues to insist there is no way she could be "A." Hanna thinks they should turn the video over to the cops anyway because it is evidence, but the other girls all agree turning over evidence to the cops has not worked in their favor in the past. They allow Spencer to try to get to the bottom of it on her own before doing anything.

Spencer goes home to find a gift from her father waiting on the counter. Melissa comes downstairs remarking about how annoying the back-and-forth for appointments between Rosewood and Philadelphia is getting. The gift is a diamond necklace. Melissa thinks Peter is overcompensating for something and trying to cover his guilt with gifts. Spencer still believes he didn't pay off Ali, but Melissa is not convinced. Peter walks in and gives Spencer a hug and gets her to promise to wear the necklace to the dance tomorrow night.

Peter invites Spencer to play tennis at the club, but she has to study. He senses she does not like the necklace. He says he misses her, but understands she needs some space. On his way out, he tells her he made dinner reservations at Gianni's for 7.

As soon as Peter leaves, Spencer heads straight to her father's office on the first floor. She begins flipping through his checkbook and searching through his desk drawers. One drawer is locked. Spencer finds a folder of 2009 tax information and, inside, a stub for a check for $15,000 made out to "cash." When she hears someone coming, she quickly shoves the paperwork back into the drawer. Melissa finds her acting strange. Spencer pretends she was just looking for a stamp and hurries out of the office.

At the father-daughter dance, Aria, Mona, Spencer, and Emily all converge on Hanna, who informs them her mom is "hot on the A trail." Ashley thinks the police report was sent to Hanna, not Mona, and gave it to Wilden because she think it will keep them safe. Aria is worried now that both of their mom's are looing for "A" and scared what "A" might do if they get too close. Hanna almost brings up Dr. Sullivan, but Spencer cuts her off, and says they need a creative solution to this problem. Mona has an idea. It requires a big lie and apparently she is terrible at that. She asks which one of them is the best liar and they all point to Aria. Slightly affronted, she asks Mona what lie she has to tell.

Spencer and Peter get their photo taken, then get back to dancing. He senses something is wrong and offers to get the DJ to play a faster song. Spencer is not interested and tells him he's trying a little too hard. She admits to going through his office earlier and finding an incriminating check stub. Before he has a chance to explain, Spencer declares she wants to go home.

Spencer leaves the school and is clearly upset. Just then someone on a motorcycle comes around the corner and stops and looks at her. Spencer thinks it is Toby but the person doesn't say anything and rides away. Spencer runs a little after him but stops and looks upset.

Peter searches through his desk while Spencer stands nearby. He opens the drawer that had been locked earlier and questions Spencer about it. Peter immediately calls the police to report his gun has been stolen. Spencer spies a file on the desk and opens it to find a bunch of different photos of Ali inside.

Peter tells Spencer a patrol car will be there soon and Spencer confronts him about the photos of Ali. He says he gave those photos to a private investigator for reference and that is who the $15,000 went to, not Alison for blackmail. Spencer wants to know why he would spend that much money to investigate Alison's disappearance, and why he would even care. Peter tells her he suspected someone he cared about might be involved. Spencer guesses Jason, but he tells her no, Melissa. He knew about the texts and threats Melissa sent Ali before she disappeared. He hired the PI for peace of mind. The police arrive and Peter sends Spencer upstairs.

Melissa sneaks up on Spencer in her bedroom, wondering why the cops are outside. She tells her about the missing gun and possible break-in and asks if she heard anything. Melissa says no, she was watching TV and fell asleep. Spencer questions her about the TV, knowing it has been broken. Melissa quickly answers she was watching on her laptop then says she has to get back to the city tonight because she is concerned about staying in the same house with her father, whom she suspects of murder. She offers for Spencer to come stay with her if she ever feels unsafe. Spencer doesn't know who to believe.

The next day, Spencer's car pulls up next to some stores in Brookhaven, a nearby town. The girls all get out of the car and Aria explains that Jonah told her Alison had been getting texts from more than one number, one of which led them here. Hanna wonders if Melissa could still be "A." They stand on the sidewalk wondering where the calls could have originated from when Aria spots a "Doll Hospital," a store full of antique dolls very similar to the dolls "A" sent. When Aria says she is cold, Spencer hands her the keys to get a coat out of the trunk, not just any coat - Vivian's coat. Aria puts it on, then hears a voice call out "Vivian." She turns to see a young man staring at her.

In "Eye of the Beholder," sitting outside Lucky Leon's, Aria tells the others about Duncan, the boy who thought she was Vivian. She told him she was a friend of Vivian's and hasn't seen her since she gave her the coat. He doesn't know Alison/Vivian is dead because he has been in Florida the past year. Aria shows Spencer Duncan's number and tells her he met Vivian in a bookstore a few doors down from the creepy doll hospital Jonah sent them to. Emily questions if Duncan is just a random guy Alison flirted with, but Spencer is sure Ali wouldn't have wasted time flirting while trying to track down "A." Aria decides to call him. Just then, a car pulls up and Jenna and Toby emerge, Jenna's eye bandaged post-surgery. Spencer stands up and is happy to see Toby who is giving her daggers because he thinks she cheated on him even though she never did.

The next day, Spencer sees Toby in the hallway helping Jenna through into the office. Spencer seems happy to see him, but he is cold toward her. She asks about the eye surgery. He says they don't know the results yet. Spencer admits she is surprised to see him with Jenna like that. Toby reminds her she is his sister and has been through a lot. When Spencer tells Toby she has been thinking about him a lot, he tells her it's a little late for that. Jenna returns and acknowledges Spencer as she takes Toby's arm and walks past.

As Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria are walking home, Aria tells Spencer and the others that Duncan admitted to seeing Alison the weekend she disappeared. Spencer is surprised to hear this and Hanna doubts if Duncan is telling the truth, but Aria believes his reaction to hearing Ali is dead was real. Garrett pulls away from the curb in a big hurry and the girls, besides Hanna, all receive a text from "A." They see Toby and Jenna across the street discussing something with the fire department. The girls all wonder if Toby is telling them about the night of the Jenna Thing.

Emily finds Spencer reading a book on a bench and asks her if she's still thinking about Toby. Spencer is worried she caused him to run back to Jenna. They change the subject to Emily's dad, who emailed her during a layover in Germany. She says she'll never get used to him being in a war. Her mom will be back next week. Spencer asks about Maya. Emily admits to having heard from her and isn't sure if she should tell Maya's parents.

Jason catches up with Spencer and Emily in the hallway. Spencer starts apologizing for not returning his calls because her "reserves have been depleted," but, eyeing Emily, he says that's not what he wanted to talk about. He has a bag of Ali's things that got packed up when Maya's family moved out. Maya dropped them off on the porch. Emily hopes he had spoken to Maya, but he hasn't seen her and is surprised to hear she is missing. Jason thought Spencer and her friends would like to see the things from Ali's room.

In Spencer's kitchen, Jason tells Spencer and Emily Maya said the bag of Ali's things was hidden in the attic. (Is that what they were talking about by the fruit stand?) Aria knocks at the door and enters, and lets Spencer know Duncan called back and she's going to meet him someplace he used to go with Alison. Emily unwraps a musical jewelry box with a ballerina that spins while the lid is up; it belonged to Ali as a kid. Veronica enters the room and gives Jason an unwelcoming look. Jason tells the girls to keep anything they'd like and bring back the rest. Spencer walks him out. Veronica scolds Spencer for complicating things by inviting Jason over to the house. Spencer tells her she is trying to uncomplicate things, but Veronica would like things to go back to the way they were.

Spencer and Emily sit in the living room disappointed that the stuff from Ali's room doesn't have any connection or significance. They don't realize the burlap voodoo doll was sent to Ali by "A" at Halloween.

While Spencer packs up Ali's things, her mom walks in and warns her not to go in to Jason's house. Spencer says she has to deal with what's happened, but Veronica would prefer to ignore it. Spencer warns that if they don't deal with the truth, it will all fall apart, rather, blow apart. Veronica insists it is Jason and his family who would like to blow things apart while she and Peter have kept things together. Spencer asks if she knows Ali may have been blackmailing Peter. She explains everything about the money Jason found, Peter denying being blackmailed, the check stub, and Peter admitting to hiring a detective. Veronica admits it was her idea they hire a detective.

Hanna shows up to Spencer's house while she was returning the bag to Jason's back porch. They prepare a snack and Hanna hopes she didn't make things worse with Toby. Hanna accidentally sits on some newspaper and recognizes the First Lady's outfit as something she wore 2 years ago. Spencer realizes the paper Ali's trinkets were wrapped in was from over a month before her disappearance indicating Ali packed that stuff up herself well before her disappearance. They find certain passages within the newspaper to be highlighted. Spencer instructs Hanna to get the bag back off Jason's porch while she calls Aria and Emily. She pulls the other newspaper pages out of the trash.

When Hanna picks up the bag off Jason's porch, she hears a noise come from inside. She looks in the window and sees Jenna collapse to the floor. Hanna runs inside and drags Jenna out as Spencer arrives to help. Smoke pours out the windows then an explosion rocks the house. Hanna and Spencer stare in shock.

At the hospital, Wren cleans Spencer's hand. He talks to her about how Toby and Jenna are back in town. He also tells her that she has a really complicated life. He tells her that her hand will be fine and if she would take anything back between them and she says no.

Then, Spencer sees Jason sit next to Veronica in the waiting room. She looks pleased that they are making an effort to figure things out. Then Toby up to her and tells her that Jenna wants to see them, all of them. Spencer says ok and walks away to go find them, but before she does, Toby asks her is she is okay, and Spencer says she thinks she is.

Spencer and Emily think Jenna is going to accuse them of sending the text luring her to the house since Jason didn't send it. Jenna starts crying and says she doesn't blame them. She asks Hanna why she dragged her out. Hanna simply replies, You're welcome."

The girls gather in Spencer's bedroom to reexamine Ali's items. Hanna says they are the key to solving the mystery. They assume "A" must have lured Jenna into that house with the intention of killing her. At the bottom of the bag, Emily finds a torn postcard and Hanna finds a newspaper dated August filled with advertisements for events Labor Day weekend. An event in Rosewood is circled in red ink - a concert at the gazebo. The music box creepily starts playing on its own, startling the girls.

In "If These Dolls Could Talk," at night Spencer dreams about having a conversation with Alison in her living room. She tells Spencer she's sorry about not telling her Jason was her brother too, and that she's glad the girls "haven't given up." Ali also warns her not to miss what is right in front of her. Spencer wakes up to Melissa pointing out the side door has been open all night. She looks over at two prescription bottles, wondering whether it had only been a dream or perhaps she actually had talked to Ali.

Spencer is worried she is losing it. Emily tells Spencer in the past she has also had a conversation with Alison that felt real; that maybe they won't be able to sleep until the figure out what really happened the night Ali died.

File:Spencer talks.jpg
At school, Spencer finds out that Alison and "A" had been communicating via newspaper classified ads and had planned to meet in person. The girls realize the meeting place was on Spruce Street, near the creepy doll hospital. Just then, Jenna and Toby approach them. Hanna gets jumps right to the chase, bluntly asking if Jenna can see or not. She shakes her head no and she says that Hanna saving her made her realize that people can grow, so now it's her turn. She is sorry and she wants to move on. Jenna then apologizes for hating them and for holding a grudge. She goes on to say she's never been the person they really needed to fear and walks away.

The girls discuss what just transpired. Aria believes Jenna to be sincere, but Emily doesn't buy her story, thinking she must be as angry as ever if the surgery failed. They ponder who Jenna may have been referring to, guessing Garrett, or Melissa. Spencer believes Ali had the answer and decides they must retrace her steps if they ever want to figure it out.

The girls go to the doll store in Brookhaven. Aria vents about her father and boarding school. They run into the owner, an older woman named Martha. They ask if anyone had ever bought a voodoo doll (the same as one Alison received), but Martha says they don't sell those. Inside they speak with a creepy young boy named Seth, who apparently has a "gift" that allows him to see things that haven't happened yet. He tells them that Alison was in the store two summers ago looking for a voodoo doll. He said he warned her against it, since a man and a woman with dark hair were trying to hurt her. The couple was not Jenna and Garrett as the woman was not blind. Martha sends him upstairs, but on his way out he says he's sorry for what happened to Alison, specifically citing her cause of death. The girls are visibly freaked out.

Later that night, the girls argue about the validity of Seth's claims. Spencer comes clean about her parents' belief that her sister could have had something to do with Alison's death. She also tells them about Jason being her brother. The girls are stunned. Spencer doesn't know what to think, but she knows Melissa had motive and opportunity to kill Ali.

Spencer comes home to find Melissa writing thank you notes for her baby shower. Melissa asks about the bag in Spencer's room and accuses her of acting jumpy. Spencer tells her the truth - that Jason gave her the bag of Ali's things. Melissa suggest she donate the morbid items to charity. Spencer then confronts her the video from the night of Ali's disappearance, asking for an explanation. Melissa barely reacts, then accuses Spencer of stealing the video from Ian. Spencer tells her their parents also suspected Melissa may have done something to Ali, but Melissa denies it, reminding her half the town wanted Ali to disappear. Spencer says she thinks the police need to see the video, which leads Melissa to mentioning that she's seen some interesting videos of her and her friends that make them look pretty bad (possibly referring to The Jenna Thing) and invite police suspicion.

At school the next day, the girls tell Spencer they think Melissa is bluffing. Spencer isn't so sure. Hanna decides enough is enough. They will trick Melissa into texting them, proving she is "A" once and for all.

Emily watches Melissa as she runs errands while Mona and Caleb pull up to a curb nearby. They make awkward small talk until Mona explains that though neither of them want to be there, they are doing it for Hanna. She describes how her close friendship with Hanna changed once Caleb entered the picture and admits that she had been jealous of their relationship. Emily texts Mona "Showtime," and they proceed to make out as Melissa walks out of a building. Caleb pulls away, but Mona assures him they are doing it "for Hanna" and kisses him again. Melissa definitely takes notice as she walks to her car. Hanna and Spencer wait in Hanna's bedroom for the text they know is coming. When it does, Hanna takes it as proof that Melissa is "A." Spencer looks stunned.

Downstairs, Hanna packs up her laptop to bring to the police. Spencer has mixed feelings about turning in her own sister, but Hanna insists it is the right thing to do. Emily arrives after driving Caleb home and agrees with Spencer it may be wise to get more proof; that Jenna and Garrett could still be involved. Emily suggests they show Seth the video from Alison's room so he could point out the couple who wanted to hurt Ali. Hanna thinks the idea is nuts, but Spencer points out that Seth somehow knew how Alison died, which was never made public. Mona arrives interrupting their argument. She goes upstairs to shower and Hanna agrees not to tell Mona what's going on. Hanna agrees to stop by the doll store on the way to the police station.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily find the door of the doll shop unlocked. The enter, calling out Martha's name. They find a box full of the voodoo dolls Martha claimed not to sell. The lights go out and a doll's voice begins chanting "Follow me, end up like me" on a loop. Instead of running away, the open a cupboard and find a bloody blonde doll half in a grave holding a shovel - recreating Alison's death! Things begin crashing to the floor around them as they try to run out, almost leaving Hanna's laptop in the process. Hanna grabs the laptop and gets out moments before the entire shelf comes crashing down.

The other girls gather up all the items they are going to take to the police, including all of Ali's things. Spencer hopes the police can make sense of it and mentions her dream to Hanna when they hear a noise downstairs. Melissa and Garrett are in the kitchen. He helps her lift the package she picked up earlier and then they kiss. She assures him that there is no way Spencer is turning in the video, thinking that she scared her into keeping quiet. There is a knock at the door. Two detectives enter and they ask Garrett to surrender his weapon. They place him under arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. Melissa locks eyes with Spencer, who has witnessed the whole thing with Hanna and Emily from the stairs.

In "unmAsked," the local news station reports the arrest of Garrett Reynolds for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. He became a cop in order to destroy evidence, page 5 the girls surmise. Melissa appears and tell the girls she always knew Ian didn't kill Alison, and never believed they did either, though she knows about "The Jenna Thing." If Garrett killed Alison, then he must have had a good reason. She helps herself to Aria's frozen yogurt and leaves the girls feeling more suspicious of her than ever.

They all receive a text from "A" instructing them to return the cell phone as a messenger delivers invitations to a masquerade ball along with a message from "A" that demands their attendance. Spencer is sure they can discover who "A" is before the midnight deadline because hide and seek is her favorite game.

Outside school, the girls discuss how smart and untrustworthy Melissa is. Spencer insists they overlooked a clue in Ali's bag. They change the subject to costume choices when Mona approaches. Mona suggests they all go shopping after school together. They all turn her down one by one, including Hanna, who lies about studying with Caleb.

Aria brings the girls to Ezra's apartment while he is out of town for a safe place to search Ali's bag. The girls look through his book collection and photo albums and plenty of comments. Hanna gets a text from Mona asking where she is since she's not with Caleb. They comb through the contents of Alison’s bag once more and find the clue they were looking for.

That evening, during a thunderstorm, they drive to the Lost Woods Resort. The innkeeper, a dead ringer for Norman Bates, taps on the window, scaring them on top of their already frayed nerves. Spencer asks for Room 1, the number on the postcard they found in Ali’s things. Hanna trips in the mud on the way to the room.

Once inside the room, Hanna and Emily try to warm up while Spencer keeps an eye on the front office waiting for the innkeeper to leave. Aria volunteers to go with Spencer to get a closer look at the guestbook. They climb through the window with flashlights.

The next morning, Spencer and Aria return the guest book while Hanna and Emily discuss their costumes. When the others return, Spencer suggests they get out of there before anyone notices they broke in.

On the drive home, Spencer sees Toby, who was hired by Jason to clear away debris at the DiLaurentis house after the fire. She tries to talk to him about Jenna, but Toby refuses to acknowledge her. Disappointed, Spencer leaves.

Later, the girls arrive at the masquerade together. They have 3 hours to figure out who "A" is and agree to split up for the next hour to investigate separately. Spencer meets up with Mona and tells her what a great friend she's been to Hanna. Mona seems truly touched by the compliment. Mona brings up the last time Mona saw Ali - at a vintage shop in Brookhaven. She had seen Ali, dressed strangely, spying on someone. Mona had told Alison that, in exchange for keeping Ali's secret, she wanted to be popular. Alison then took out a postcard and wrote a phone number on it, tore it off and handed it to Mona.

Spencer calls Emily. Something Mona said made Spencer realize that no one had checked into Room 2 since before Ali went missing. With 2 hours til midnight, she and Mona drive back to the motel to look for more clues. Spencer sits for tea with the innkeeper to distract him while Mona steals the key to Room 2 from behind the desk. They stare in stunned silence when they open the door.

Spencer and Mona take in the room, which is plastered with photos of all the girls, newspaper clippings, dolls, maps and blueprints, and many familiar items belonging to A; it’s "A's" lair. Spencer and Mona get a closer look at the items in "A's" lair. Mona discovers some sketches of a masquerade costume. They assume "A" must be dressing as the Black Swan and Mona calls Hanna to warn her.

While at "A's" lair, Spencer begins to notice the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Mona offers Spencer a piece of gum. She declines, then notices that there is a gum wrapper inside of Ali's stolen diary . When Mona momentarily leaves the room, Spencer finds more clues pointing to "A" being Mona, including a bag of cashmere sweaters. And when Mona returns, she is wearing "A's" black hoodie and knocks Spencer unconscious with a flashlight.

Spencer wakes up in the car terrified with Mona driving recklessly. At the same time she receives a call from Aria. Spencer covertly answers Aria's video call so that her friends can see and hear her conversation with Mona. A quick-thinking Spencer drops the hint that they are headed to Look Out Point. Aria knows a shortcut and they race to get there first.

Mona tells Spencer that she admires her and asks if she'd like to join The "A-Team". Spencer asks if the reason Mona became A was her anger at them for letting Alison bully her. Mona laughs and says that she got over that a long time ago. Mona reveals that she became A because she hated them for stealing Hanna's friendship from her. Spencer pleads with Mona to stop, encouraging her that Hanna is still her friend.

Realizing it is now or never, Spencer pulls the emergency break, causing the car to skid to a stop long enough to escape. Mona jumps out of the car after her just as the other girls drive up, and Hanna careens towards Mona but at the girls' screams, slams on the brakes just before she strikes her down. Mona screams, runs and tackles Spencer and tries to push her off Look Out Point. They struggle and Mona slips and falls off the edge. The girls run to Spencer's side and stare in horror down at Mona.

Shortly after, the authorities and an ambulance arrive, surprisingly, along with Dr. Sullivan, and they discover Mona survived the fall. Dr. Sullivan comforts the girls, who are all visibly shaken by what has happened. Dr. Sullivan reveals that "A" blackmailed her by threatening her son, which is why she disappeared.

Dr. Sullivan diagnoses Mona with a personality disorder which caused her to experience a sense of hyper-reality and omnipresence. We learn from Mona's thoughts that everything is working out just as she planned. Mona is found to be criminally insane and sent to an asylum for treatment. Dr. Sullivan is confident that Mona can be helped with treatment. Outside, Dr. Sullivan reveals it was Toby who convinced her to come back to Rosewood. Toby, waiting by his truck parked out front, tells Spencer he had to pretend not to love her, and the couple makes up with a passionate kiss.

Later, the girls head to Emily's house to spend the night when an ambulance rushes past them. The police are waiting, and Emily runs up to her mom, who tells her that the police found a body… and they think it is Maya's. Emily is distraught. She falls into Spencer's arms and screams and sobs at the sight of the stretcher taking the body away while the girls try to comfort her.

Five months have past and the girls are together at Spencer's house. They talked about what they did over the summer. Hanna says that her and Emily were the only ones who did something interesting this summer because Spencer took some college classes at Hollis and Aria took a photography class. Just then, all four of their phones go off and they get a text that says "show me your boobs." They wonder when this will stop and Spencer says that they'll be old news, but Garret will go on trial and they'll be news again. Emily, drunk, says she'll show someone her boobs and they'll be news. Spencer, Aria and Hanna laugh at that but Spencer takes the drink because Emily is wasted. The girls make a toast to making it to Senior Year and when Emily mentions that not everyone made it, Hanna makes sure that Emily knows they'll be there for her if she needs it. The girls fall asleep only to wake up to find Emily missing.
At a graveyard, the girls find Emily who dug up Ali's body, which is gone. 

Emily is really out of it, and Aria asks Spencer is Emily could do this but Spencer says no she couldn't have. Spencer asks Hanna for Emily's phone and when Spencer sees it, Emily got a call from Spencer's phone at 11:45 but Spencer was sleeping. That's when they realize someone set them up.

Spencer takes Emily back to her house and Emily is covered with dirt from digging a grave. Spencer makes coffee as she tells Emily to take her clothes off. Emily asks who would do this and Spencer says that Jenna is out of town, Mona is at Radley and Garret is in jail so someone else is helping them. When Emily asks about her sister, Spencer says that she is in Philly. Emily gives Spencer her dirty clothes and Spencer throws them into the fire.

When Hanna and Aria get back from the graveyard, Spencer is writing a note to her mom. She tells them that they're going to the lakehouse and her mom will think that they left this afternoon so no one questions them about where they were.

At the lakehouse, the phone rings and Spencer answers it. It's her mom telling her about Ali's body gone missing. After she hangs up from her mom, Emily says that she is sorry because she made it so easy, but Spencer and Hanna inform her that it's not her fault. Spencer comes up with the plan that they came to the lakehouse in the afternoon, toasted some marshmallows, talked about how fun Senior Year will be and went to bed early and they girls all agree that last night never happened.

Spencer is shopping with her mom when she sees Hanna and her mom shopping. Spencer and Hanna go over to a different rack of clothes when Spencer gets a call that is blocked but she ignores it. She tells Hanna that it's Toby but she'll call him back later. Hanna asks how he likes the loft and Spencer says that he likes it but the plumbing is down so he showers at her house, and she says that she really likes the loft because she gets to see him 

shirtless. Spencer tells Hanna that she keeps on replaying what happened last night in her head and that someone was in her house, while they were asleep watching them. Hanna comments on how she was just starting to feel safe again. Spencer asks Hanna if she wants to go see a movie but Hanna cant because she has to go see Dr.Sullivan. Spencer asks if she would tell her what happened last night but Hanna says no because she wouldn't do that to Emily.

The next morning, Spencer is folding her bed as Toby comes out of his shower in a towel. He says that he'll try to have the plumbing fixed by the end of the week, and Spencer says its no rush at all while really checking him out. He asks her if her parents are still out and she says yes. He then notices that she is wearing his shirt, and Spencer says that he'll never get it back but Toby doesn't want it back. They begin to make out but Spencer stops shortly saying she knows it was her idea to wait, but she really cant remember why and makes out with him again. Toby catching on that he was half-naked and respecting her decision to wait, says that she'll remember after he puts some clothes on. Spencer again gets a call from an unknown number but doesn't answer it. Toby brings up that he was glad that her and her friends went to the lakehouse. Spencer says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to think of someone doing that to Ali. Toby goes over and says of course and gives her a kiss promising to call her later.

At school, Spencer is with Aria standing in line for Senior Day. Aria talks to her about her parents and Ezra. Spencer jokely says that Ezra is like Lord Voldemort just as Hanna walks up to them. Spencer asks if she has heard from Emily but Hanna says no. Just then they see Lucas come up and Spencer says hey but he doesn't say anything. The girls notices that he is talking to a skinny burnette girl and that she looks like the Black Swan.

Spencer and Hanna find Aria in the bathroom after she thought "A" was attacking her. Spencer says that Mona cant hurt them anymore and Hanna tells her that she is locked away forever. Aria stands up and the girls all hug each other.

At home, Spencer is on her computer looking at stuff about the Black Swan. Her mom enters the room asking if she wants to go with her to Philly to meet her sister. Spencer says no because she has to study. Her mom is worried that Melissa wont make it through this pregnancy but Spencer says that she is a Hastings's and they bounce back like superballs. Her mom leaves and Spencer leaves as well.


Spencer goes to The Lost Woods Resorts and goes into Room 2 which has been completely wiped out except for a table. Spencer opens up her laptop looking at what she was working on before when she gets another blocked call. This time she answers and says "I'm Listening."

Turns out the person that was calling her was Garret. She goes to see him in jail and she wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he didn't kill Ali, someone set him up. He tells her that there is a lot that she doesn't know and that he will give her answers if she can have her mom defend him. She says no and gets up to leave, but Garret says that he knows who took the body and Spencer wants to know who but Garret is gone.

At Spencer's house, Spencer, Hanna and Aria were outside swimming or lying in the sun when the come back inside wanting to know where Emily is. Hanna tries calling Emily but Emily doesn't pick up. Emily knocks on the door and comes inside telling them that she got a text. Aria wants to know if it is starting again but Hanna and Spencer say that Mona is gone. Spencer is surprised when Hanna tells them that she has been visiting Mona. Spencer than tells them that she needs to show them something and takes them to The Lost Woods Resort.

Spencer shows them the room and her laptop about how A had everything from before times. Like the doll mask from Halloween and the Black Hoodie. Spencer, Hanna and Aria tell Emily that when they went back here to get the stuff, it was already gone and the police can't have done it, because Ezra and Mona would be in jail. Spencer says that she believes Mona is not working alone on the whole A thing because Mona cant be in two places at once. Spencer also tells them that The Black Swan is also guilty of something because she ran away from them the night of the masquerade party. Just then Spencer's car alarm goes off.

They go outside and find that her car open. When they go over to it, someone put pictures ALL over the seats of them the night in the graveyard standing over Ali's grave. When they go in the back of her car, there are even more pictures of that night. They all get a text saying "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.-A." They look around terrified because this game of A's is far from over.

  In "Blood Is The New Black," Spencer is sitting in English class while Mrs.Montgomery hands back papers. Ella says that the kids should spend more time taking notes instead of partying because its their senior year. Emily gets a necklace saying "Dead girls cant smile" and she runs out of the room.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria follow her into the bathroom to make sure she is okay. In the bathroom, Emily shows them the necklace. The girls think that those teeth are from Ali's body. When they hear noises outside, they go into one stall. Aria thinks that they should bring the necklace to the police but Spencer thinks they cant because they lied about the lake house. Hanna and Aria accidentally drop the necklace in the toilet. Spencer says that she'll get it but Aria says be careful because they have senors. As Spencer is about to stick her hand in a toilet, the bell rings and the toilet flushes along with the necklace.

Outside in the courtyard, Spencer, Aria and Emily tell Hanna that she should go see Mona again. Hanna finds this weird because they yelled at her for visiting in the first place, but Aria tells her that Mona has never been working alone. After Hanna leaves, the girls see Jenna come in. Spencer thinks its weird that Jenna left and now is back for school. Spencer, Emily and Aria also think that Jenna is blinder than she was last year.
In the hallway, Emily talks to Spencer and Aria about how much tests she has to make up in order to pass 11th grade. Spencer says that Emily should get a tutor and Aria mentions that she should ask Ezra. Emily and Spencer give weird looks saying that would be really awkward because they've seen his underwear drawer. Aria says it was his sock drawer but Spencer jokily says that there was a flap in the middle. Aria notices a blond girl walking down the hallway and says that it is Meredith. Spencer says her dad's Meredith and Aria says yes and the three girls stare as she walks away.

Spencer goes to see Garret in jail. He wants to know if she talked to her mom but Spencer says no, she needs a better reason. Spencer wants to know who dug up Ali's grave and if the person did it for Garret. He says that he didn't touch Maya and he didn't kill Ali. He also tells her what was stolen from her grave would have proved it. When Spencer asks how, Garret brings up her mom helping him again. Spencer then asks why her mom or anyone in this town would believe that he is innocent. Garret then says that someone she knows well, has her completely fooled, and that people lie but medical records don't. Spencer wants to know whose medical records, Ali's or Jenna's but Garret doesn't say anything as he goes back to his jail cell.

At Spencer's house, Spencer is reading something while Toby is working on something. Spencer asks Toby where Jenna went after her music camp got done because it finished a while ago but she got back now. Toby has no idea because he was already packing his stuff because just eating there was awkward. Spencer asks why and Toby says because his dad and Jenna's mom were treating Jenna like one of her snow globes. Spencer makes a tense look on her face and Toby tells her to come here. He gives her a back massage which Spencer calms down to. He begins to kiss her back and Spencer turns around and starts to make out with him. They move back on the couch until Spencer's mom comes in. They get off of each other acting like nothing was happening. Spencer's mom invites Toby over for dinner and he says yes.
In school the next day, Spencer is walking with Hanna, Emily and Aria. The girls talk about Emily's tutoring with Mr.Fitz and Emily says that its kinda awkward. When Aria opens her locker, she sees an envelope with an earring in it. She tells her friends that she and Ali trashed her dad's office after she found about the affair. But she put the earring in Ali's box of memories that her mom offered them. The girls then know that someone is sending stuff to them about Ali.

At home, Spencer is in her room doing homework when someon

e calls her. Her mom walks in and asks that she doesn't get that and she wants to talk to her. Spencer's mom asks why she was going to see Garret and Spencer says that she went to get answers. Spencer's mom is angry because it could look like Spencer is up to something by visiting Garret. But Spencer says that she just wanted answers as to who killed Maya and Ali because they were her friends. Her mom says not to go see Garret again.

Spencer meets Toby at a coffee shop where he tells her about Jenna's eyes. He says that he went back to get more of his stuff when he found Jenna's eye droplets. He says that the dates don't match because she didn't go to get more. Spencer thinks that it is strange because Jenna didn't take them but Toby says that he thinks Jenna can actually see.

Spencer ignores her mom and goes to see Garret again. When she goes in, the person working the desk says that he is with someone right now but says she can wait. So Spencer goes outside until the person is done. The person that was seeing Garret was Spencer's mom. Spencer's mom tells the desk clerk that's she wants a visitors report sheet as to who was visiting Garret. Spencer hides as her mom leaves and then goes to talk to Garret. Garret says that he doesn't have to answer her questions without his attorney here. Spencer realizes that her mom is defending Garret and wants to know why. He doesn't say anything and goes back to his cell leaving Spencer with more questions.

Spencer meets up with Hanna, Emily and Aria in the bathroom. She tells them about her mom defending him and what Toby told her about Jenna. The girls find this weird but also they want Hanna to go see Mona again. Hanna doesn't want too because of Caleb. As the girls are about to leave, Spencer sees Jenna coming this way. She quickly pushes them back in and asks Aria for the earring. They wonder why and Spencer says that they'll find out if she truly is blind or not. Spencer puts the earring in sight of the sink and then Emily and Aria go into one stall as Hanna and Spencer go into another one. When Jenna enters, the girls are all watching her. Jenna picks up the earring and this shows the girls that she can see.

After Jenna leaves, the girls leave the stalls to talk. Hanna and Aria quickly want some payback for Jenna lying, but Spencer says that they could use this to their advantage. The girls wonder why and Spencer says that Jenn

a doesn't know that they know that shes not blind and they could use this to find out what she knows. The girls then all smile at this because they will get answers.

In "Kingdom of the Blind," Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria are in the courtyard looking at Jenna. They wonder how long she has been able to see. Spencer thinks that Aria should take Jenna's offer to help her so they can find out what she knows. Hanna jokes by saying they could push a table in front of her and Spencer jokes by saying that Hanna has the subtlety of a hand grenade. When the girls go inside, they see Lucas getting yelled at by the principal and they give questioning looks because Lucas is changing.

At lunch, Aria tells Spencer, Hanna and Emily about her plans with Jenna. Emily checks her grades for her English Exam and says that she got a 94 and Spencer and Hanna say that she did a good job. Hanna jokes by saying Emily shouldn't go all Spencer on her grades. Emily doesn't think so because she didn't even finish the test and this makes the girls think that someone went into the computers and changed the grades, meaning the New A.

At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together. Spencer then asks how Melissa is doing but Melissa doesn't really say anything. Spencer walks upstairs but their mom comes home and wants to talk to them. Mrs. Hastings says that she is taking on Garret's case because she believes that he is innocent. Spencer is furious at this because her mom is taking on someone who is believed to have killed her best friend and her other best friend's girlfriend. Spencer wants to know the real reason but her mom says that she is just taking on the case.

Spencer wants to know what Melissa thinks of this as Melissa pours herself some wine. Melissa tells her that she thinks its a good thing that their mom is taking on the case. Spencer wants to know what was going on between her and Garret because she knows that they got close before he got arrested. Melissa responds by saying Garret was the only guy that has never lied to her and that she doesn't want to lose another person. Spencer then says she is sorry about her baby and that she also tired to see her but mom wouldn't let her. Melissa then leaves and Spencer watches her leave.


  Aria informs Spencer, Hanna and Emily about what she saw in Jenna's room about the Cobb and the headphones. The girls wonder what it means but they know that the only way to find out is to follow them. Emily brings up her English final grade and Aria assures her that her mom didn't do anything but her mom calls her so she steps out to take it. Hanna and Emily ask Spencer about Melissa is and about Garret's trial. Spencer just says that her mom isn't saying anything about it. Hanna then says that she has been thinking about something but doesn't know if its true or not. Spencer tells Hanna to say it and Hanna says that she thinks Garret could be the father of Melissa's baby. She thinks this because why else would her mom take on Garret. Spencer doesn't really know what to think of what Hanna said but she looks into it.

Spencer calls a hospital claiming she is Melissa wanting to know about Melissa's health status for the insurance company back in June when she lost the baby. The hospital says that they have no records of any Hastings being at the hospital. Spencer also tries under Thomas, thinking Melissa used Ian's last name, but the hospital has no records of either name. Spencer then knows something is up and she also calls the hotel\resort Melissa stayed at. The hotel says that Melissa stayed at the hotel for around 3 days past the time she was set to check out. Spencer then asks if there was anything that Melissa charged to the room and the hotel says some spas and dinner. And the hotel mentions that a Veronica Hastings had checked in as well. After Spencer hangs up the phone, she knows that her family is lying to her, again, because Melissa didn't go to the hospital and also stayed at the hotel longer than Spencer thought and her mom covered it up.

Spencer gets a call from Hanna saying they know where Jenna is. Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria see Jenna go inside to a gun store. Spencer wonders what she is doing in a gun store and Hanna thinks its for target practice. Emily asks Spencer if her mom or Melissa said anything about the baby and Spencer tells them that she thinks there was no baby to begin with. Just then they see Jenna walk out and into her car. Hanna walks over to her and stops her.

The girls talk to Jenna in an alley and Jenna says that she can see. Spencer asks her why she never thought to tell Toby but Jenna says it didn't involve him. The girls ask why she pretended to be blind and Jenna says it was because someone was after her. The girls give each other questioning looks and Jenna says she thinks someone is after her because they tried to kill her the night in Jason's house and she thought it might have been easier to follow that person if everyone thought she was blind. Jenna then asks them if they can keep this between them. The girls don't like this that much but Jenna begs them because someone is after her. Aria asks who but Jenna says if she knew that she wouldn't have to hid.

Spencer then goes home to find her mom looking at some files. She asks her about them and she says that they are Garret's. Her mom tells her that the police found hooks that could have linked him to killing Ali and Spencer brings up stuff like Arson and killing Maya. Her mom also says that she knows how the Rosewood Police work so she has a good chance at getting this stuff thrown off of Garret. Spencer, angry that her mom is defending him because he killed her best friend and another one of her best friend's girlfriend, makes a comment that she is glad she is enjoying herself. Her mom then says that he is innocent until proven guilty and Spencer asks if she came up with that on her own. Mrs.Hastings then says that she cant speak to her that way and Spencer then tells her mom that she looked into Melissa's stay in Hanover. She tells her mom that there were no records of Melissa at the h

ospital. Her mom asks if Melissa told her this but Spencer says no because Melissa would never tell her anything. Spencer then says that she went up there pregnant and came home not pregnant, meaning she was faking it and Spencer also wants to know if her mom knew about this before she went up to see her. Mrs.Hastings said she didn't but she had some suspicions. Spencer asks her mom when Melissa really lost the baby but her mom tells her to ask Melissa. Her mom just looks at her and Spencer walks away angry because her family always lies to her and never tells her the truth about anything.

In "Birds of a Feather," Spencer is with Hanna, Emily and Aria at the Grille eating some cake. They are discussing who could be this New A. Aria mentions Lucas seeing Mona but Hanna says that there is no way that Lucas is A because he was seeing Mona. Just then, Melissa asks Spencer is she wants anymore food because Spencer's mom is getting takeout with Melissa. Emily says that she looks good after her pregnancy and Hanna mentions that she looks like a size 2. Spencer asks Hanna if she thinks that Melissa is the black swan and Hanna says yes. Jason comes into the Grille wanting to talk to Mrs.Hastings about defending Garret. He is clearly mad that she has taken the case. After he storms out, Spencer follows him to make sure he is okay. When she sees him, she asks him if he is okay and he says no but he will be. Spencer then sees the paper he hung up on the pole of a reward for $50,000 for information on Ali's body. The girls get a text from A saying what s\he can do with that money.

Spencer goes home where she finds her mom looking over Garret's case. She walks over and g

ives her the
paper about the reward that Jason is offering. Spencer asks her mom if she thinks he'll get any calls and her mom says yes but mostly from people who are just scamming him for his money. Spencer then asked her mom what would happen if they find the person who did this and Spencer's mom says that they would go to jail for at least 10 years then a life sentence for killing Ali. Spencer asks her mom if she thinks Garret is innocent and her mom says that it will be easy to build a case against this.

The next day at school, Spencer waits for Jason as he mentors the kids who have a drug problem. When he walks out, Spencer walks with him. She asks him how it is going and he responds by he has been better. Spencer asks him if he got any calls on the reward yet and this makes Jason ask if her mom sent her here to ask him that. Spencer assures his that she(Spencer) knows that he is upset and she (Spencer) wants to make sure he is okay. Jason tells her that there isn't much to go on yet and Spencer says that he should let the police handle this because he doesn't need to take calls from random people just looking for his money. Jason tells her that he only needs one call because he can tell if someone is lying, and he also asks Spencer is she can tell. Spencer wants to know what that means and Jason asks her why she thinks her mom is really taking Garret's case. Spencer then tells him she is taking it because she believes he is truly innocent. Jason tells Spencer that he thinks she took the case because she has a different agenda and Spencer asks him if he thinks she is trying to protect someone, like Melissa. Before Jason can respond, he gets a call and has to take it.

At Spencer's house, Hanna tells the girls about how Wilden went to go see Mona at Radley. Hanna says that he
had a court order to talk to her. Emily wonders what Mona said to him while Aria wonders if Mona said that they were at Ali's grave that night. Spencer says that if she did tell Wilden, they would be in jail right now. Hanna then says that they need to find out who the Black Swan is and Aria says they also need to find out when Melissa lost her baby and Emily brings up that Melissa lied for a reason. Spencer says that they know why Mona tortured them but why would Melissa torture them. Hanna brings up that she had kissed her fiancée and broke them up. Spencer says yes that was her but what about them. Aria mentions the video that puts her in Ali's room that night she died and she also fits the Black Swan costume. Spencer then grabs some keys and says that they are going to Philly to snoop in Melissa's apartment.

In Philly, Spencer waits for her sister in front of someone place as Hanna, Emily and Aria wait to go into her apartment. They see Melissa leave and Hanna calls Spencer. Hanna asks if they should go in but Spencer says she'll text them when Melissa gets there so they know for sure Melissa wont come back. Melissa texts Spencer saying she forgot something at her apartment so she'll be late. Spencer then texts Aria saying don't go in yet because Melissa is going back.

Hanna and Aria meet up with Spencer in Aria's room saying what they found in Melissa's room. They found the
blue feather that is the same one they found the night of the masquerade party. Spencer has a hurt look on her face due to that her own sister would want to hurt her and her friends. Spencer tells them that she will talk to Melissa in Philly tonight but Aria and Hanna want to go with her because she is hurting them to. Spencer then says that Emily gets off work around 8 so they'll all go together.

At home, Spencer walks in and is looking at something on her phone. When she turns the light on, Melissa is holding a knife because she is cooking dinner and asks Spencer if she wants to help. Spencer has a scared look on her face and tells her that she thought she was staying in Philly for the weekend. Melissa says she thought their mom could use them because it was embarrassing what Jason did to her at 

the Grille the other night and that he lives next door so who knows what he will do next. Spencer defends Jason and says that he is their brother. Melissa says that she was just trying to be polite and walks by Spencer. Spencer pulls out the blue feather and confronts Melissa and tells her that she knows she was dressed as The Black Swan and that she didn't lose the baby in June.

Melissa begins to cry and runs over to the couch. Spencer runs after her and asks her when she lost the baby.
Melissa tells her that she lost the baby back when they found Ian's body. Spencer is shocked to hear this and wants to know why she didn't tell her. Melissa says she tried telling her the night of Ian's funeral but she saw the phone in her bag and thought she was sending her those texts. Spencer asks why she faked being pregnant and Melissa says she lost Ian, she lost the baby and that it was to much for her. Spencer says that she had to know that this couldn't have lasted because it was a fake pregnancy. Spencer then asks Melissa why she was at the masquerade ball and before Melissa responds, their mom walks in and wants to know the answer to that as well.

Spencer sits with Melissa and her mom in the living room as Melissa explains why she The Black Swan. She says that someone left her the costume and a note saying she wears this or they will tell everyone that the baby bump was fake. Melissa got scared because she didn't know what to do bec

ause Garret had just gotten arrested. Spencer asks why Melissa was talking to Jenna and Melissa says that the note said she had to keep Jenna distracted for the night. Melissa also said she got scared when she saw her friends so she ran out. Spencer wonders who would blackmail her and Melissa said she thought it was Mona because she was taken to Radley that night and after that she never got another note again. Melissa then goes upstairs but before she leaves she asks that they can now put it behind them. After Spencer hears Melissa's door close, Spencer asks her mom who else knows she was faking it. Her mom says her father and Garret and Spencer asks if that was why she took the case, because he was blackmailing them. Spencer's mom says that's not it and Spencer wants to know why. Spencer then says that if she doesn't tell her, shes walking out that door and never coming back. Mrs.Hastings says that Garret told her his defender was putting together a list of names of defense witnesses. When she saw the names, one name was the P.I. they hired to look into Ali's death. Spencer thinks he found something about Melissa but her mom says that she had nothing to do with the murder. Spencer's mom says that if a jury had found out about the P.I. and that she was faking her pregnancy, they would think she was guilty. Melissa calls her mom and Mrs.Hastings goes upstairs. But before she does, she says that Spencer cant tell anyone because like it or not, this is her family. Spencer has an angry look as her mom goes upstairs because her family always lies to her and never tells her the truth.

Spencer g
oes out for a walk to clear her head when Jason spots her. He jokes by saying she is out for an evening stroll but Spencer says that she is just trying to clear her head. Jason asks if she has had a rough night but Spencer says a rough 2 years. Jason says that he has gotten over 200 calls about Ali saying they know who took the body from Mrs. Welch, to Obmama to her. Spencer then sits next to Jason and says that she is really looking forward to college next year and leaving these dysfunctional people behind. Jason laughs and says that sound good but it doesn't work that way because you can leave Rosewood but Rosewood will never leave you. Jason then gets a call and says he has to take it because he is meeting with his parents tomorrow. Spencer says to tell them she says hi. She gets up and is about to leave when Jason says that he is dropping the reward and that she was right because it was to much for him to handle. Spencer says that the truth will come out at some point and gives him a half smile, meaning that the truth about them being related came out so Ali's murder\body case will come out as well.

Spencer is walking back to her house when Wilden pulls up next to her. She asks him if there is anything he needs and he asks her how far away her Lakehouse is. Spencer says its not that far away and before she can ask why, Wilden drives away.

In "That Girl is Poison," Spencer leaves Emily's house with Emily and Aria as they talk about Hanna. The girls wonder if they should bring her some pizza to her because she was supposed to have dinner with them but hasn't eaten since Tuesday. Aria says if they do go over there, leave her out because she feels like it was her fault but Spencer and Emily assure her that it wasn't, Hanna got backed into a corner. When Aria mentions her stomach being in knots, Spencer jokes by saying so is the back of her head. Emily and Aria tell her not to worry about Wilden because if he had evidence they would be in jail right now. Just then, some police cars and ambulance cars pull up in front of Garret's house. The girls walk over as they see Garret's mom go into the ambulance car. They wonder why she is being taken to the hospital and also wonder if A had anything to do with it. Aria sees a person in a black hoodie watching them but when Spencer and Emily look, the person is gone.

At school, Spencer watches Jenna as she hands out some envelopes to people without her glasses on. Emily
walks up to Spencer and they begin to talk. They wonder why she decided to take off her glasses and reveal that she can actually see because Jenna said she was a target. Spencer jokes by saying Jenna is walking around like the Thanksgiving float when handing out the envelopes. When Emily wants to go say something, Spencer stops her and tells her about Lucas pounding on the window at the place where Aria used to work. They think that Lucas was the one who took the photos in the grave yard that night. Spencer also tells her about Garret getting released from jail to go see his mom. Emily is angry because he walking around town and that he gets a goodbye. Spencer thinks that it is strange that he is getting released the same night of Jenna's party. Just then, Jenna walks up to them and hands them their inventions to her party. Spencer asks what the hell is she doing because s

he thought they had a deal. Jenna explains that she feels a lot safer when she is in charge and walks away.

At Spencer's house, Spencer is working on something on her computer as Aria vents to her about Ezra. Aria explains to her that she bought him two sandwiches and got mad\gave her a look because she got them for him. Spencer explains that he is her boyfriend and not a baby squirrel but Aria just wanted to do the right thing. Spencer makes a joke by saying everytime someone baby squirrel's Ezra, he takes away his nuts. Aria gives her a funny look but Spencer says she didn't mean it. When Aria gets a call, Spencer asks if its Emily but its Ezra instead. Spencer makes another joke and asks if he found his nuts. Aria asks how Spencer could be working on school at a time like this but Spencer says she is hacking into her mom's e-mail account to see what time Garret gets released.

That same night, Hanna comes over to Spencer's house as Spencer informs her about Jenna's party. Hanna
wants to know where her invention is but Spencer notices what Hanna is wearing and asks her if she came from yoga. Hanna says no she was just to depressed to work a zipper. Hanna sees Aria talking on the phone and Spencer explains that Emily has to work Jenna's party. They walk over to her couch as Hanna tells Spencer she couldn't have gone anyway because her mom is making her sort clothes at this church thing because she got caught skipping school. Aria walks over and tells her what Emily just told her. That Emily overheard Laura telling Jenna about her assistant that she had to fire which is Lucas because he used the space for his own use. As the girls discuss who could have dug up Ali's grave, they also wonder what is the purpose of this party, is Jenna really celebrating her party or a plan to get them all in the same room so she could drop pigs blood on them.

Spencer is staking out at the hospital watching Garret buy flowers for his mom. She is on the phone with Emily telling her what he is doing. Spencer sees him writing a note on the flowers, which she finds weird because his mom is in a coma so she couldn't be doing much reading. When Garrett looks Spencer's way, she hides only to bump into Wilden. Wilden understands why she is here but he knows that Garrett just wants to see his mom.

Spencer goes back home and is in her room texting Hanna about what Wilden said to her as Toby surprises her. He gives her a kiss as she reliazes that something is wrong. Toby explains that Jenna threw her party down below his place, so he left his own house to escape his family. Spencer and Toby talk about Jenna and how they were the only ones that reliazed she was faking.

Spencer goes back to the hospital where she finds Emily. They talk a little about Garret and how they need to find what is on that note he wrote 

but their conversation gets stopped when Garret gets off the elevator. They look at him but Nate goes over and wants to punch him for what he did. The guards hold off Nate as Spencer sneaks into the elevator to go see Garret's mom. When Spencer goes in the room, she finds the flowers Garret gave her and she reads the note but the note was saying that he (Garret) will always be there for her and that he loves her. Spencer puts the note back into the flowers but notices a piece of paper near Garret's moms hand. She looks at the paper and it says 'APRIL ROSE HAS THE PROOF.' Spencer has a questioning look on her face wondering what this mean.

In "The Remains of the "A"," Spencer and Hanna are at the hospital as they set up the plan to trap A. Spencer gives her the note so Hanna can copy it and put it in Mrs. Reynold's room. Their plan is to led "A" to the church for showdown. So Hanna goes into the room as Spencer waits for her to get out. Hanna puts the note in the room, but Garret's mom's heart stops beating so Hanna runs out and her and Spencer head for the elevators.

At home, Spencer is looking up April Rose on her computer as Toby talks to her about how he showed this women the work he did. Toby notices that she is not listening to him which she quicky apologizes for saying she has a lot on her plate with school and all. Toby takes her mind off that by kissing her, but gets interrupted when Mr.Hastings comes back. Toby leaves as Peter tells Spencer about Garrett's case and how it may be thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Spencer enlists Jason's help with the search of this April Rose so she meets him on a bench in the town. Jason has heard about Garrett's case which is when she informs him of April. Jason hasn't heard of her but he doesn't really remember because they has so many girls around them. Spencer brings up the N.A.T. Club, which Jason is shocked she knows about. Spencer and Jason wonder who April could be, Jason tells her that Ian and Garrett had payed girls to let them film them.

Spencer meets up with Hanna at the Grille where she informs her about her conversation with Jason. Hanna is shocked that Spencer told him that she knew about the N.A.T. Club. They also discuss April and how they have to get to this girl before "A" does. Spencer thinks that April may have something that could keep Garrett away forever. When Aria comes in, Spencer notices she looks like a pod person.

Spencer and Hanna are in Spencer's room as Hanna tells her about the church party. Hanna wants to take Toby because words were just coming out before she could stop them. Spencer wonders why Hanna couldn't think of anything else to say because it's bad that she bailed on a date with Toby without asking him to take her. Hanna needs to go tonight so they can take down A. Spencer and Hanna discuss how different their lives would be if they never met Ali. But Spencer is glad she met Ali because she got to become friends with Hanna. So Spencer, valuing her friendship with Hanna, agrees to let Toby go.

Jason knocks on Spencer's door and says he found April Rose. She asks if he talked to her but he says its not a person, April Rose is an "it" and shows her the yearbook page of a boutique. Spencer says that he is driving as they leave.

Spencer and Jason arrive at the April Rose boutique as they take a look around. As Jason talks to the clerk about how their friend wants them to pick something up, Spencer looks around the place at the things that are there. Spencer notices an anklet and takes her scarf out and picks it up. She flashes back to a night when her and Ali were hanging out and Ali was wearing it. Spencer comments on it and says that its really pretty. Ali says a friend gave it to her but doesn't say who it is. Spencer asks what movie to watch but Ali says she is going out. Spencer is a little mad that she is bailing on her again but Ali leaves anyway.

Spencer shows Jason the anklet and says that she knows this is Ali's because Ali basically never took it off. Spencer asks the clerk if he knows who brought this but the clerk has never seen it before. Jason asks how much he wants for it but the clerk says it isn't for sale because there is no tag on it. Jason offered him $400 for the anklet and they Spencer and Jason get to keep it.

Spencer waits for Jason outside the police station, where he turned the anklet in, as she listens to a message from Toby wants to know why her and Hanna lied to him. Jason told the police he got an anonymous tip for the anklet.Spencer asks if he still has the letter that helped him figure out her dad is their dad and Jason says he does. Spencer wants to see them but Jason doesn't think she wants to because it would just hurt. Spencer smiles because Jason and Ali are so different from each other. The reason Jason doesn't want her to see them would be the reason Ali would want her to.

The next morning, Spencer goes downstairs where her dad is. She asks where mom is and he says that she left for work. Seeing how she brought up her mom, Mr.Hastings says that the important evidence for Garret's case got turned in last night and he knows she turned it in. He explains to Spencer that the police have been looking for that anklet for two years because traces of blood were found on it, Ali's and someone else's but the blood is not Garret's. The charges against Garret are getting thrown and he is being released. Spencer than runs back upstairs and back into room. She screams into her pillow and starts crying on her floor because she just wants the whole thing to be over with so she and her friends can have a normal life but they are back to square one on finding who killed Ali. She is about to call\text someone when "A" sends her a text saying "Hey Spence, I have one more surprise for you. Garrett isn't their killer."

In "Crazy," Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria walk to The Brew as the discuss what Wilden told Hanna. Hanna is really worried because her blood is O-negative and so is the blood on the anklet. As Hanna goes to school to try to clear her head, the girls go into the Brew as they hear someone say, "Take it from me, you're better off with a really good lie." That is when they meet CeCe Drake, Ali's mentor who taught her everything and also dated Jason while their families vacationed near each other. CeCe thought Aria was Hanna because she brought up Hanna's shoplifting. After CeCe lives, the girls thought that was weird because Ali and CeCe look alike.

At school, Spencer looks at her 3-D image she made of A's lair and looks at the map of Cape Cod to try to get information about CeCe and she also looks at old yearbooks. Toby comes next to her wanting to know why she avoiding him and about why she lied to him. Spencer admits that she was with Jason helping him find the clue that they thought would have kept Garrett in jail but didn't. When Spencer brings up that she is sure Garrett is the one 

who killed Ali, Toby brings up that she once thought he killed Ali as well.The bell rings and Spencer goes to class leaving Toby.

Spencer is leaving school when she sees Jason running. She stops him so she could talk to him because she feels bad about the anklet setting Garrett free. Jason tells her it isn't her fault because she didn't make him go in the police station. Jason also tells her that he is done looking for answers. Trying to cheer him up, Spencer brings up that she met CeCe and how her and Ali spent an intense summer together and Jason says that everything about CeCe is intense.

Later, Spencer meets up with Hanna at a café as they talk about Mrs. Hastings helping Hanna out. Hanna was freaking out about it but Spencer calmed her down because her mom will try. Spencer asks if she has heard from Aria but Hanna says no. Hanna sees Ali's father getting out a car and has a scared look on her face. Spencer thinks that Hanna should go and talk to him because she is believing everything Wilden is telling her. But Hanna can't and says that Spencer was right because her mom is working on it.

At night, Spencer is driving when someone drives passed her really fast and bumps into another car. Spencer realizes that it is Jason and runs to make sure he is okay but finds him drunk. Spencer wants him to get out of the car because the police are on the way but Jason won't. Realizing Jason will not get out, she tells him to move over because the car crash never happened.

Spencer goes home to find Toby waiting for her. Spencer needs a ride to her car but before she can explain more, Wilden knocks on her door wanting to know why she left her car at a scene of a hit and run. Toby covers for Spencer saying they have been here all night and Spencer can never remember to lock her doors. When the police leave, Toby wants to know what is really going on because he just lied to the police. Spencer explains that Jason was drunk and if she tells the police that, he could lose everything.

Spencer goes over to Aria's house where Emily and Hanna are as well. Hanna remembers a secret code that her and Mona used together a lot back when they were friends, which was take the first letter of every word and then combine them. When Aria brings up one line Mona said, "No one to save Alison from evil," Spencer translates that to not safe. But another line that Mona said, "Where were we? Maya's away sleeping sweet, until Garrett's all rosy, count on me," gives them a website. When the girls type it in, they find it is Maya's website but they don't know the password to it.

In "Stolen Kisses," at Emily's house, Spencer, Hanna and Aria try unlocking Maya's website. Spencer thinks that Mona is trying to trick them but Hanna thinks Mona is helping them because she is afraid of something. Hanna wants to crack into it so she could get cleared of the blood on the anklet as Spencer assures her that her mom is working on her case. Emily comes back in from a phone call and the girls ask her if they could try cracking into Maya's site which Emily agrees to.

At Spencer's house, Spencer tries cracking into Maya's site with Hanna but they have no luck. Spencer knows that she needs help on this so she asks Hanna if Caleb could help them. Hanna says its okay because at least one of them could be in the same room as him. Just then Toby comes in and is clearly angry that Jason is gone and left both of the lying to the cops. Spencer lied because she wanted to protect Jason and Toby wanted to protect Spencer as well. Toby knows that she won't tell him anything, so he'll make it easy on her, he'll go find answers for himself.

The next day at school, Spencer talks to Caleb who got out of his new car. He talks to her about how his mom lent it to him and he drove it all the way back from California. Spencer asks him what is the best way to get around a tough password. Caleb catches on that it is a real website which make her confess that she can't crack it.

Spencer and Caleb sit down at a table as Spencer tells him about Maya's website and that Mona gave it to them. They discuss if it is real or not but Spencer says if it is not real, it's a cruel thing to do to Emily. Spencer knows that they asked him to do something like this before, but Caleb wants to crush Mona for Hanna's safety. They make plans to meet after school and when Caleb leaves, Spencer gets a text from "A" regarding Mona leaving.

Spencer shows Hanna, Emily and Aria the text about Mona getting sent away to New York. Hanna tells them that Mona is getting scheduled t

o leave Radley and that she heard it from Wren. Spencer brings up that if Mona did move they won't get any answers from her. Seeing how Wren told Hanna that Mona is moving because she has not been taking her pills, the girls also discuss if Lucas was the one who has been taking the pills away from her.

After school, Spencer and Aria go back to Spencer's house because Aria needs help on her wardrobe. Spencer sees her mom's bag which holds all her case files. Spencer makes sure her mom isn't home before she goes through it to find Garrett's file. Spencer and Aria look through the file to find the name Bart Comstock on the prosecution witness list. They discuss that Spencer's mom is planning an attack on Bart.

Caleb comes by so he can help Spencer crack the password. They discuss how to crack into tough passwords and how people use passwords they can remember. Spencer notices the new computer he has as Caleb admits that his mom gave it to him. They discuss all the new things he got including the car, the computer and the $400 sweater. Seeing how it's $400, Caleb thinks he should wash it on gentle but Spencer tells him he should take it to the dry cleaners. Caleb admits that he has never been that kind of guy and Spencer assures him that was 

then and this is now.

Still at Spencer's, Caleb cracks into Maya's site and Spencer gives him a hug because he cracked into it. They watch the video of Maya telling people that this website is cursed and people should enter into the site at their own risk.

After Caleb leaves, Spencer calls Aria to inform her that the website is actually the real thing. Spencer explains that there are a lot of videos as well. Aria informs Spencer of her meeting with Bart and how Maya got into the car with Garrett.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria watch the videos of Maya on her website. There are over 100 videos on there that they need to open in order to find out what they are. They discuss why Mona gave it to them in the first place and Hanna thinks it was to help them. They watch one video of Maya talking about her relationship with Emily and the last video they play is of Maya facing her fears. The girls then realize they can't watch these without Emily.

In "The Kahn Game," Spencer is with Aria at the Brew as Aria shows her the picture of the stamp that was on Maya's wrist. Spencer can't look at that anymore because she let the website take up to much of her time and she forget to apply to UPenn. CeCe walks over to them because Aria forget her phone and sees Spencer's application. CeCe admits that she went to UPenn and knows someone who works in admissions that will be at a party on Friday. Spencer stares at CeCe with puppy dog eyes begging her to take her to the party. CeCe agrees to and so does Aria.

At school, Spencer meets with Hanna as Hanna shows her the message "A" sent to her about Caleb. They discuss what it means and if it has something to do with Mona. Spencer thinks Hanna shouldn't go because it sounds to dangerous and Hanna promises her she won't go. Spencer and Hanna see Emily with Paige looking really happy. They agree not to tell Emily about Maya's website because she looks really happy with Paige.
In Spencer's room, Spencer tries to pick out an outfit for the party as Aria tells her about her troubles with Ezra. Spencer shows Aria her outfit for the party but Aria doesn't like either so she helps her pick out another outfit instead. They discuss CeCe and how it was strange that Ali never mentioned her. After Aria helped her pick an outfit, Spencer tells her that her and Ezra will be just fine. When Aria mentions his family, Spencer understands because her Nana offered her money to shave her dad's sideburns.

Spencer, CeCe and Aria arrive at the party. Spencer and Aria realize that they have been there before because they are at Noel's house. CeCe remembers that Eric has a younger brother and asks how they know him. Spencer and Aria say it was a complicated past because Aria used to date Noel. Before they go in, the girls have to get stamped on their wrist. When the guy stamps their wrist, Spencer and Aria exchange looks because the stamp matches the one Maya had on her wrist.

The girls go downstairs where there are a bunch of college kids. Spencer and Aria meet Eric who plays a game of Truth with CeCe. Spencer and Aria talk to Noel and Jenna and wonder if they got back together. Noel would answer her question when they answer his questions, so the girls play Truth with Noel and Jenna. Noel questions Aria's relationship with Ezra, but Spencer and Aria ask him questions about where he was the night Ali's body went missing and how he knew Maya. After Noel answers how he knew her, he wants Aria to tell everyone who her current boyfriend is. Before she can answer, the time is up.

Aria got upset that Noel was asking about Ezra so she leaves the party. Spencer runs after her to make sure she is alright. They discuss her not saying anything that could get Ezra into trouble and about Aria leaving. Spencer knows she wants to leave, but she is going to stay to find out what Noel and Jenna know about that night. CeCe comes up and informs Spencer that Jenna is going to leave soon so she better get her round in of truth.

Spencer goes back downstairs to play her round with Jenna. When the round starts, Jenna is curious as to why Spencer's mom is defen

ding Garrett. Spencer informs her that her mom believes he is innocent and then asks Jenna why she lied about Noel being with her that night they found Emily in a dinner not in the street. Jenna lied to protect someone but brings up that the they lied about being at Spencer's lakehouse. Spencer brushes it off as Jenna wants to know where the videos are. Spencer doesn't know which video she is talking about because there was more than one but when Spencer asks where Ali's body is, the time is up and the round ends.

Spencer goes to find CeCe but she is with Eric Kahn. Spencer wants to know if she brought her here just to hook up with Eric and if Steven is actually real. CeCe informs her that she gave her application to Steven and he will give it to UPenn. Spencer then asks CeCe if they can leave which they do.

At home, Spencer takes off her earring from the party when she takes out her phone to call someone. She calls Toby but he doesn't answer so she leaves him a message. Spencer tells him that she really misses him and that she is worried about him. After she hangs up, she looks upset because she is worried about about him. She gets an e-mail on her computer. The e-mail is from UPenn accepting her application. Spencer is glad that she got into her dream school.

In "What Lies Beneath," Spencer is with Hanna, Emily and Aria looking at the note Hanna found. Hanna reads the note but can't make out the last set of words because the rain washed it out. Maya wrote that she wanted to meet Emily somewhere to show her something as the girls wonder where\what she wanted to show her. They think it has something to do with finding evidence that kept Garrett in jail and that's why she was killed. When Spencer and Emily look at the letter, Emily realizes that Maya wrote this the day she died.

At school, Spencer finds Emily looking at the letter. They discuss the spot where Maya and Emily always went and if that was where Maya wanted to meet her. Emily asks Spencer if she has heard from Toby and Spencer has. He called her to tell her he was waiting on his permit for the loft so he got a job out of town which Spencer is revealed because she is not lying to him. Spencer is worried about this new "A" because it is getting in the way of her grades.

In the hallway, Spencer talks to Hanna on the phone as Hanna tells her about Maya being with Noel at his lakehouse. Spencer sees Noel at his locker and goes to talk to him about his relationship with Maya. Noel and Maya had a texting relationship and he hooked Maya up with weed from time to time. Spencer thinks that was around the time he and Jenna started sneaking around in the middle of the night.

Spencer is leaving school when she gets a text from Emily saying Noel is at football practice. Spencer then goes back inside the school as she waits for the football team to go on the field. When she goes into the guys locker room, she gets Noel's cell phone to see what he texted Maya. She hears two guys come in so she hides behind some equipment as she looks through Noel's phone but doesn't find any texts from Maya.

When Spencer goes home, shes in her room as she gets an e-mail with a video link. When she opens it, it is video footage of Noel's lakehouse. She watches the footage as it shows Maya coming up on her bike at 10:04 p.m. Spencer looks at Garrett's case file for the time that she got in the car and it was an hour earlier. Spencer calls Aria and Hanna over and shows them the video footage of Maya arriving at the Kahn's lakehouse on her bike. The footage also shows that Noel and Jenna were still together and them going into their cabin. Spencer, Hanna and Aria also see Maya going back to her bike but someone grabs her instead and this was around 1:14 a.m. Spencer concludes that Garrett, Jenna and Noel did not kill Maya because Garrett got arrested at her house around midnight and Jenna and Noel were in the cabin.

In "Single Fright Female," Spencer is at Hanna's house helping her pick out an outfit to cover her cut on her leg. Spencer gives Hanna her phone when Wren calls, but Hanna doesn't take the call and also doesn't explain what is going on between them. When Spencer and Hanna hear her mom and Ted in the kitchen, they go sit on the stairs to see what they are talking about. Ted found some videos in the church of Hanna and her friends changing. Spencer and Hanna exchange puzzling looks because Spencer threw the N.A.T. videos at Ian. When Hanna's mom leaves the main room, Spencer and Hanna try grabbing the videos but Ashley catches them.

At school, Spencer talks to Aria about how worried she is about Hanna because Hanna is worried Jenna might do something to her. Aria thought they were over Jenna being "A" but Hanna won't listen to Spencer. Spencer catches on that Aria isn't either so Aria talks to Spencer about Ezra. Aria is worried that Ezra is obsessing over Maggie and she is thinking about contacting her. Spencer tells her to stay out of it because that is Ezra's past and none of her business.

Spencer sees CeCe hanging up flayers because she needs people for her trunk show tonight at her boutique. Spencer apologizes for forgetting about it and says she'll go with her friends. CeCe sees Paige McCullers and Emily walking in and questions their relationship. Spencer confirms that they are dating which makes CeCe tell Spencer about "Pigskin" a.k.a Paige and her war with Ali. Spencer flashes back when her, Ali, Hanna and Aria are trying on clothes. When Ali tries on a dress, Aria notices a huge bruise on the back on her neck. Ali tells them Pigskin give it to her while playing soccer.

Spencer goes to find Emily in the hallway and when she does, she confronts her about Paige's past with Ali. Spencer thinks its odd that Paige has never mentioned her past with Ali because Emily has been dating her for over a year. Emily finds it odd that history is repeating itself because CeCe is like Ali trying to put them against each other. Spencer brings up Paige's violent past when she tried drowning Emily. This makes Emily mad and she walks away ignoring Spencer's concern.

Outside of her boutique, Spencer finds CeCe to help her with her show. When CeCe asks about her friends, Spencer explains that Aria can't make it, she hasn't heard from Hanna and Emily is a little mad at her because she brought up Paige's past with Ali. CeCe explains that Ali and Paige had fought over Emily. Paige liked Emily but was afraid to admit it so Ali mad fun of her for liking Emily. Ali also got Paige to write a letter to Emily confessing how she feels. CeCe tells Spencer that she used to think Ali was afraid of Paige.

Spencer goes into the dressing room after CeCe gives her a dress. CeCe leaves the store to go get more boxes as Spencer tries on the dress unaware that someone has locked her in the room. When Spencer gets ready to try the dress on, a snake comes out of one of the boxes. Spencer screams for help as the snake attacks her. CeCe comes back in to let her out of the dressing room and beats the snake.

At Hanna's house, Spencer tells her about the snake in the dressing room. When Hanna mentions Jenna being A, Spencer thinks Paige is "A" because she used the word snake in her conversation with Emily. Spencer and Hanna discuss why and what motive Paige would have. Spencer finds it strange that Paige never mentioned she was with Emily "that night" and how Paige hated Ali and was jealous of Maya.

Spencer and Hanna go back to boutique to help out CeCe with her show. Emily and Paige arrive as well and Emily is cold towards Spencer but it still talking to her. When Emily goes on to try a dress, Paige asks Spencer if she can help her put the rings on the manikin's fingers. Paige talks to Spencer asking if they can start over because Emily has changed her for a better reason.

When Hanna comes out of the dressing room, Spencer and Hanna talk alone about getting into Paige's bag to see if she has the knife. Hanna gives Paige an outfit Emily may like so they can search throguh the bag. Spencer finds Aria's other earring that she buried with Ali. Emily comes out and finds that they searched Paige's bag so she leaves angry at her friends.

Spencer goes to find Aria and shows her the earring. Aria wonders where Paige may have got it from as Spencer explains she may have got it from Ali's grave, along with Ali's bones. Aria gives her a questioning look and Spencer thinks Paige is "A."

In "The Lady Killer," Spencer and Hanna watch the news as they realize that Garret's trail creates a big spotlight on the town. The girls plan an intervention to tell Emily about what they found in Paige's bag. Hanna thinks it's weird that Paige would drug herself but Spencer says it's the perfect albi. When Emily comes over, the girls try to tell her that they think Garrett isn't the one who killed Maya and Paige is because she wanted to be with Emily. This makes Emily mad that her friends because they are not by her side so Hanna shows her the earring they found in Paige's bag. Emily still isn't listening to them, so she says "A" has one because it's 3 against 1.

At school, Spencer is at her locker when Paige looks over at her. Paige confronts Spencer about why they made Emily cry this morning. Paige also wants Spencer to leave Emily alone and their relationship. But Spencer isn't going to let Paige hurt Emily. Paige tells Spencer that if she doesn't leave her alone, Spencer will end up getting hurt.

Spencer tries calling Emily at lunch, but Emily doesn't answer. Aria thinks she is at home and wonders if they should go talk to her. Hanna brings worse news when she tells them that Paige wasn't in class either, which means they are together. Spencer suggests that they talk to Emily's parents about

Paige seeing how Emily won't listen to them. They all agree too but change their minds when "A" sends them a text about keeping Emily safe and the way to do that, is to stand down.

In Hanna's room Spencer, Hanna and Aria all think about Emily. She just had to bury Maya and now she is stuck with Paige. "A" sends Spencer a text wanting to end this at Ali's grave, but "A" wants them to bring Maya's bag. "A" also sent Spencer pictures of her, Hanna and Aria from the night Ali's body was stolen. When they wonder what Paige would want with Maya's bag, "A" sends Spencer another text of Ali's bag warning them not to tell Emily. Caleb arrives as Spencer shows him what "A" sent them and he is going with them as well.

Spencer and Hanna get coffee in town as they see the news vans for Garret's trail. Hanna calls Emily to let her know that they are here for her, but she is going out of town with Nate. That makes Spencer and Hanna feel better knowing she is away from all this. After Spencer and Hanna make the final plans for tonight, Spencer goes and looks at a Halloween event when she sees Toby coming up to her. Spencer runs up to him and they hug and kiss reuniting in the town.

Spencer and Toby are making out in her room. They go back to her bed when Spencer realizes she is ready. They remove their shirts and make out some more as they have sex for the first time. Afterwards, they go back downstairs because Toby has to leave for his job. Spencer thinks he took the job to get away from her but he is right where he needs to be. They kiss and after they both say I love you to each other. After Toby leaves, Spencer calls Hanna wanting to know if she has the bag because she is ready for this whole "A" mess to be over with.

Spencer, Hanna, Caleb and Aria all go to Ali's grave. Caleb has a way of talking to them through a phone as he watches for "A" to come from the trees. Hanna wonders why Paige is late and the girls realize something is wrong. Hanna tries calling Nate, but there is no answer. Spencer and Aria search for Lighthouse hotels so they can talk to Emily and find two local ones. They think Paige sent them here to keep them away from Emily. Caleb splits up from them as he checks out one Lighthouse and they check the other one.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria arrive at the Lighthouse as they look for Emily. The place is pitch black out so Aria thinks it's closed but Spencer sees a light from a cabin. The girls go inside and look around but they don't find anything. Spencer, Hanna and Aria leave to go to the Lighthouse that Caleb was going to.

When Spencer, Hanna and Aria arrive at the other Lighthouse, they see police cars and someone going into an ambulance. Hanna sees that Caleb got shot so she breaks down crying into Spencer and Aria's arms. Emily runs over to them and hugs Hanna making sure she is alright. Spencer spots Paige as they look at each other with an apologizing look in their eyes.

Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria all are at the hospital waiting on news about Caleb. Emily's mom tells them that he is still in surgery as she gets a call. "A" calls all of the girls and says "I owe you Emily." Veronica comes in with Garret who got let out of jail. She talks to Emily about how she let an innocent man walk free tonight. The girls all look at Garrett as he gives them a smile.

In "This Is A Dark Ride," Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria walk home as they discuss what they are wearing to the Ghost Train party. The girls all picked a character from a movie and they are going to surprise each other. Spencer makes sure Emily wants to go after everything that happened in the lighthouse, but Emily needs to get it out of her mind. Just then, Emily sees a coffin that has Alison's name on it and when she goes up to it, Clifford pops out and scares her.

Spencer goes home but finds Garrett in her kitchen with flowers for her mom although he wanted to talk to her. Garrett needs to get out of Rosewood and find some closure. Spencer wants to know what he knows but before Garrett can say, Toby interrupts their conversation. Toby wants to know what Garrett wanted, but Garrett was only going to tell her who took Ali's body, only when they are alone. Toby won't let that happen which Spencer is happy that he wants to protect her.

Spencer and Toby arrive at The Brew to wait for the shuttle. Spencer finds Hanna and Aria, and they ask if Garrett ever came back. He didn't and his phone has been disconnected. Noel approaches them and makes a comment about his costume, only to start chocking. Spencer and Toby try to help him but it turns out Noel was faking. Spencer sees Jason walk into The Brew and walks towards him, but the shuttle gets called.

Spencer goes onto the Ghost Train and dances with Toby to "Cuckoo." After the song, she runs into Jason who just got back into town and is doing a lot better. He was going to stop by her house, but he saw that Garrett was there. Garrett is a free man now but Jason still doesn't believe he is innocent.

After Spencer leaves the room, she hears someone humming a song. She tries to looks inside to see who it is, but someone in a ghost costume takes her. It was Garrett who took her because he wanted to tell her what he knows. Spencer asked him if he killed Alison, but Garrett will tell her everything. That night after he and Jenna left Ali's room, they ran into Ali. Ali started taunting Jenna about her coming back to town and Jenna pushes her. Jenna wanted Garrett to finish Ali once and for all, but Garrett left Alison alive and told Jenna he killed her. Garrett went back to Alison's house but he saw Mr.Montgomery talking to her. Spencer leaves to go find Aria so Garrett can tell her.

Spencer finds Hanna as they go look for Aria. They go to the place where Aria was last only to find her phone with a text from A saying, "guess who won't make it to the end of the line.-A" Spencer and Hanna find Emily and fill her in on what Garrett told Spencer and that Aria is missing. They realize A is on this train, so they split up to go find her. As Spencer looks for her, someone is a joker costume starts chocking her over the ledge of the train. Spencer pushes the person off and runs but the train door is locked. The joker chocks, pushes and punches her but Paige saves her. Paige makes sure she is alright but finds a red long fingernail in Spencer's dress.

Hanna meets up with Spencer as Emily tells Paige about A. They still don't know where Aria is but Caleb and Toby are looking for her too. Spencer makes sure Hanna is okay but she isn't. Spencer looks at the fingernail that Paige found and they think it looks long enough to be worn by a man. Emily and Paige come in, which they decide to split up again to look for Aria. Before Paige leaves, Spencer thanks her for saving her life, accepting Paige for Emily.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily continue to look for Aria but find a dead end until they see Aria's necklace on the ground. Hanna busts the door down with the fire extinguisher and the girls get to Aria just in time before the crate falls over. Spencer, Hanna and Emily comfort Aria only to find that Garrett's body was next to her.

The police show up to get Garrett's body as Spencer waits on the train. Toby approaches her saying the police won't let them go until they give statements. Spencer rests her head on Toby's hand trying to get rid of her stress. Aria comes back from getting her hand wrapped but tell her friends that she doesn't believe Garrett's story about her dad. The girls realize that everyone on this train is connected to Garrett in some way. Noel wants them to tell the police what really happened because every mess they make themselves. Toby gets angry that Noel talked to them that way, so starts a fight with him. Toby pushes Noel into the table and it falls having a body bag come out. Everyone looks at with a shocked face realizing that it's Ali's remains. In "She's Better Now," Spencer is with Aria at The Brew where they discuss Mona getting releasedfrom Radley. Spencer thinks they should try to talk to her because she may have information about why Garrett was murdered. Spencer asks Aria if she talked to her dad about Alison because Garrett had gotten killed for telling her that, but Aria won't because she is on good terms with him.

At school, Spencer and Aria meet with Emily who explains that she is on house arrest because her dad is worried about her. Hanna approaches them, and Emily makes a point that they should all try to be Mona's friend because she may have an idea of what Garrett was talking about. Already having the conversation, Spencer tells her thaa they're not going to talk about that, but Aria is already mad that they brought it up. Spencer, Hanna and Emily then see people call Mona a freak and tell her she should go back to Radley.

Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria sit in class with Meredith as their new teacher. After class, Meredith asks Aria to stay, and Spencer, Hanna and Emily stay as well having Aria's back. When they go into the hallway, the girls see that someone put a cow brain in Mona's locker and they watch as she throws it away.

Spencer, Emily and Aria go into the bathroom to discuss the prank that someone pulled on Mona. Emily is worried that people will think they did that, but Spencer notes they were talking to Meredith. Emily and Aria feel sorry for her, but Spencer doesn't because she did a lot worse to them. Just then, Mona walks in and starts talking to them about how she knows she needs to earn their trust back, but she really is better now.

Spencer and Toby have lunch as she tells him about Mona being back with no warning. They then discuss Jenna transferring school and if has something to do with Garrett's death. Toby thinks she needs to stop obsessing over this, but Spencer can't because the police still haven't found the gun that killed him. Just then, Spencer sees Jason and Mona hugging, and she gets worried about Jason getting close with her. After school, Spencer and Toby go for a run and when they get back to her house, Spencer approaches Jason. She asks him what is going on between him and Mona, due to her seeing them hug. Spencer says that she is dangerous and isn't trustworthy, but Jason still won't buy it because people used to say that about him so he likes to give people the benfit of the doubt. That night, Spencer and Toby go into the hot tub. They kiss for a bit before Toby realizes Spencer has something on her mind. She expresses her concern about Jason  because he has no one to help him.

At the marathon, Spencer, Hanna and Aria talk as Hanna's grandmother sings the pledge of allegiance. Spencer suggests at check point two, they sneak down to Harold's office to see what he is hiding there. Hanna informs them about how Mona may have been out of Radley the night of Halloween. Spencer gives her a shocking look, but before Hanna can explain, the race begins.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria go down to Harold's office to find Emily trying to get in. Spencer picks the lock with a bobby pin and once inside they find they diary Harold was writing in. When Spencer sees it, she remembers it being Ali's diary from the night she unmasked Mona, concluding Harold was writing in her diary. The girls read a page about how Alison was blackmailing Mr.Montgomery for having an affair with one of his students. Aria rips the page out and when they leave the office, Harold cornors them. He wants to know what they were doing down here, but Toby comes down to allow them to pass Harold. When they get outside, Spencer hugs Toby for saving them, but she let go when she hears someone scream because there was a fire near the school.

Before Spencer goes home, she stops by Jason's house as they discuss the fire that happened at the school. Spencer makes a note that Mona walked away without getting hurt, and Jason lets her now that he hears this time about Mona being dangerous. As she walks home, Aria calls her to inform her that A set them up about the fire because Meredith got hurt. Spencer offers Aria to stay with her, but Aria knows that her dad won't let her.

In "Mona-Mania," Spencer, Hanna and Emily sneak into the school to go find Harold's journal. They discuss what Garrett had told Spencer about Aria's dad and Spencer believes it is true because Garrett died due to that he talked. Spencer and Emily go into Harold's office as Spencer realizes someone is in there. A person in a black hoodie runs out but the girls don't get a good look. When they find the journal, they see that it is empty.

The next day at The Brew, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria discuss anxiety dreams that they have. Spencer is running unopposed for captain on the Academic Decathlon because Brad had fallen off his bike. They discuss Harold's office and how they found an empty journal. Just then, Mona walks over and tells them that Harold was stalking her. When she told her parents, he had gone off the grid and she hasn't seen him since.

At school, Spencer has a Decathlon meeting as Andrew Campbell informs them that since Brad fell off his bike, Mona is now joining them. Spencer is not happy about that, but when Mona arrives, Andrew tells Spencer that Mona is also running for captain. When the team votes for who they want, it ends in a tie, so they'll have a quizoff. After the meeting, Spencer leaves angry because Mona is joining. Andrew stops her to give her a pep talk because he knows she can beat Mona. Spencer gets a text from A wanting her to quit the team. When Spencer looks up, Mona waves at her.

The next day, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria have lunch where they discuss the text Spencer got. Spencer isn't quiting the team, so Mona has another thing coming. Just then, Mona walks over to thank Spencer for being a good sport on her joining the team. She informs them that she is not allowed to have any cell phones or computers anymore. The girls question her on how she sent the video, but Mona says that Jason helped her. Hanna calls Mona out for lying to them because they know that she snuck out of Radley.

That night, Spencer studies for the quizoff with Toby's help. Spencer realizes she hasn't even gotten to the hard stuff yet and begins to stress. Toby tries to calm her down by telling her he could go with her to crack her knuckles in between rounds. As much as Spencer wants to punch Mona, she believes that Mona is bating her because she chose a club that Spencer was in. Spencer has to go get ready for the quizoff so Toby wishes her good luck.

Spencer arrives at the school to begin the quizoff with Mona. Andrew reads the questions as he informs them that they will have three round and they must answer the question in under ten seconds. As the rounds begin, Spencer answers the questions correctly as she takes the lead. She remains in the lead at the end of round 2. Andrew tells them that they can take a break, but Spencer is ready to continue. When Andrew reads the final question, Spencer answers it as Mona taunts her about missing a country. Spencer chocks on the question and Mona wins the quizoff.

The Decathlon Team goes the Brew where Mona celebrates her victory. Andrew sees that Spencer looks sad because of the loss. He tells her that he could go to the faculty to shut it down because they would have to hear Spencer out due to Mona tourting her. Spencer doesn't want to win that way though, so Andrew pats her arm. Hanna walks in and finds Spencer, as she tells her that she blew the competition and just wants to go home. Before they go, Hanna tells Mona that she is done with her because Mona is still A. 

Spencer and Hanna go back to Spencer's house so Spencer can rest her head. Hanna gets a text from A about cutting Mona off, and Spencer thought that was bad idea because Mona could go after her. Hanna knows Mona's tricks know so they can take her down again. Spencer informs Hanna that during the competition, she saw Mona unveal like she did in the courtyard, which Spencer took as an opportunity to beat her. Spencer's point is, that Mona doesn't have to hide behind A anymore she can take them down right in the school courtyard.

In "Misery Loves Company," Spencer, Hanna and Emily are at Aria's house discussing how terrible Aria looks. They start discussing Aria's dad, but Aria hasn't talked to him since he left. Spencer is worried about Aria staying at her house with Meredith, which shocks Hanna that they are trusting her. The girls also discuss the pages in Ali's diary they found and they will give Byron a chance to tell the truth.

The next day, Spencer is in her room as Toby gets out of the shower because the water is down at his loft. Spencer checks him out as they discuss not being able to see each other on their anniversary. Spencer has to go to a dinner party with her family so that's why they can't see each other. When Spencer hands Toby his pants, she realizes that he has a hole in his pocket, which she tells him she could fix for him. Just then, her mom comes in to help her pick out an outfit for the dinner party. After Toby leaves to go to work, Spencer and her mom discuss how her mom did because Spencer is surprising Toby for their anniversary.

At Toby's loft, Spencer prepares her surprise for him by cooking her grandma's famous lasagna. She plans the whole night for him by having a romantic dinner for them with whine. Remembering how they first got together, she gets him a scrabble board that says "I love you" with the words "goofball" and "glyeraldehyde." Spencer also gives him a card so she borrowsa pen from his drawer without seeing his Radley card.

After Hanna got set up by A, Spencer goes over to her house to make sure she is alright. They discuss if Mona could have done it seeing how Hanna cut her off, but Hanna applied there before Mona got out. Hanna shows them the key A dropped and Emily thinks they should search the code on it. Spencer makes a note that if they did, they would have to tell the police everything, so they decide to wait for Aria's opinion. Emily gives the key to Spencer who has to go to finish setting up for Toby. 
Spencer stands in her kitchen looking at the key that Hanna found when she hears someone in the bushes. She is startled before Toby appears in the window. He is taking a break from work to give her flowers seeing how they aren't going to see each other tonight. Spencer kisses him before putting the flowers in a vase. Toby sees the "A" key on her counter and asks her about it. Spencer brushes it off saying it's Melissa's storage unit key and puts it away. They kiss again and say "I love you" before he leaves for work.

At night, Spencer calls Toby to make sure he is okay due to the storm coming in. He tells her that he'll make it home before the storm. Instead of going home, he sneaks into Spencer's house to find the key she had earlier. To his surprise, Spencer shows up behind him holding the key asking him if this is what he was looking for. He asks her how long shes known and a teary-eyed Spencer shows him the Radley card, and then she slaps him. Before either of them say anything else, her mom walks in and he runs out. Spencer cries into her mom's arms.

The same night, Spencer goes to Toby's loft to hear an explanation as to what she saw tonight. He doesn't answer the door, so she uses her own key, but the door won't open because the locks got changed. Spencer begins to  cry in front of his door realizing her relationship was all a lie, and the guy that she is in love with is A.

In "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno," Spencer and Toby are making out passionately in her room. Then, a black hooded figure begins to choke her. It is shown to be just a dream when Spencer wakes up gasping for air. She looks at the -A key again after she wakes up

Spencer, Hanna and Aria walk to The Brew together as Aria asks Spencer questions about the anniversary dinner. Spencer gives brief answers because she is not ready to let someone in about her heart break. She overhears Hanna and Aria discuss their guy issues because Caleb is hiding something from Hanna while Aria is keeping a secret from Ezra.

At school, Spencer looks at herself in the mirror when Emily comes in. She shows Spencer the notebook as they wonder who the Beach Hottie could be. Suffering from a hearbreak and having a lot of anger, Spencer snaps and doesn't understand why they're still being loyal to Alison. Emily makes her read the portion that talks about Alison meeting with Toby after he was sent to juvie. After Spencer read its, she begins to cry and Emily comforts her. Spencer admits that she and Toby broke up, but she is not ready to talk about it.
File:Spencer1 317.jpg

During class, Spencer sits isolated from the rest of the kids who are discussing a book about secrets. She gets a text from Aria saying Ezra broke 


up with her because he freaked after she told him about his son. Spencer tries to walk out of the classroom but Mrs. Montgomery stops her saying she can't just leave the room. Starting her downward spiral, Spencer snaps at her saying nothing she learns in here will prepare her for what she has to face in the real world. She then leaves cutting school for the rest of the day.

Spencer goes to the park where she finds Ezra sitting on a park bench typing on his computer. Thinking that he broke up with Aria, she starts to yell at him for taking everything out on Aria when he should have taken it out on Maggie. Taking her anger out, she gives him a mini speech about finding secrets out and about how much Aria loves him. Spencer then completely spills the beans about Maggie and how she kept from him that he had a kid. Ezra has no idea what she is talking about, and Spencer realizes he never knew in the first place.
File:The text.jpg

That night, Spencer warms up dinner in the microwave when Aria drops by. They briefly discuss how Spencer stormed out on Aria's mom and that Mrs. Montgomery was worried about her. Spencer realizes that isn't the only reason she dropped by, so she asks her to cut to the end where she yells or screams at her. Aria is puzzled because she didn't come there to yell at her, she knew A set Spencer up. Fed up with everything in her life, Spencer thinks they should stop blaming A for everything and start blaming them. If they stopped telling lies and own up to the truth, A would have nothing on them.

Later, Spencer sits on her stairs texting someone asking if they can meet somewhere. She drives to meet the person but sits in her car listening to sad songs while putting her make-up on because she has teary eyes. It doesn't work because she begins to break down in her car crying more over finding out about Toby. Spencer tries to fight her tears, but she just cries more.


Spencer goes into the  restaurant to meet the person she was texting, who turns out to be a private investigator. She doesn't get how it all works out, but he explains that he'll give her a call when he finds something. Spencer hands over the "A" key that Hanna found, so he can find out which room it goes to. She also gives him a picture of her and Toby, because if he follows Toby, he'll find the room. After Spencer gives him the picture, she takes it back to rip her out of it so she doesn't have to get reminded of all the lies. She also tears her picture up, signaling that the happy girl in the picture no longer exists.

In "Dead To Me," Spencer sits with the other girls at The Brew as she listens to Aria discuss her relationship issues with Ezra. Spencer gets up to get more coffee when Jason approaches her. Jason talks to the girls about how the police have released Ali's remains to his family and that there will be a service at the mausoleum. Jason arranged for the girls to have some time, after his family. Spencer snaps saying she has said all the good-byes she needs and leaves.

At school, Spencer is at her locker when Mona approaches her. Mona tries to start a conversation, but Spencer isn't talkative. Mona hands Spencer information about the Decathlon team because the meeting is only a week 


away. Spencer still doesn't say anything, so Mona tells her that she has been off her "A"-game lately. Spencer wants to make sure that Mona understands, that this isn't a game to her at all. Mona makes a comment about Toby being at the meeting to cheer her on, instead of Spencer.

After school, Spencer meets up with Miles to find out more information about Toby. Miles tracked his credit-card and Toby bought some gas, food, and hydrangeas. He did trace the key over to a series of buildings, but he will need more encouragement from her. Miles also gives her some advice, his line of work he tends to follow low lives. Not guys who buy flowers before skipping town.

The next day, Emily stops by Spencer's house to discuss the postcards she found in her mom's bag, but stops talking when she sees the box of Toby's stuff on her bed. Emily tries to get Spencer to open up by telling her that she will always be there for her, which Spencer knows. Emily hands her the postcard that she found and Spencer reads it. She tells Emily that A wants her to stop digging because the police know she is capable of murder. 

Spencer gives Emily some advice because Nate would have killed her and Paige, if Emily didn't kill him. Emily looks at the pictures that were on Spencer's bed. Spencer meant to throw them out and Emily explains that situations aren't always as bad as they seem.

At night, Spencer can't sleep so she gets up and looks at the stuff in the box. She reads a card Toby gave her where he wrote about how much he loves her. Spencer begins to cry about how the person she loved the most, betrayed her. Just then, she grabs her phone to call Miles to tell him that she'll give him $500 to find out what room the key goes to. After she hangs up, she sits in the rocking chair fighting her tears.

The next day, Spencer takes the money out of the ATM when Jason approaches her. He informs her that the other girls will be at the service around seven. Spencer makes a comment about it being a real party. Jason wants to know what is wrong with her because Alison was her best friend. Spencer doesn't say anything to him and drives away.

Spencer meets up with Miles again who traced the key to a unit, and he asks her what she hopes is behind the door. She explains that they had a secret and the room will reveal if he kept it or not. Spencer asks Miles if he ever played the game with the flowers, he loves me, he loves me not. Spencer explains that if she opens the door and it's filled with the things she thinks is in there, there will be hope and everything she thought in the last couple of days, was a lie.

Spencer finds the building that has the unit the key goes to. She unlocks the door and finds it completely empty except for some chairs. Spencer breaks down crying realizing that there isn't any hope anymore because what she was hoping would be in there, is not.
A heartbroken Spencer shows up to Alison's service where she spills the beans to Jason about Alison being pregnant. Jason is shocked hearing this, and wants to know who the father is. Aria tries to get her not to talk about it because he just got done re-burying his sister, but Spencer tells him it was Wilden. Jason storms out and Spencer's friends want to know what is going on with her. Emily fills in that she has a broken heart and wants to take it out on everyone. Her friends then leave. Later, Spencer finds Toby's mom's tomb in the mausoleum. She takes out her keys and carves Toby's name above his mom's, signaling that he is now dead to her. In "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted," Spencer and Andrew are arguing in the school courtyard because Spencer hasn't shown up to any of them team practices. Spencer had studied on her own, but Andrew isn't hearing it and tells her that she is off the team. An angry Spencer approaches Mona and asks if she wants to take away anything else from her. An upset Spencer goes to locker when Emily approaches her. Emily tries to get Spencer to talk about it but Spencer can't do it anymore. When she leaves, she gets a message from A saying if she rats out Toby, A will take one of her friends.
Spencer ditches school and goes home as she makes a smoothie. Andrew knocks on her door because he knows that she is valuable to the team, but she has a lot of issues against Mona. Spencer makes a note that without her, they'll be annihilated in the World History section. But Andrew is taking over her part. Spencer tells him that she will study with him, but there is new rules. For every question she gets wrong, she'll take a piece of clothing off and so will he. They begin to study and they both get a question wrong, so Andrew takes his shirt off while Spencer takes her bra off. The game ends when Emily stops by and Andrew leaves half-naked. Spencer and Emily get into an argument because Emily doesn't approve of the "New Spencer."

That night, Spencer waits for her dinner that Melissa is cooking when Wren stops by. Melissa is shocked that he is, but Spencer didn't call him. Spencer wants to know why Wren is here and he explains that Mona called him because she was worried about Spencer's state of mind. Finding a way to get back on the Decathlon Team, Spencer tells Wren that she wants to get out of the house and go see the film festival in Buck-Nal. During the car ride, Wren notes that it's a far drive, but Spencer tells him not to worry. Unveiling her wild side, she turns up the music and smiles at Wren.

Spencer and Wren arrive at the restaurant where the Decathlon meet is also taking place. As Wren gets them a table, Spencer finds the room where the meeting is held, when Andrew approaches her. He tells her that she can't be here but Spencer wasn't here to talk to him.

Instead, Spencer approaches Mona. She wanted to thank her for sending Wren to her rescue. Spencer begins to explain that Wren gave her a case study about a disturbed teenager with the initials M. It would have stayed anonymous, but Spencer plans on putting it up online with Mona's photo attached to it. Mona thinks she is going crazy and that's the reason Toby left her. Spencer brushes Toby off saying he was never hers, but her friends are and Mona is not taking them away from her. Mona asks her if she still has any friends and that makes Spencer snap. She attacks Mona while Wren and Andrew pull her off.

Wren drives Spencer home in a silent car ride. Melissa calls her phone wanting to know where she is. Wren covers for Spencer, saying they grabbed a bit to eat but she got an upset stomach. After the phone call, Spencer looks at Wren shocked that he didn't spill the beans about her fight with Mona.

At home, Spencer pours herself a glass of water when she gets a text from Emily. The text was about Jason being in an elevator accident. Spencer rushes to the hospital where she finds her friends in the hallway. Worried about him, Spencer asks if they can see him. Spencer also apologizes to Emily for the way she acted earlier. A nurse comes out of Jason's room where he just was, and asks the girls where he is. The girls rush inside to where Jason was, and finds an empty bed.

In "Hot Water," Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria are at The Brew discussing the recent events. They don't know where Jason is and he still hasn't responded to Emily's texts. The girls also discuss who could be the blonde in the red coat. Spencer is silent throughout the whole thing because she got a text from Wren asking if they can talk about Spencer's attack on Mona. Spencer tells her friends about her fight with Mona as well, and how Mona couldn't have cut the elevator because she was in a different county.

The next day, Spencer is still at home in her bed when Melissa comes in. She does most of the talking because she is not covering for Spencer anymore about her skipping school. Spencer just rolls over, ignoring her sister and not caring anymore.

Spencer does get up to go to school though and she sits in Mrs.Montgomery's classroom alone. Mrs.Montgomery walks in and makes a note that she hasn't been in class in a few weeks, but she says it was a  bad week. Ella heard about her fight with Mona, and she could have gotten suspended. Ella tries to help her by telling her that she knows she is the type of person to bounce back after things, but she has never seen her this down.

Spencer walks down the hallway when she sees Aria. Instead of approaching her though, Spencer turns the other
way and heads into the bathroom stall. Aria follows her in there, trying to get her to talk about her break up. Spencer brushes her off though saying she is fine. Aria tells her that Ezra is back, hoping that Spencer would let her in. Spencer is about to say something, but remains silent.

At night, Spencer sits at The Brew reading when Wren approaches her. Spencer quickly apologizes for using him to get back at Mona and she knows that it was wrong of her. Wren thinks he deserves to be used because Mona told him about her break up. He thought with Toby out of the picture, he would have a chance with her. They discuss Spencer's anger towards Mona, and Spencer says in a way Mona came between them. Wren asks Spencer for another shot at dinner and she agrees.

After dinner, Spencer tells Wren a story from her childhood, when she stole something from her Nana's place and she felt so guilty that she buried it in her backyard. They both laugh, enjoying each other's company. Wren hates to cut the night short, but he has to get some rounds in. He admits that he had a lovely evening and Spencer did too. He leans forward to kiss her, but she backs away. Spencer looks at him for a while before she kisses him.

While walking home, Spencer is texting someone. When she looks up, she sees a person with blonde hair in a red coat watching her. The person runs away as Spencer chases after her. But when she looks down the street, the girl is gone.

When Spencer arrives back home, Melissa is surprised that she got out of bed. Spencer says she just needed some air and makes her way to the stairs. Melissa stops her and tells her that no company is better than bad company. Spencer doesn't know what she is talking about, but Melissa bought Wren that cologne. When Melissa leaves, Spencer has a wondering look on her face.

Spencer goes into the steam shower room to try and relax. As she closes her eyes, a person in a black hoddie runs down the hall. After a while, the shower is filled with steam and when she wants to leave, she can't turn the steam off. The temperature is rising to over 100 degrees and she is locked in there because someone put a plonger over the handles. She sees an A message saying "Steamy with Wren, steamy with -A." She yells for help as the steam gets into her lungs. She is about to pass out when Aria comes in and helps her get out.

Spencer sits in her room when Aria gives her a glass of water. Spencer tells her that her getting locked in there, was revenge for hooking up with Wren. Aria doesn't get why Mona would care who Spencer dates, but Spencer interrupts her asking if she can call Emily and Hanna so they can come over. Spencer knows who is helping Mona.

In "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," Spencer sits in her room waiting for Emily and Hanna to arrive. Emily shows up and Aria asks who is helping Mona. Spencer tells them that Toby is A. Aria and Emily are shocked about this, but Emily is in denial saying Mona has something on him and wouldn't hurt her. Spencer makes a note that Mona is in New York so she couldn't have locked her in the shower and that leaves Toby.

The next day, Spencer is sleeping on her couch when someone knocks on her door. They continue to knock and when she answers the door, no one is there except for some flowers saying "Deepest Sympathy." She brings them inside and sees a card with her name on it. Turn out, A sent her the flowers because someone close to her will pay for her spilling the beans about Toby.

Spencer meets up with her friends at The Brew as they discuss the flowers she got. Spencer worries about Emily because she is looking for Toby. Just then, the girls see Mona buying a coffee and Spencer approaches her. She wanted to thank her for the orchids she got. Mona has no idea what she is talking about, but Spencer makes her point about Mona not going after her friends because Spencer will make her pay. Mona makes a threat to her saying if she leaves the flowers in direct sunlight, they will die.

Spencer goes back home as she looks at the flowers again. She takes another look at the "Deepest Sympathy" part and realizes that the E and the M are not glittered like the rest. She takes that as a hint that Mona will go after Emily. She tries to warn Emily but she brushes it off. Spencer wants Emily to stop looking for Toby because she may end up getting hurt. Emily promises she will.

At The Brew, Spencer follows Mona to see what she is up too. She overhears a conversation Mona has on the phone saying she has the money. Mona leaves the Brew and Spencer follows her. She follows her to the woods and gets out of her car. When she walks into the woods she finds a body. Spencer sees the person's hand is covered with bruises and has a "901 Free At Last" tattoo on his side. Spencer breaks down crying realizing that Toby is dead. She is about to take off the helmet, when Mona calls out that he is dead. Spencer chases after Mona in the woods but loses her. She breaks down crying in the middle of the forest.

Spencer stayed in the woods all night because the next morning, a hiker finds her. The park ranger comes and picks her up and makes a call in that the girl has no ID on her. The park ranger also says that the girl needs to get a phys evaluation. Spencer is in the car looking traumatized. A nurse unlocks a door and enters a room where Spencer is sitting in a bed to bring her food, signaling that Spencer is now in Radley Santituarm.

In "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?," Spencer is sitting in her new room at Radley when Eddie comes in to check on her chin. As he changes her bandage, she questions him about what 302 means. He explains that it's a type of law to treat people for a phys evaluation instead of sending them to jail. Eddie tells her that she has to stay her for 72 hours for her evaluation and that she has amnesia. After Eddie leaves, Spencer begins to play cards when she sees a joker card.

Spencer goes out of her room as she play the piano. Dr. Sullivan walks in and notices Spencer. The two talk about why Spencer hasn't told Radley who she really is. Spencer tells her that Toby is dead but she didn't tell anyone because nothing will bring him back. Spencer blames herself for his death because she had told her friends he was A. Trying to help her, Dr. Sullivan tells her that she'll call her family to inform them of where she is.

Melissa shows up at Radley as she explains to Spencer that their parents are trying to fly in but the weather is bad. Not caring, Spencer tells her not to worry because her evaluation is 72 hours so it'll be over by the time they come back. Melissa begins to cry, and Spencer makes a note that she is the one in a sanitarium. Melissa thought that all this time Spencer was just being cruel, but she had no idea she was not well.

Later, Dr. Sullivan tells Spencer that the body she saw in the woods was not Toby. Spencer denies it saying she know what she saw. Needing her friends at that time, Spencer wants to see them or even talk to them. Dr. Sullivan explains that she can't see anyone that is not a family member because she is under a 72-hour evaluation, but she can give them a message. Spencer asks her to tell them that she misses them.

Eddie comes back into Spencer's room at Radley. She continues to ask questions about the ID badges because she is sure someone stole his. She saw his badge with his name but a different picture on it and that he needed it to get in and out of Radley to see someone. When Eddie asks who it was, she admits that the guy who had his ID was Toby and he wanted to visit Mona. Eddie admits that they also had trouble with visitor passes and they traced it back to someone in the staff. Before he leaves, he tells her that she is in Mona's old room. Spencer goes over to the desk where she sees an engraved saying "Will the Circle Be UnBroken?"

Spencer flashes back to when her and Alison where in church singing to a song "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" Spencer notices that Alison was making fun of Mona's singing. As they leave, Spencer sees Mona and makes a comment about  Alison's diary. Alison tells her that she'll never see what's inside until she is dead. Alison says she had scandalous entries in there and after she is gone, Spencer will need to carry them on. Spencer asks what she'll need to carry on, but Alison ignores the question.

The next day, Spencer is writing in a journal when Mona visits her. She offers Spencer a cookie but she declines the offer. Spencer asks Mona why she killed Toby and wants to know what she got out of him being dead. Mona chuckles at that question because if she killed him she wouldn't be talking to her. Spencer wants her to go away, but Mona admits that she has Alison's diary and that she was never pregnant. Spencer wants to see them but Mona won't let her because Spencer declined her offer to join the A-Team when they unmasked Mona. Spencer walks away trying to get away from her. Mona tells Spencer that she needs her and that Spencer is as sane as she is.

Spencer has a group session with Dr. Sullivan and other patients at Radley. Spencer tells them the story about the night in the woods when she feel down and got the cuts on her hand. She thought she was dying and that if the last thing she ever saw was dirt, she'd be fine with that. Spencer looks up and sees Hanna, Emily and Aria sitting there. She starts to cry as she tells them that they don't know who she is anymore and that they can't count on her anymore. When she looks up again, she sees the other patients sitting there as she imagined the whole thing with her friends.

In "I'm Your Puppet," Spencer's mother visits her in Radley. Spencer screams at her that she's not ready to go home yet. Veronica asks her if Toby was really the person that they knew. 

Later, Eddie comes in and talks to her, telling her things about Mona, but once again cutting their conversation short. Instead of taking her pill, Spencer puts in a bag that she was hiding under her pillow.

It is later revealed that it was Spencer who kidnapped Malcolm, because she pulls a black hoodie, a signature piece of A, out of her pillow. She then recalls a conversation with Mona, telling her that she is in, meaning she is now a part of the A-Team. Her intentions are currently unknown.

In "A DAngerous GAme," the girls debate if Spencer is still the same and if there is hope that Toby is still alive. Spencer finally walks down the stairs, and informs them that hope breeds eternal misery, as they had lost Toby a long time ago. Spencer tells Emily that she isn't as strong as Emily since she just gave up upon losing Toby, but had recently decided she didn't want to be a victim anymore. Spencer invites her friends to the party her family is throwing for her release from Radley. She looks somewhat guilty when Aria and the girls agree that they'd do anything for her. In A's lair, we see A, (revealed to be Spencer), transferring a contact (revealed to be Toby) to her phone while Mona was outside. Mona tells her that they like her plan for Friday, the same day as Spencer's party.

At school, Spencer asks Aria if Malcolm had told her what his kidnapper had looked like, but Aria tells her that she doesn't know anything, besides that he said she was Alison. They think it is Mona, and Spencer calls it a bold move for her. Shana approaches Emily, Hanna, and Spencer since she is there for the swim meet, and flirts with Spencer. Later, someone is watching Jenna while she is on the phone and takes pictures, who is later revealed to be Spencer. She texts the number downloaded earlier a meeting place for 9 PM that night.

At a diner later that night, Spencer looks through pictures of Jenna on her phone, while waiting for Toby. Toby arrives and begins talking to Spencer, whose face is covered by the black hoodie. She speaks, and he is shocked to see that she is there, apart of the A-Team. Spencer reveals that Mona told her that he was alive while she was at Radley. She is upset that he let her believe that he was dead, and Toby tells her that he has done everything he has to protect her. Mona does not know about her meeting with Toby, and Spencer confesses that she downloaded his information, kidnapped Malcolm, and is the reason why Aria and Ezra broke up, which has caused her to earn Mona's trust. Toby tells her that it isn't safe for her to meet with him, and she says she stopped worrying about herself a long time ago. He reveals that he has been pretending to work with Mona to keep Spencer safe, and tells her to follow him, which she chooses to do.

Toby takes Spencer back to a motel he has staying at, which Mona does not know about out of the few he frequents. She asks about Red Coat, and Toby reveals he knows nothing except that she is in charge. He comments that she still doesn't trust him, and Spencer responds that she understands why he was helping Mona, but she can't forgive that he did nothing while she was hurting. Toby begins to cry, and Spencer reconciles with him. They begin kissing and have sex in the motel. Meanwhile, back at Ezra's apartment, Malcolm identifies Spencer's picture as "Alison" from a picture sent from A to Hanna. Hanna informs the other girls, and they realize that Spencer is apart of the A-Team.

The next day at the swim meet, Spencer sees a woman walking in a red coat. She follows her throughout the school into the girl's bathroom, where it is revealed to be Hanna. This is shown to be a confrontation when Emily and Aria step out of the stalls. Emily says that Spencer is still one of them since she doesn't know who Red Coat is yet. Spencer confesses that Mona wanted to break her and put her back together, and that Toby has always been on their side. She reveals to the girls that Red Coat wants them all together, but they will be one step ahead. Hanna asks about the picture sent to her phone, but Spencer says she is the one who sent the picture of her and Alison to Hanna in the first place, which served its purpose since they found a way to talk to Spencer without Mona knowing. When Ezra returns to school as a substitute teacher, Spencer looks back at Aria's reaction to this now that her and Ezra had broken up.

At the lodge, Spencer tells Mona that the girls are running late, before kissing Toby. Mona says that she, referring to Red Coat, is expecting them all to be there and that Spencer has no idea about who she is messing with. Spencer listens as Mona tells Red Coat that is safe for her to land. Mona has Toby take Spencer out "for a walk" to presumably kill her, but they split up and seem to have a plan to catch Red Coat. While outside, Spencer sees a girl in a red coat get off the plane and walk through the woods, believing her to be Ali. As the girls later wake up after being dragged from the burning lodge by Red Coat, Spencer affirms that she also saw Ali. The girls all drive back to Rosewood together and they come across Wilden's car, which had been pulled out of the lake. Spencer notices something off about the trunk, and they all receive messages from "A," including Mona. They open the trunk and gasp in shock.

In "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e," it backs up a few seconds. Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Mona open the trunk of Wilden's

police car and gasp in shock. They show us what is in the trunk. It is a dead pig. After disgusted looks leave their faces, Spencer realize that Mona is gone. Aria thinks she set them up so they go back to the car and decide to leave. Hanna then sees Mona in Wilden's car. She is trying to remove the footage of Ashley running over Wilden. After that they all go back to Spencer's house. Emily and Aria are ready to destroy Mona in Spencer's living room but Hanna tells them to knock it off. Spencer then tells Mona to confess. She reveals to them which crimes she did commit and which she didn't, including that she did not push Ian off the bell tower, but she wish she knew who did.. She also reveals that Jenna knew Shana before she came to town and that she thinks Shana is in love with Jenna. Mona also states that the two of them are afraid of Melissa. Then next morning they all wake up and can't find Mona. She then comes in with some coffee saying she went to
get them breakfast. Mona says she is determined to know who Red Coat is. She takes the girls to her lair. She reveals that she was the one in the fake Caleb costume and that Wilden and Melissa were he Queen of Hearts. But right before Melissa can take off her mask A starts deleting the files. They then hear little girls asking where Alison is. They go out to see what is happening. They say Mona's friend Alison gave them the dolls. One was named Aria, Emily, Hanna, Mona, and Spencer.

Spencer and Toby are searching among the ashes of the burned building. Spencer needs to find something that help identify Red Coat when she begins to try and convince Toby that maybe Alison really is back. He doesn't believe her and tells her that Alison died two years ago. She doesn't have time to convince him as she sees another person is with them. Unfortunately the moment she told Toby this, the mysterious third party made a run for it.

Later she is again with Toby. She is reading the newspaper wondering what alibi they could use and Toby is making her breakfast. After she continues to think about Wilden's murder Toby tells her to eat. She is happy that again she can call him her boyfriend and they kiss. That night, Spencer gets a package from “A.” Inside is a photo of Wilden with a threatening message on it saying their secrets will be revealed in his open
File:A's message.png

The girls then arrive at the funeral. They decide to split up and try to find the coffin. Spencer is the one to find it and soon realizes she isn't alone. Mona is with her. They hear a cell phone ring and realize it's coming from the coffin. A had left a cell phone in the casket with Wilden. When Spencer calls one of the contacts; it’s Hanna and she wants to know what Spencer is doing on her mom’s phone. They girls puzzle over this wondering if Ashley will be A's new target.

After the funeral, a new detective is on the scene (Wilden 2.0?) and he’s suspicious why the girls attended the
funeral of a man who practically stalked them. Emily claims they’re supporting their city's police department. The four girls and Mona receive a text from A, and Emily is sent a video showing the girls stealing the footage from the Wilden's police car. Will anyone believe them if “A” sends in her footage of the girls at the crime scene?

At the opening of "Turn of the Shoe," Spencer and the other liars are at the Brew, discussing The Lady in Black and
File:2013-06-19 09-22-15.jpg
where Spencer's sister was. Emily and Hanna agree that Melissa is the Woman in Black while Spencer is using
food to see if the geography is even possible for the person who jumped out of a plane could save Aria, Hanna and Emily from the fire. Hanna and Aria get into an argument about if it was Ali who saved the girls from the fire. Hanna states that they never saw a body at the funeral. Spencer is also a bit skeptical if it even was Ali that she saw coming out of the plane.  Mona comes into the Brew where the girls are and says that she has been thinking a lot about the Ali thing and Hanna then accuses Mona of putting Hanna’s mom’s (Ashley) phone in Wilden’s coffin. Mona says no and says she will do anything to prove that all the girls are in this together, so Spencer says to take them to A's RV. Mona drives up to where the RV is where they find the fence unlocked and the lair is gone.  Mona says she didn't move it but the girls don't believe her. Spencer and Hanna leave in one car while Aria and Emily hang back to watch Mona and witness her being attached by "A" and are nearly run over.  

In the morning before school Spencer is checking her mail, when she sees a letter addressed to her, from the University of Pennsylvania. The letter says that the University have expressed an interest in her, but they are unable to offer her a place. She is distraught because this is the only option her family wants for her. She hides the letter from Toby when he comes to pick her up.  Spencer is upset that Toby is being distant, not taking his phone calls, and seems to be lying about when he starts his construction job.

At school, Spencer talks to Ezra about her UPenn rejection and he says it is their loss and offers to read her 
File:2013-06-19 10-47-32.jpg
essays for additional college applications. They meet over the weekend and he says her essay was well written but discourages her from revealing too much personal information, overcoming mental illness and getting out of Radley, to prospective colleges.  He says they are concerned about mental stability and that information may overshadow her many good qualities.  Spencer gets upset and asks him when not being honest has worked out for any of them.

Toby and Spencer are talking and he admits to her that he moved the RV saying A asked him to move it in
File:Pretty-little-liars turn of the shoe.jpg
exchange for info about his mother. A gave him a transcript from his mother's
File:2013-06-19 11-24-24.jpg
stay at Radley that was written on the night she supposedly committed suicide by jumping out a window. The transcript says she was hopeful that day, wishing to get home to see her family. Toby says that it doesn't sound like someone who killed herself that day and didn't care enough to say goodbye, suggesting that someone might have killed his mother. Spencer agrees, but doesn't think they should trust any info that A supplies. Toby tells her not to tell anyone about this and leaves.

2013-06-19 11-27-49
Aria and Spencer are talking and Aria says that they don't know if they can really trust Mona and who knows what she was saying to those cops. She then tells Spencer that she can never go back to martial arts because she kissed the instructor. Hanna then walks in with Tippi. She says the bird probably knows more about what happened to Alison that night than anyone else, and it talks a lot so it might say something. Aria and Spencer think Hanna is losing it. They keep talking and they mention the high heels Mona was talking about and Hanna suspects that they were her mom's. All of a sudden Tippi says "hey board shorts, miss me?" (same guy as Beach Hottie) and then sings a song.

Spencer is searching things about Toby's mom while the bird keeps talking and singing. She calls Hanna to come
2013-06-19 11-47-27
pick up the bird because its driving her crazy. But then Spencer notices that after Tippi sings the song, she says "hello?" Spencer realizes it is not a song, but instead a phone number dial tone.   Aria, Spencer, and Hanna call the number that matches the dial tone that Tippi was singing, but no one answers. The area code is in York County. Aria says they should go record Tippi singing the phone number, but when they go in the room, Tippi is missing, and the window is open. "A" stole Tippi. "Cat's Cradle" starts out with the liars at The Brew discussing Tippi , Hanna's mom, Wilden's death and how
File:2013-06-29 13-28-19.jpg
everything is connected. Hanna states that her mom did not kill Wilden and the girls know that this is the truth. They are going through some stuff Emily brought from Mrs. DiLaurentis' house and Spencer tells Emily she has to hide this stuff so Mona doesn't find it. In the box of notebooks, Hanna finds a mask. Melissa walks in The Brew and the girls are shocked that she is back because they thought she was gone for good after they found Wilden. They wonder if what Mona said about her being the other Queen of Hearts is true or not. Spencer goes up to her sister and asks her about her trip to Washington. Melissa says she thinks she will get an internship in San Francisco or even London. Spencer says she found the perfect get-away, and Melissa responds by saying it might be good that they both get out of Rosewood if they know what's good for them. 

Back at the Hasting's house, Spencer is unsuccessfully trying to reverse look up the phone number Tippi gave them. Toby is upset and wants to know what really happened to his mom. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby cant face them.They plan to go back to Radley and find out the truth about Toby's mom.

Aria, Emily, and Spencer are leaving school. Aria tells them about her mom being offered the trip to Austria.
File:Face Time (All the Liars).png
Spencer tells them she couldn't find a name for the number Tippy gave them, but she's not giving up. Emily says she started going through Ali's notebooks and asks the other girls if they want to come over tonight and search them together. Spencer says she can't because she promised Toby she would help him with something.  

Toby and Spencer sneak into Radley. They go to the room where Marion stayed and find a window that his mother
supposedly jumped from. Spencer looks out the window and notices a roof ledge which juts out "all the way around the building" about 10-15 feet, and she says she doesn't know how Toby's mother fell, but she doesn't think his mother jumped.  She says she thinks "A" gave him something genuine. Toby says they have to talk to Dr. Palmer who was with his mom that day.

Later in Spencer's room she is looking at a cast that Hanna found in Hector Lime's studio that looks like Melissa's face.  Melissa comes in and tells Spencer that she saw Hanna at the police station and asks why she was there. Spencer says Hanna was wondering the same thing about Melissa. Melissa says the new detective asked her to come in to talk about Wilden but she doesn't know how helpful she was she she hasn't known him since high school. Melissa brings up that one time that Spencer had asked her if she had to protect Spencer or someone else she loved, who would she choose. Melissa asks Spencer what would her answer be if she asks her the same question and the camera cuts away before we see Spencer's response.

In "Gamma Zeta Die!," Spencer and Emily go to Cicero Collage to find out if the phone number Tippy repeated lead them to the right place. It does. She gets into an argument with Emily. She goes around the college asking people if they knew Alison.

Spencer finds a secret room at the college with a phone. After realizing that Hanna's going to do something stupid, she and Emily search around the college for Hanna. She has to watch as Hanna is taken by the police for trying to dispose of a gun found in Ashley's purse.

After looking through the college, Spencer believes that Carla Grunwald is involved with all of this.

In Under the Gun, Spencer and Aria are at the Brew. Aria tells Spencer to apologize to Emily for whatever happened. When Emily arrives at the Brew, Aria goes to help Mike's friend, who's also new at the Brew, leaving Spencer and Emily alone. Spencer and Emily both apologize for their behavior at Cicero. They end on a good note there.

Unfortunately, Mona comes to the Brew and asks to speak with Spencer privately. When the other girls refuse to let Mona take her alone, and demand that she says whatever she needs to say aloud right now, Mona does as they say. She reveals that Toby moved the RV, and Spencer was protecting him and hiding it by not telling any of the other girls. Emily and Aria don't believe it at first, but Spencer admits it's true. Emily and Aria are not pleased with this discovery at all, and it causes Emily to become angry with her again.

At school, Spencer tries to approach Emily and tell her what she discovered about Mrs. Grunwald at Cicero, but Emily's still angry with her. After Emily yells at her, Spencer leaves.

Later on, Toby comes over to Spencer's house. Spencer tells him that the other girls found out about him moving the RV. Toby doesn't want Spencer to tell them the reason why he moved it, because that would make him lose his chances of getting more information about his mother. Spencer's slightly irritated by this. She tells him she still has to get her friends' trust back.

Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood. Toby tries to apologize for all this, but Spencer simply says, "I know," not stating if she's forgiven him or not. They arrive in Ravenswood, which is extremely creepy to them. When a woman doesn't acknowledge her presence, and when a creepy guy is watching them from the windows, Spencer and Toby decide to leave this area. They drive off to a house, where they ask if Mrs. Grunwald is. The man at the house says he's the only one here, and resumes trimming the bushes at the home.

Spencer takes Toby's hand and pulls him to the car, and telling him that they should go now. They head to another location in Ravenswood. Spencer spots Mrs. Grunwald in a building getting her hair done. Toby and her go inside the building. Mrs. Grunwald states she has no idea about anything involving Alison. Spencer senses she's lying, but Mrs. Grunwald excuses herself, giving Spencer no choice but to leave.

When outside, Toby tells Spencer she needs to let go, and that she shouldn't be trusting birds. Slightly irritated by this, Spencer reminds him that he's trusting 'A'. Breaking the silence, Toby offers food again. He asks her if she wants anything, and she says no. He heads off to get food. Spencer hears singing, so she approaches an area where citizens seem to be singing. That's when she notices that Shana is there. She starts running back to the street she was on before, where Toby quickly finds her. She informs him that Shana is here, and they discover that Shana is getting into Jenna's car. They try to follow Shana and Jenna, but a dead crow lands on her car, causing them to lose Shana and Jenna.

Later at the Brew, it's Open Mic Night. Spencer approaches Aria and Emily. Just as Shana begins performing a song on her violin, Spencer tells them that Shana was in Ravenswood. Aria and Emily seem a little more cooled off about what Spencer did.

EscApe From New York

Spencer, Hanna and Emily hold a distressed Aria back as Ezra is being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Spencer tells Aria that if the police think she knows anything about what happened, she’ll be spending the entire night answering questions at the police station, “you will never get to the hospital”.

Outside a convenience store Spencer hands Hanna a burner phone, telling her she knows what to do. Emily asks if they’re sure they want to split up and Spencer tells her “a wise commander takes measures to always let his opponent react to the wrong set of circumstances. And if 400 BC”, before Hanna cuts her off, telling her they get it, they’re decoys. Alison tells Spencer that there is no art to this war, and Spencer is surprised that Alison has read Sun Tzu. Spencer and Hanna start walking in the opposite direction of Alison and Aria, but Emily lingers and Spencer tells her “if we want to get to the hospital before them, we have to go now”. Emily reminds them that A is always one step ahead, and Spencer tells her “yeah. Maybe he… she… it… bitch, is”, but they have to remember Ali was hiding in plain sight for two years and she can handle herself.

Arriving at St Andrew’s Hospital, Hanna takes Spencer and Emily in the direction of the surgical waiting room, and they spot A making a phone call in one of the corridors. In the waiting room, Hanna asks what they do know and Spencer tells her they wait. As Spencer and the girls are pretending to read magazines in the waiting room, Emily tells them she hates this, and Spencer says they should just hope it works. After Alison’s name is paged to the emergency department, the girls watch as A walks past them and into an elevator, and Spencer suggests them to take the stairs.

In a playground, A steps behind Alison telling her it’s over, but Alison tells he/she that it’s not, and Spencer, Hanna and Emily step out from various places around the playground, “did you really think we’d let Ali leave that hospital alone?” After Alison sprays deodorant in A’s eyes, the four girls find themselves surrounded by multiple people claiming they are A. As the police drive past and break the flash mob up, Alison tells the other girls A was one step ahead of them.

On the phone to Aria, Aria asks them to promise her they’ll be safe and Spencer tries to reassure her, “don’t worry about us Aria, we’ll be okay. We promise”.

Alison takes Spencer, Hanna and Emily to a Theater, and Hanna makes a comment about how this would impress anyone. Alison tells them that Ezra didn’t bring her here to impress her, this was kind of his special place. Spencer’s stomach rumbles loudly and when Alison asks what they sound was, Emily and Hanna tell her it was Spencer’s stomach in unison. Spencer apologises before saying she hasn’t had anything to eat since the bridal show. As Alison takes them up to a concession stand, Spencer wonders if it will still be stocked, and she’s “literally at the point where I can’t think”. Spencer says she was that hungry she was about to eat the foam out of the seat cushions, and Hanna says she saw that episode, and so did Emily. When Alison asks what show they’re talking about, Spencer tells her “Freaky Foodies” and asks if she’s seen it. Hanna tells Alison that Spencer’s obsessed with the show, and Spencer reminds Hanna that they watched “that entire marathon together”. Alison says she needs to find a better place to make a call, and Spencer asks who she needs to talk to, only for Alison to tell her she has a few friends who may be worried now the police know she’s alive.

On the stage, Spencer asks Hanna and Emily if it feels as though Alison is already shutting them out again. Hanna shushes Spencer, and when Spencer asks why, “she’s sleeping”, Hanna reminds Spencer that it’s Ail they’re talking about. Emily says it makes sense Alison had people helping her, and if were them, they’d want Alison to call. Spencer tells Emily that it is them, “we’re the ones who are risking everything to help her. It’s not some random do-gooders she’s met along the way”. Emily asks them to imagine what life would be without A, and Spencer asks when they last time any of them had a hobby. Hanna says that she’s never had a hobby, but wouldn’t mind taking up a sport, which surprises both Spencer and Emily. Emily asks Hanna which sport, and Hanna tells them she’s always liked Spencer’s field hockey skirt. Emily then asks Spencer, and Spencer tells her she wouldn’t want to go back to the person she was before, now she just really wants to be happy.

Spencer and Hanna rush into the dressing room where Emily and Alison are, and Hanna explains that Aria is trying to call but they can’t hear her. Alison tells Hanna to tell Aria to call the house line.

As Alison hangs up the phone and turns to face Spencer, Hanna and Emily with a worried look on her face, Spencer asks her, “what is it?”

Once the phone has stopped ringing, Emily asks Alison is she recognised the voice, to which Alison tells her she didn’t. Spencer says they can’t wait for Ezra to tell them who A is, so they need to get Alison to the airport, “you can still use that passport and ticket Noel gave you, right?” Alison tells her she doesn’t have the passport or ticket anyone, she gave it to someone who needed it more. Hanna asks Alison who needs it more than her, and when Alison says it doesn’t matter, Spencer tells her it matters to them, “either you trust us or you don’t”. As the girls run out onto the stage, the lights in the Theater go out and Shana walks onto the stage with a gun. Shana tells them they she thought she had them all locked in the lodge, but Alison was late to the party. Hanna tells Shana that she’s sick, like Mona was, however Shana tells her that she’s not like Mona, and this isn’t a game. Spencer asks “then what is it?” and Shana tells her its justice. After Aria knocks Shana off the stage, Spencer embraces an upset Aria, telling her that she did what she had to do. Aria says to them that it’s over, and Spencer and Emily embrace her. Alison tells the girls they can’t just leave Shana, so Spencer calls 911 saying that there’s been an accident.

Whirly Girlie

Spencer and the other liars arrive back in Rosewood with Alison. Off the bus, the girls talk about Ali needing to tell the police her story, with Spencer mentioning that it should be from the night of 'The Jenna Thing'.

Having collected Spencer and Emily from the Rosewood Police Department, Veronica tells Emily to call her mother as Pam's flight had been cancelled. As Spencer goes to head upstairs to shower and climb into bed, Veronica stops her, desperate for answers, "you might have a hard time falling asleep if I'm poking you every five seconds with a new questions." Veronica also mentions to Spencer that Melissa and Peter are in Philadelphia retrieving Spencer's car which has been impounded. Veronica warns Spencer not to expect any souvenirs from London, because all Melissa brought back was attitude… and secrets.

Spencer goes to find Emily who is still on the phone with her mother and adding to Alison’s kidnapping story. Spencer, sick of being dragged back into Alison's mess, tells Emily that, "we're back on planet Alison!" Emily starts defending Alison, but their conversation is cut short when they spot Jason cleaning out his car. Wanting a closer peek, Spencer and Emily creep over to the DiLaurentis house after Jason has headed inside. When Alison spies them, she throws down a roll of toilet paper with a cell phone inside. Picking it up, the girls see the text message Ali wanted to show them - "the truth will bury you in a New York minute."

The next morning Spencer catches up to Emily as she walks over to Alison's to give Ali her phone back. As they walk over, Spencer tells Emily that Hanna told Aria about the text and now Aria is freaking out, believing 'A' is back and she's one text away from being arrested over Shana's death. Noticing the rubbish bun that Jason threw something in the night before, Spencer goes looking and finds a paper bag all the way from New York.

In Alison's bedroom, Emily tells Ali about her and Spencer's findings, while Spencer stays quiet over by the window. Alison asks Spencer if she should be afraid of their big brother, but Spencer doesn’t know, “you were needling both of our families with that secret. They probably both wanted you to shut up”. Spencer can’t say for sure, but if Jessica did choose Jason over Alison, she had every reason to make the Liars look bad; and they have been framed as pathological liars ever since. Even if they do find out who hit Alison with the rock the night she disappeared, Spencer thinks no one will believe them.

Spencer walks into her kitchen to find Veronica is offering Toby a hot drink. Spencer asks Toby why he didn’t call her when he first got back from London, but he tells her that he wanted to come by, see her in person. Toby tells Spencer that the story Melissa gave Veronica and Peter was false, he never saw her in her in London. Excusing herself to go meet with a client in town, Veronica tells Spencer she is to stick close to home. After Veronica has left, Spencer asks Toby why he went to London, he says that he wanted answers for Spencer. Spencer then asks if he’s heard about Alison, he has, but he’d rather hear what Spencer has to say.

Up in Spencer’s bedroom, Toby and Spencer are making out as Spencer de-shirts Toby. Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Spencer makes Toby promise that the next time he goes to London, to take her with him, and they’re never coming back.

Toby and Spencer are stroking each other’s face when Spencer’s phone rings. Ignoring the call, Spencer leans over to kiss Toby, but when the phone rings again, Toby stops kissing her. He asks Spencer what is really going on, and if it has anything to do with Alison or Melissa, to which she tells him it doesn’t.

Spencer knocks on the DiLaurentis’ door to find it open. Looking over her shoulder, she heads inside, calling out to Ali. Jason, who is sitting in the dark, scares her when he makes a comment on how late it is. He also makes a cryptic comment about knowing that Spencer went through their trash. Spencer asks if he was in New York the night Ali came back to Rosewood. Jason wants to know why it is important, and why Spencer thinks he did something, “you think I’m the one who kidnapped her?” When Jason asks if that theory came from his father, Spencer tells him know and again asks him why he was in New York. Jason doesn't get a chance to answer because Pepe starts barking, drawing away Spencer’s attention.

Spencer and Jason run over to the Hastings’ backyard having heard the barks and screams. At first Spencer tries to hold Jason back when she realises whose hand is sticking out, but Jason easily pushes past her.

Surfing the Aftershocks

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 2752.jpg
Spencer, Emily and Aria are waiting in the DiLaurentis' living room as Alison gets dressed for her mother's funeral. They overhear Mr DiLaurentis telling Jason he does not want any police or press at the funeral or cemetery. Hanna rejoins them after having been up with Alison, and Spencer says that Alison is going to “bury the woman who tried to bury her”. Emily believes Jason was the one who buried Jessica in the Hastings backyard, something Spencer doesn't play into because she saw Jason’s face when she saw Jessica’s body. While 'A' might be gone, Mona is still around and she knows Alison wasn't kidnapped. Spencer goes on to tell them Mona isn't the only one they need to worry about knowing the truth, there's one other person. Before she can allude to who that other person is, Alison makes her appearance. Ali doesn't understand why her father got so angry at seeing her, she just wanted to wear something of Jessica's so she could feel close to her. It isn't until Spencer tells Ali that her mother wore that dress to her own funeral that she understands. As Aria and Hanna usher Alison out of the DiLaurentis living room, Emily mentions to Spencer that coincidences happen, only for Spencer to reply, "yeah, all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts, just waiting for you to walk under them"!

A few days later the Liars are back at school and have been called into Vice Principal Hackett's office. He tells them that he is relieved they are safe and back in the "halls of Rosewood High School", and while things may be a little different to start off within, something Spencer says they understand, that the school will do what they can to protect them from the press and the curious, in return he needs to know the girls will do their part in "keeping the disruptions to a minimum".

As the girls walk out of Hackett's office, Spencer talks about wishing she could transwer to a school in Borneo, but she can't, and they just have to act as if things are normal. Spencer again voices her concerns about the people who know that Alison was lying about New York, particularly Ezra. When Spencer tells them that 'someone' has to go talk to him, make sure he's going to keep quiet, Aria is against the idea of her going, telling Spencer that while Ezra may be alive and safe, they're over. After Aria walks off Emily again says that she believes Jason was the one who killed his mother, and again Spencer is on the defense.

As Spencer is staring out her bedroom window, Melissa comes up behind her and warns her not to let the DiLaurentis' catch her watching. Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa does not deny. Melissa wants to know why Spencer sent Toby after her to London. Spencer says that she didn’t, he went on his own. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and that she should stay away from that family. Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both related to parts of that family.

While looking out of the side doors, Peter asks Spencer how she would feel if they sell the house. Spencer doesn’t know how she feels about selling, but tells her father that he’d have to inform any potential buyers about mould, termites and dead bodies. Peter says that he’ll have to reduce the selling price and Spencer remarks that life is all about sacrifices. Peter says that he’ll do anything to get away from the DiLaurentis family. Spencer reminds him they'll always be connected to the DiLaurentis’.

Jason is packing his belongings when Spencer comes over to visit. Spencer tries to talk about Jessica, Jason cuts her off, telling Spencer his mother was because she "had a lot of secrets. Too many. That's what really killed her". Spencer shows him the email Hanna found on Jessica's computer. Jason tells his half-sister to cut her loses, get out while she still can, and to remember that she can't trust him. When Spencer asks who can't she trust, Jason simply says "our father".

In Aria's bedroom, Spencer tells her she received a text from Emily saying that Jason has an alibi for what happened in New York and Rosewood. Aria thinks it's crazy that Jason thinks his and Spencer's father could have been the one to kill Mrs DiLaurentis, but Spencer tells her crazy works on a sliding scale. Spencer apologises for asking Aria to go see Ezra, but Aria tells her no one else could have done it.

When Peter arrives home, Spencer is waiting up for him. Getting up off the sofa, Spencer places the drafted email on the island bench for Peter to see. Peter tells her that the email doesn’t mean anything, but Spencer minds him anything means something and asks him who Jessica was trying to protect and why did she suddenly feel as though she had to stop. Before Peter can answer Melissa walks in telling Spencer to leave their father alone. After reading what Jessica tried sending, Melissa rips the piece of paper up telling Spencer that Jessica was crazy as Spencer yells back, Peter steps in and tells them to stop acting like "cranky little five year old's on the way back from the beach". Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room.

Thrown From The Ride

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 154.jpg
Spencer watches Veronica staring out the side door window and asks her if she slept downstairs last night. Veronica tells her she wouldn’t call it sleep. Spencer then asks if Veronica remembers when she told her that Peter and Melissa were acting strange, Veronica tells her she does remember, and when Spencer starts saying that the other day Melissa wanted to tell her something and Peter cut her off, Veronica cuts in and says the only thing Melissa is hiding is the fact she and Wren are back together. After Peter has left for work, Veronica asks Spencer if perhaps they could hire Toby over the weekend to replant the yard, but Spencer tells her he’s on a job in Gilford. When Spencer tries to redirect their conversation back to Peter and Melissa, Veronica tells she doesn’t want to talk about it and they should just focus on what they can control.

Eating lunch outside, Spencer tells Aria and Hanna that it’s better than eating in the cafeteria, but Aria doesn’t believe so. Hanna explains that she feels as though they’re lobsters, but Spencer reminds her they’re not, so she should just relax. Aria notices Mona staring at them from a distance and thinks that she may know about what happened to Shana. Spencer tells Aria that she needs to take a psychological selfie because “you’re letting your paranoia get the better of you”. Aria questions whether it all has to do with Shana, but Spencer tells her it doesn’t, it’s all about Ali, “I’ve been fielding questions about her all day”. As all of their phones go off at once, Aria and Emily think it’s an ‘A’ text, it’s not, it’s Ali. Spencer reads out the text and says the family has to wait for cause of death, and Aria suggests perhaps Jessica was poisoned. Spencer tell the three girls they don’t have to pretend like Jessica wasn’t found in her backyard. Emily tells her that they know Spencer’s family had nothing to do with what happened to Ali’s mom. Hanna agrees by saying they wouldn’t make a bonehead move like burying her in their own flower bed.

Andrew approaches Spencer at her locker, and asks how she is holding up. He just wanted to check in, but before he can finish his sentence, Spencer cuts him off, “oh, that I’m not popping pills like breath mints”. As Andrew is walking away, Spencer calls out to him, asking what he’s doing tomorrow.

Having replanted the Hastings’ yard, Spencer and Andrew walk into the shed where Andrew asks if they could take a break. Andrew says he’s be good with either a bottle of water or a snack, or a for them to make out. Laughing, Spencer tells him she’s still with the carpenter and an unfazed Andrew tells her it was worth a shot. Spencer tells him they should at least get the mulch out to the garden so Veronica doesn’t get another grey hair. Spencer says that her mother’s freaking out over azaleas is just displaced fear, “she called the security company yesterday asking about a $10,000 alarm system. And last night she slept downstairs in a chair. I just can’t figure out if she’s more afraid of what’s lurking outside of the house or what’s inside”. Going to grab the mulch, Spencer gasps when she sees a dead raccoon. Andrew walks over and tells her to stay back, while he picks up a knocked over bucket of Rodenticide, telling her the animal was poisoned. Spencer tells him they’ve never had a rat problem before.

Spencer, Emily and Aria are in Emily’s bedroom where Emily tells them about her and Paige hanging out, where they were laughing and joking, and then all of a sudden Paige totally shut down. Aria notes that she’s noticed Emily has kind of been MIA about Ali, and Spencer tells Aria she has as well, only for Aria to say that’s why she’s noticed Emily’s absence. Aria also says she hasn’t seen Spencer making any trips over to see Ali either, and Spencer replies by saying that Ali’s mom was found in her backyard.

Veronica is off in her own little world when Spencer comes home from being at Emily’s. Spencer asks Veronica why she just won’t talk to her, “do you not trust me?” Veronica tells her it isn’t about trust. Veronica says to Spencer that ever since they found Jessica, she’s had a sick feeling in her stomach that won’t go away. Opening up, Veronica tells Spencer that a couple days after Alison went missing, Jessica came over convinced that Spencer had something to do with it all, and the only reason why she didn’t go to the police was because Peter threatened to tell Kenneth about their affair. Veronica admits she doesn’t know if Peter had anything to do with what happened to Jessica, but she wants to believe he didn’t.

In her bedroom, Spencer is looking up Rodenticide on the internet and finds that it is poisonous to humans if consumed. While reading through the information on Rodenticide, Spencer gets a text message from Alison asking Spencer to call her.

Spencer heads over to the DiLaurentis house where she finds Alison looking at some messages on the internet that people left after she first disappeared, before taking her laptop from her. Alison tells Spencer that they got the toxicology screen back from the coroner, and that somebody messed with Jessica’s pills. Alison says that Jessica had low blood pressure, but they found a drug in her system that is for the opposite problem and it stopped her heart. Spencer goes into shock and Alison asks what’s wrong before working out that Spencer thought her dad was the one to kill her mom. When Spencer nods, Alison says how hard it is to think that your parent is capable of something like that. Spencer says there has been monsters under her bed for so long, “but now when they’re not there anymore, I feel like I have to create them”.

Answering her phone, Hanna asks Spencer if she can come to give Spencer the recording Alison asked her to give out. Spencer tells her that she was with Ali and she never said anything, and Hanna thinks maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew Hanna was going to give Spencer a copy. Spencer questions if this was Ali’s idea or Hanna’s, and Hanna tells her it’s not just about Ali, it’s about Aria too. As Spencer tells Hanna that she’s getting them to add onto Alison’s lies, Hanna snaps, telling Spencer to memorise the tape because Hanna isn’t going to argue with her over the phone. If Spencer wants to yell at anyone, call Alison.

Having cooked Andrew dinner as a thank-you for helping with the garden, Spencer rejects Andrew’s attempts to help her clean up. Upset about her phone call to Hanna, Andrew asks if Spencer wants to talk about it, but she just tells him her friend is being an idiot. As Spencer slices her hand open with a knife, Andrew rushes over, asking if she needs him to get anything, she tells him she doesn’t and walks over to the kitchen cabinet to patch herself up. As she looks for a band aid, Spencer finds a bottle of high blood pressure tablets prescribed to her father, the same type of pills that were found in Jessica’s DiLaurentis’ toxicology screen.

After digging through Spencer’s fridge, Aria notices Spencer’s worried face and asks if she’s okay. Spencer tells her that when Ali disappeared, Mrs D told Spencer’s parents that she thought Spencer had something to do with it. Aria tells Spencer that Mrs D knew who hit Ali and that it wasn’t Spencer. Spencer says Jessica was trying to set her up, and she is really worried that her dad tried to stop her. Aria starts to ask Spencer if she thinks her dad killed Jessica, and Spencer confirms Aria’s line of inquiry, “and so does my mom. She practically admitted it”. Peter walks into the kitchen where Spencer tells him Aria is going to stay the night. Spencer then asks where Veronica is, and Peter tells her that she’s not coming home tonight, he dropped her off at a spa for a couple of nights. After Aria excuses herself, Peter tells Spencer that he doesn’t want her calling Veronica because Veronica really needs to relax. Peter says that the police came by to finish up what they were doing and Veronica snapped. Peter tells Spencer not to worry and that it should all blow over and Veronica will be home soon.

Miss Me x 100

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Spoby.jpg
Spencer and Toby are in Spencer’s kitchen when Toby asks if she wants him to talk to her dad, to which Spencer wishes him good luck, "he's avoiding me like the plague". Toby asks if Alison knows what Peter did to her Jessica and Spencer tells him she cannot tell Alison until she is absolutely certain that her dad killed Alison’s mom. Toby tells her that he finds it hard to picture Alison as a victim, and Spencer says that she seems really genuine when she says that what she's been through changed her, “and I want to believe her”. What Toby guesses that Spencer doesn’t trust Alison, Spencer asks him how she’s supposed to believe a story that she hasn’t been told, “if the truth is in the details, we still don’t know what happened to her”. Toby tells her they wouldn’t be them if they didn’t believe in second chances, but it’s okay to close the door on people if they're toxic. Toby's phone starts ringing and when he says its Jenna, Spencer comments that she didn’t know the two were talking again, and Toby tells her they’re not, he hasn't spoken with her since she moved to New York. After ending the call, Toby tells Spencer that Shana is dead and that it was murder.

The five girls are in Aria’s living room, where Emily tells Spencer that nobody like lying to Toby, but if he finds out what happened in New York, before she can finish Aria cuts her off, telling Spencer that she should just tell him the truth. Noticing Spencer looking in Alison's direction, Aria tells her that it's her decision, not Alison's. When Spencer tells that girls that Toby said Jenna sounded broken, Emily asks if she is still full on blind, and Spencer nods her affirmative answer. Hanna says that it is pretty clear that Jenna is back to punish them for blinding her and killing Shana, and Spencer agrees, “said with absolutely no tact, but you’re right”. Spencer explains to Aria that the new normal was supposed to be a carefree senior year, when Aria asks about Hanna’s comment on there still being enough time for a hobby.

Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria are waiting for Alison to arrive, and after the other girls wonder whether or not Alison’s actually coming, Spencer announces that she thinks she’s here. Finally getting to the other four girls, Alison thanks them for waiting, and all together they make their way into the halls of Rosewood High. After Emily and Alison walk off, Aria circles around in front of Hanna and Spencer, saying that she can’t believe Alison’s actually back in school. Hanna mentions that as abnormal as it is, it actually feels normal, to which Spencer tells her baby steps. Suddenly Spencer is asked to report to the principal's office.

Walking into the principal’s office, Spencer is surprised to find her mother waiting for her. Veronica tells her she’s sorry she has to do this at school, and when Spencer asks her what is going on, Veronica says they have to go home and pack. Spencer’s confused as to why, and Veronica reveals that she’s leaving Spencer’s father, and she’s taking Spencer with her.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Veronica is packing Spencer’s suitcase, while Spencer stands by watching, “is Melissa coming with us?” Veronica doesn’t answer, instead saying Spencer needs a jacket. Veronica tells her that she’ll answer all of Spencer’s questions when they get to the hotel, but right now she needs Spencer to stay focused in helping her get them out of here. Spencer tells Veronica that she needs her to be honest, and Spencer needs to understand what they’re running from. Veronica says that they’re not running, so Spencer reminds her that she pulled her out of school so they could be gone before Peter gets home, “I just want to know the truth!” Relenting, Veronica says that Peter did take her to a Spa, but she never checked in. She explains that she was working with a private investigator and discovered that Peter and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica DiLaurentis was killed. Veronica says thought she and Peter had an understanding. Becoming upset, Veronica trails off and moves across the room to Spencer’s wardrobe. Turning to face Spencer, Veronica tells her she wants Spencer to know that she’ll take care of her, and Spencer says “we’ll take care of each other”, before Spencer embraces her mother in a hug.

Hanna can’t believe Spencer can think about homework tonight, or that she’d trust her to get it for her. Spencer says that Hanna was actually the first person she thought of when Veronica said she was leaving Peter. Hanna can’t believe that he would risk everything to kill Mrs D., and Spencer tells her that “the police were asking questions about the girl that was in Ali’s grave, and he was just trying to protect me. He thought Mrs D. was going to set me up to take the fall for it”. Ashley knocks on the door to let Hanna know Travis is downstairs, and asks Spencer if everything is alright at home as she saw Veronica at the Bradbury. Spencer tells her they’re having plumbing issues at home, and Ashley says to tell her mother that she’s here to help if they need anything. After Ashley has left, Hanna says she could have told Ashley the truth, as she would never judge Veronica and Peter for splitting up. Spencer’s not sure why she lied, and admits that she always thought her parents would always stay together. Hanna tells her that she and all their friends are going to be there for her and leans in to hug her.

Looking out Alison’s bedroom window, Spencer watches as Peter turns off her bedroom light, before she sends Veronica a text message saying she’s with the girls and she’ll be at the hotel soon. Alison says she doesn’t think it was a coincidence that she couldn’t reach any of the Liars tonight, and Spencer asks if Alison saw who was driving, and Alison says it couldn’t have been Mona, she had help. Spencer agrees that Mona has no proof of them being in New York, and that she’s just trying to scare Alison, and Alison tells them Mona succeeded, she is scared.

At school the next day, Alison asks how Mona knew they were in New York and Aria responds by telling her she's Mona. What Aria doesn’t understand though is how Mona sent the 'New York minute' text the night they got back into town. On her phone, Spencer says that last week she learnt how to make her own satellite on the web, and when Hanna asks her what she’s going to do with a satellite, Spencer tells them that, “using a Bluetooth sniper rifle, the hacker can receive signals from a thousand yards away. It can be blue-snarfed in seconds, and the entire contents of your phone will be wirelessly uploaded”. Aria asks if Mona blue-snarfed them and Spencer just rolls her eyes and shrugs in response. Walking into the cafeteria, Mona and her army confront the Liars, “we’re not afraid of you Mona”, but Mona comes forward and exposes Alison's lie with a video to prove that Alison slapped her. Following Alison into the girls’ bathrooms, Alison tell the girls that Mona set her up.

In Toby's truck, Spencer has finally confessed everything to Toby, and he asks her what a world without ‘A’ looks like, “well, it turns out the Hastings don’t need ‘A’ to make a mess of it”. She wonders if he is mad at her for waiting so long to tell him. He gives her a look, and asks her to get closer so he can hold her close, telling her that he wants her to know that she is never alone. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session.

A breaking news story breaks in regards to the identity of the Jane Doe who was buried in Alison's grave, so everyone gathers in Emily's living room. Hanna notices Emily and Alison holding hands and asks Spencer if they're together now. Spencer in return asks if Hanna has been drinking, and when Hanna tells her it was only a sip of beer, Spencer rolls her eyes and focuses back on the television. As the Police Chief says that Bethany Young, the girl in Alison’s grave, ran away the night Alison was allegedly kidnapped, Spencer questions if she heard the Police Chief say ‘allegedly’, correctly. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode. Recovering from the glass blast, Spencer and the others walk out onto the street to find the Cavanaugh house on fire and rubble lying all over the road, “Toby, your house”. Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her. After Toby has run off to see if anyone was inside the Cavanaugh home, the Liars' cell phones all start beeping and ringing.

Run, Ali, Run

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E06 Spencer.jpg
The Liars' cell phones are beeping and ringing with an incoming text message, and Alison says that it is from A, and when Ezra asks what it says, Aria reads it out loud, "Did you miss me, bitches. -A". Hanna asks Spencer where Toby is, and Spencer says that she doesn't know, before a second explosion inside the Cavanaugh house occurs leaving Spencer and the others ducking for cover.

In Emily's bedroom, Spencer is on the phone with Toby asking him to call her later. Ending the call, Aria asks what Toby said, and Spencer tells them that nobody was inside the house, but Toby's dad broke his leg trying to avoid a tree coming down. When Hanna mentions that it could have been worse, Spencer tells her that Caleb's with them, at the hospital. Alison wonders what the text message they received means, and when Hanna says that 'A' back, Spencer says she thinks that 'A' never left, "I think A took a nap and woke up tonight". Alison wonders why A would resurface now, and Spencer says that's what they have to figure out.

Walking into her bedroom to grab a few school books, Spencer turns around to find Peter standing in her doorway. Surprised, Spencer says she didn't see his car in the driveway, and Peter tells her it's in a garage. When Spencer asks why he isn't at work, Peter says that it's a little hard to concentrate when his wife and daughter are living at a hotel. Telling him that she has class in ten minutes, Spencer tries to walk past him, but Peter blocks her and asks her what is going on, but Spencer tells him he'll have to discuss that with Veronica. Peter tells her he'd love to, but she won't return any of his calls, and Spencer tells him they know he lied about where he and Melissa were the night Mrs DiLaurents died. Peter asks how she knew that, and when Spencer asks "what are you going to do when the cops find out that the pills that killed her are in your medicine cabinet?", Peter asks if Spencer thinks he killed Jessica. Spencer says that she knows he was just trying to protect her, and Peter tells her, damn right he's been trying to protect her, but he would never take a life to cover up something she did. Spencer tells him "I didn't do anything", and Peter says neither did he, before Spencer asks him where he and Melissa were.

In the school cafeteria, Spencer confirms to Aria that Peter and Melissa drove to the lake and talked, "yeah, that's what he said, but he wouldn't say what they talked about or why he lied". Aria asks if Spencer has talked to Melissa, and Spencer says she's left "like five messages". Aria says that Veronica did the right thing by leaving, before her phone rings and she tells Spencer that it's Ezra before answering. After ending the call, Aria tells Spencer that Ezra is trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D, and when Spencer asks if he's found one, Aria tells her he hasn't. Spencer queries Aria that she's going over to Ezra's later, and Aria says she's going to help him sort through his files. Spencer wonders if that's the only reason, and when Aria doesn't answer, Spencer asks if there is something going on between the two of them, but Aria tells her no. As Spencer questions Aria why she brought Ezra to Emily's "last night", Aria admits that they had a slip. Putting down her fork, Spencer bewilders, "a slip", before Aria admits that technically it was two slips. A shocked Spencer says that she thought Aria said she'd never go their again, and Aria says that she meant it when she said it, before Spencer asks if she's forgetting about "what he did to you, what he did to us?". Aria tells her no, but Spencer reminds her that she couldn't "eat or sleep for weeks after you found out about that book", and Aria says that he took a bullet for them, but Spencer says it doesn't change the fact that he deceived her for years. Alison, Hanna and Emily join them where Hanna comments about so much for the new normal, and Emily mentions that she knew it was too good to be true, before Spencer comments, "too good to be true, because the last two weeks have been nothing but crap". Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he is, he's with Jenna and her mom. After her phone goes off, Alison is shocked at what she sees, and with the other Liars leaning in, they watch a snapchat video of Jessica DiLaurentis being buried in the Hastings backyard, along with an 'A' message.

In Hanna's kitchen, Hanna asks if Spencer is okay, and an upset Spencer tells them that "my dad didn't do it. I accused him of murder, but he didn't do it". Hanna says it makes sense as to why she thought he did, and Aria mentions not unless Peter is A, and when Spencer looks over her shoulder to Aria, Aria tells her she's just putting it out there. Spencer says that he can't be, "he thought I killed Alison. Now Bethany", and Hanna mentions that it still doesn't rule out Melissa. Aria comments that Ezra thinks Bethany can ultimately lead them to 'A', and Spencer says that they have to try and help Ezra find out as much as they can. Alison says she's can't stick around for answers, she needs to leave town, and Hanna reminds her that the whole world knows she's alive, to which Spencer asks Alison "even if you could run, where would you hide?"

Waiting at Radley Sanitarium, Spencer overhears Lieutenant Tanner talking a Radley staff member, so she grabs a magazine and sits on the couch to try and obscure herself. As Eddie walks out, Spencer thanks him for coming out and the pair hug. Eddie tells her he as a few minutes before asking how she is doing, and Spencer tells him she's doing well, "well enough to stay out of this place". She asks if he heard about the Cavanaugh settlement, and he tells her he has, and he's glad the family got some money, but Spencer tells him they would have preferred the truth. Eddie also tells Spencer that he heard about Mrs DiLaurentis, and when Spencer says she doesn't really think it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, Eddie says her he doesn't either. Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it. Noticing the security camera, Spencer suggests that they get coffee later, but Eddie tells her he can't about Bethany, or any other patient, not to cops, or reporters, or Spencer. Whispering, Spencer tells Eddie that she knows he has a set of rules he has to stick to, "but somebody very close to me might be framed for her murder. So if you could just tell me anything at all. Like if anybody from Rosewood ever visited her. Or anything, it'd be such a great help". Eddie tells her he wishes he could, and when someone yells out to him saying he has a phone call, he tells Spencer that it was good seeing her.

Spencer and Veronica are sitting down for a meal at the Grille, and Veronica tells Spencer that all her father did was substitute one ridiculous lie for another. Spencer says that maybe she would change her mind if she just talked to him, and Veronica tells her that she can't even look at him right now. Spencer says that she's going to have to, and he at least deserves to know that Veronica is going to leave him, "unless you expect me to deliver that news as well". As Veronica comments that Peter is here, Spencer says that she asked him to come. Vacating her seat, Spencer allows Peter to sit. Watching from the window, Spencer notices Peter take Veronica's hand, and with a small smile, she leaves.

In her bedroom, Spencer picks up a photo of her parents, before sitting down at her laptop and typing 'Bethany Young' into the search bar and scrolling through the webpages. As she clicks on the Radley Sanitarium webpage, Spencer picks up a notebook and starts to jot down some information.

In Emily's bedroom, Alison tells Spencer about her attack in the DiLaurentis house and that it wasn't 'A', and Spencer wonders who would want to scare her. Alison shrugs, and Emily suggests Lucas or Melissa, and when Spencer questions, "Melissa", Emily explains that she's part of Mona's gang. As Aria comes into the bedroom, she wonders who could have done this, and Emily says because Hanna wasn't with Alison, and when Spencer asks where Hanna is, Emily says she didn't call her because she was going to help Alison leave town. Alison tells them not to be pissed at Hanna, and tonight proves she should leave town because they're no closer to finding out who 'A' is. Aria says that may not be true and pulls the picture Ezra was sent out of her handbag and shows Alison, saying that it was from Eddie Lamb. When Spencer asks "Eddie. From Radley?" and Aria confirms it, Spencer gets up from the chair she was sitting on and looks at the picture with Alison and Emily. Emily says that it looks like Bethany didn't like Mrs DiLaurentis much, and Spencer sarcastically asks her, "what gave it away? Was it the demon or the spear". Spencer asks Aria what Eddie said, and Aria says he didn't say anything, he left it anonymously. Emily wonders why Eddie would leave it for Ezra, and Spencer says that Eddie wants Ezra to know that there's something to look into at Radley. Emily says one of them has to get into Radley, and Aria is quick to vote for Spencer, but Spencer says she can't go back in there, she was committed, but she thinks she has a way in. As Alison gets another text message from 'A', Spencer wonders what is worse than death.

In the Brew, Spencer meets up with Veronica, and as Spencer sits Veronica asks if Toby is coming, but Spencer tells her he isn't, he's taking his step-mom over to the Cavanaugh house to see if anything survived the fire. Spencer waits as Veronica answers a phone call, and when she ends it, Spencer asks "was that Dad?", and when Veronica says that it was, Spencer asks if they're moving back home. Veronica tells her they are, and Spencer is visibly elated, before Veronica tells her that Peter is moving out though. Confused, Spencer says that she thought Veronica said everything went well, and that she believed Peter was telling the truth, and Veronica tells her she does believe him. Veronica goes on to say that leaving Peter isn't just about one lie, it's about years of them. When Spencer says she thought they were happy, Veronica tells her they were, some of the time. Spencer pleads with Veronica to give Peter one more chance, but Veronica tells her she already has, too many.

The Silence of E. Lamb

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Walking past Emily and her mom, Spencer follows Alison into the girls’ bathroom. In the bathroom having told the girls about her mom’s dinner party, Spencer asks Emily what her mom wants with all of them, and Emily tells her she thinks her mom is mostly asking Alison. When Aria says she doesn’t think she’ll be finished at Radley as she can’t just put the Bethany drawing up on a bulletin board with her phone number, and that it may take a while, Spencer reminds her ‘A’ won’t give them a while. Aria asks Spencer if she’s going to Ezra’s later to help him move his research and spy stuff, to which Spencer tells her “sure”, before telling Emily she’ll try and make the dinner.

Walking over to the barn, Spencer greets Melissa and asks when she got back, and when Melissa says last night, Spencer asks where Peter is, to which Melissa tells her he’s at her apartment. Spencer asks if Peter is okay, and Melissa tells her he is, for the moment. Melissa asks if Spencer has been in the barn lately, and Spencer tells her no, no one has, “not since mom fired my sober buddy”, and after asking Melissa why, Melissa comments that he may have been sober, but he was a lousy housekeeper and he left food out. Spencer tells Melissa that Peter wants to sell the house, and Melissa thinks maybe they should, but Spencer tells her that the house is their home. Melissa tells Spencer that she’ll through the garbage she is holding out and then they’ll talk, and as she starts to walk past, Spencer grabs the bag off her. Asking what is in the bag, Spencer opens it up, and drops it to the ground with a gasp. Shaking her head, Melissa picks up the dead rat in the trap that was in the bag and tells Spencer that she told her Dean left food out.

Knocking, Spencer asks Ezra if he’s ready when he opens his apartment door, and telling her he is, Ezra lets her in. Walking into the apartment, Spencer comments wow, and when Ezra asks her what is wow, she tells him, “nothing. I just, wow. I forgot how enthusiastic you were about watching things”. Ezra asks her if she’s heard from Aria, and when Spencer tells him she just talked to her, Ezra says that they should have waited, and that he could take talked to Eddie himself once the police finish. Spencer tells him from her experience with Eddie Lamb, “he’s much less likely to talk to you after the police leave”, to which Ezra says that Eddie must know something, he left the picture on his doorstep. Spencer goes on to say Eddie is big on self-preservation, and seeing the concerned look on Ezra's face, she reassures him that Aria will be fine, and that Aria told her not to let Ezra do any heaving lifting. As Spencer is carrying a metal briefcase towards the door, Ezra asks if she parked downstairs, and she tells him she parked around the corner before commenting that she hopes his friend’s shed has a lot of room, “it’s a little bit more than Aria let on”. Seeing Ezra play with a piece of camera equipment, Spencer asks him if he’d let her borrow one of the cameras as there’s somebody she wants to keep an eye on, and after a moment, Ezra tells her that it will be no problem.

At Ezra's friend's shed, Spencer thanks him for showing up on the roof in New York, and Ezra tells her it’s turning into his greatest hit, before Spencer says that it was “pretty impressive”. Ezra tells Spencer that even with all the boxes and all the words, he didn’t even write the book he wanted to write, and when Spencer asks him what he wanted to write about, he tells her he wanted to write about his family, and his parents divorce. Ezra tells Spencer that he was going to figure it all out on paper, and Spencer tells him families can be hard. Ezra then mentions that he decided to write a book on a mystery he thought he could solve, but not only didn’t he solve it, he probably made it worse, to which Spencer tells him she knows that feeling, “the camera if for my sister. She’s connected to all this. Just have to figure out how”. Ezra suggests that maybe they should just put down the puzzles and walk away, and Spencer tells him when he figures out how to do that, “give me a call”.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Spencer is flipping through Bethany’s sketch book that Aria took from Rhonda, and she tells Aria that she knows it was her idea, but “you cannot go back to Radley”, to which Aria tells her she has to as Rhonda may know who visited Bethany and who Bethany’s friends were. Finding a ripped page, Spencer asks to see the drawing that Eddie left for Ezra, and they work out that the Mrs DiLaurentis drawing was the last thing she drew, and that she must have left Radley after drawing the picture. Spencer wonders “did she leave hours later? Weeks? Days?” and Aria questions how she ended up at the DiLaurentis house. Going through the earlier drawings, Spencer comments that they’re “so normal”, and it’s just what you would draw in an art class. As they continue to go through the drawings, Aria asks how Spencer went today, with Ezra, and as Spencer tells her it was fine, before Aria wonders if Spencer said anything about what Aria told Spencer about her and Ezra, and Spencer questions, “why would I slip you into a conversation? You guys have done enough slipping on your own”. Spencer and Aria watch as Bethany’s drawings get darker in content, and getting to one drawing, Aria comments that it looks like a Chagall, but Spencer mentions that it’s not flying, and as she turns the page vertically, says “she’s falling”. As Spencer tells Aria to look at the vines and the bars on the windows, Aria wonders if it’s someone falling at Radley, with Spencer questioning, “Toby’s mother?” Aria wonders if Bethany saw that, only for Spencer to say she either saw it or heard about it, and Aria wonders if Spencer thinks Bethany was the fragile patient that was on the roof with Toby’s mother that night, before Spencer asks who else knew Bethany at Radley. Flipping over the page, the girls find a picture of Jessica DiLaurentis with demon horns, and Spencer says that Mrs DiLaurentis was on the board, and she was part of the cover up. Aria concludes that Bethany left Radley and then she went looking for Mrs DiLaurentis, and Spencer finishes her thought process, “and found someone waiting for her with a shovel”. Aria thinks maybe that person was ‘A’, and Spencer tells her that she has to show the pictures to Toby, only for Aria to tell her to take a picture, she’s got to get the book back under the mattress before Big Rhonda finds out it’s missing.

As Melissa walks down the stairs having taken up food to Veronica, Spencer asks if Veronica ate anything, but Melissa tells her just some salad. Melissa mentions that she tried to coax Veronica into eating, but she doesn’t have any appetite, and Spencer says that “she knows whose side you’re on”. Melissa says she’s not on anyone’s side, but Spencer doesn’t believe it, reminding her that she’s letting Peter stay in her apartment. Melissa asks what she was supposed to do, send Peter to a hotel because Spencer and Veronica are mad with him, but Spencer defensively tells her, “I’m not mad at him. I’m just trying to figure out who he is, and who you are, and what mom and I are up against”, before Melissa points out that Spencer is taking Veronica’s side. Melissa tells Spencer that the two of them fighting isn’t helping anything, it’s bad enough between Veronica and Peter, and that parents are not supposed to stop loving each other. Spencer tells her that this isn’t about love, because “if it were about love, then, there wouldn’t be bodies buried in backyards up and down the street. This is about lies, and whispered conversations that stop when somebody walks into a room”. Spencer goes on to say it’s about Alison, and what really happened to her, “and what happened to that poor girl who ended up in her grave”. Getting emotional, Melissa tells Spencer she’s right, but it’s still about love, and sometimes people do things they can’t explain, things that they regret, but it is still about love. After Melissa has walked out of the great room, Spencer’s iPad beeps in her bag, and getting up to grab it, she clicks on the security camera footage and watches as Melissa walks into the barn.

Lying on her bed, Spencer watches the security camera footage, before getting up and walking over to her window. Looking out across to Alison’s bedroom, Spencer turns her attention back to her iPad when it beeps and clicking on the live play, she watches as somebody walks across the backyard. Pausing the footage and zooming in, Spencer watches as the person materialises into Alison.

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Aria and Emily watch the security video of Alison, and Aria asks where Alison is going and if Spencer saw her come back, but Spencer “not yet”. Emily tells Spencer and Aria about Hanna’s drinking, and that Hanna is mad at Emily so she may not even show up, but Spencer says she has to show up, “we have to figure out what Ali’s up to”. All three girls’ phones start beeping and ringing with an incoming text message, and after reading it, they look up to Hanna who has just arrived. After Aria asks if Hanna got the text message, and Hanna telling them no, Spencer hands her phone off to Hanna where Hanna reads it aloud, “New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth. –A”, before Spencer asks Hanna, “care to fill us in?”

Scream For Me

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In choir class, Spencer and the other Liars sing while keeping an eye on Alison who is being questioned by Lieutenant Tanner in a small room just off of the music room. As class finishes, Emily wonders why Tanner would interview Alison in front of them, and Spencer says to make a point, “and we’re next”. Reaching for her bag, Aria says she’s got to go tell Ezra, and when Spencer tries to get her to wait, Aria says that Ezra needs to know what was broadcast in The Brew so he’s not ambushed if Tanner decides to question him while he’s having a medical check-up in New York. Alison, having grabbed her sheet music book walks back over to the girls, and after Emily asks her what is wrong, Alison wonders when someone had the opportunity to mark her book. Spencer asks if she had her bag on her all morning, and Alison tells her she did. Hanna grabs Alison’s sheet music book, and when Hanna says she doesn’t get it, Spencer explains that someone has circled all the A’s. After seeing a reaction on Spencer, Hanna and Emily’s faces, Alison asks if there is something else, so Spencer reads out what they found, “glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up. –A”. Looking over their shoulders, the girls look around the music room to see who could have left the note for Alison.

Spencer and Emily walk through the halls of Rosewood High, and Emily comments that it’s not an outrageous theory and that Mona may have recruited half of the school to torture Alison. Spencer mentions that it’s not just Alison, they are all hearing from ‘A’ again and they still have no idea who was in The Brew with Hanna and Sydney, before Emily says that maybe Sydney can help them. At Hanna’s locker, an empty beer can falls out and Spencer questions if Hanna is collecting it for recycling. Emily wonders what is going on with Hanna and when Hanna asks what she’s talking about, Spencer tells her that yesterday her blouse was on inside out and today her locker smells like Oktoberfest. When Hanna asks if Spencer is the hall monitor, Spencer tells her no, “we’re your friends and we’re a little bit concerned”. Hanna tells Spencer that the can isn’t even hers and that Caleb probably put it in her bag, and when Spencer gives Hanna a look, Hanna tells Spencer not to start, she already has one friend throwing her shade. Emily asks Hanna if she’s apologised to Aria and when Hanna mentions that she left a message, Spencer tells her that they heard the message and it sounded like Hanna was underwater and Caleb was laughing in the background. Hanna comments that Caleb’s laughter was because he was watching a man eat his own beard on YouTube, and calling the act classy, Spencer says Hanna may need to apologise again, before Emily adds that Hanna also needs to apologise to Alison as she nearly outed her in front of Pam. As the school bell rings, Spencer suggests they just finish this at lunch, but Hanna says that she has other plans.

As Toby is going through Bethany’s drawings on Spencer’s phone, Spencer mentions that it just gets more twisted, and if Bethany was the one who pushed his mother off the roof, and Mrs DiLaurentis covered for it, then she doesn’t understand why Bethany would draw pictures of Mrs DiLaurentis getting skewered by a demon. Spencer goes on to wonder why Bethany would turn on Mrs DiLaurentis and if ‘A’ played any part in it, “because right now the only common denominator between Bethany and Mrs D is A”. Apologising to Toby, Spencer says she knows he wanted to put Radley behind him, but Toby tells her he can’t put it behind him until it’s over, and it’s not. Getting up off his stool, Toby says that it may be soon, once he’s asking questions from the inside, and after he opens the fridge, Spencer questions what he means, “the inside of what?”, before Toby wonders if both of her parents moved out. Spencer tells him that her mom isn’t sitting down for a meal, “barely even eating”. Toby tells Spencer that her parents will work through it, they have a lot of history together, but Spencer tells him its history that is splitting them up. Spencer reposes her question of what he meant by the inside, and Toby tells her the police department, and that he enrolled in the Harrisburg police academy. Laughing, Spencer comments that he wouldn’t do that, “why would you do that without telling me?”, and Toby tells her he didn’t because he anticipated her warm and encouraging response. When Spencer tells him he can’t just become a policeman, Toby asks her why not, before saying that he thought the uniform was a turn on, but Spencer tells him no, “is this why you cut your hair?” Spencer tells Toby that people do not just up and join a police academy, but Toby tells Spencer that they do when they’re tired of watching people they love feel unprotected. Toby goes on to say that the cops in Rosewood are either bungling or corrupt, and wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone inside that building who actually cares, somebody who will have access to all those police records.

On the phone with Aria, Spencer listens as Aria tells her that she’ll never get back into Big Rhonda’s room, and when Spencer asks if they fired her, Aria say that she didn’t kill her, she just gave her a freakin’ root beer. Spencer asks what the name of the stables is, and Aria says that she doesn’t know, but they can figure it out. Aria questions how many stables are near Louisburg, and Spencer mentions that it’s “called horse country for a reason”.

In the music room at Rosewood High, Spencer puts away a music stand as Emily is talking with an administrator. Emily tells Spencer that the administrator wanted to know why Hanna was absent, and when Spencer asks what Emily said, Emily comments that she said she doesn’t know, before saying that Hanna is just trying to avoid Aria. Spencer says that avoiding is not returning a call, “chasing down your morning muffin with malt liquor, that’s something else”. Spencer goes on to say that if Hanna won’t listen to them, someone has to talk to Caleb. Emily gets a text message, and tells Spencer that Aria found out the name of the stables, and Spencer says they should go after school. When Emily asks what exactly they would be looking for, Spencer mentions that they always thought that Mrs D was protecting however hit Ali out of love. What if it was out of fear?” Spencer goes on to ask what if this person has someone on her, and Emily questions if they are now thinking that Bethany hit Alison. As Hanna walks into class, Spencer asks where has been, and Hanna says that she fell asleep in Caleb’s car. As Emily tries to get a crispy treat out of Hanna’s hair, Spencer asks why she is napping at 10am, and snapping, Hanna says that she couldn’t sleep, and that she has a new roommate named Alison and that there is other stuff too. Spencer asks what other stuff Hanna has going on, and after Emily makes a comment about ‘A’, Hanna tells them that it’s not ‘A’, but she had a really weird moment with Emily’s boss last night. Hanna explains that she went to the Brew to get a sandwich and he got a little bit too friendly. Spencer asks Hanna if she’s sure she’s “not reading into this”, and Hanna tells her no, before Spencer questions if she was buzzed. Standing up, Hanna says they should just forget she said anything, and when Emily tries to get her to wait, Hanna tells them that the only reason she said anything is because part of her wants to tell Aria, but if the two of them don’t believe her. After Emily cuts Hanna off, Spencer says that if Hanna misinterpreted what happened at all, “you don’t want to be putting it out there two days before this guy’s engagement party”.

At Tilting Windmill Equestrian Center, Spencer and Emily walk up to a guy named Declan, and Spencer explains that the lady said he was the guy to talk to for lessons. When Declan says that he doesn’t work with beginners, Spencer tells him she’s not, and that she’s had eight years of English. Spencer mentions that they’ve heard that this place is really great, and that their neighbour used to ride up here, “Jessica DiLaurentis. She might not have been up here for a while, but there was this horse, Custard”. Declan asks Emily if she’s up here on some sort of dare because she looks spooked around Zara, but Spencer steps in says that she’s not spooked, just shy. After Declan has untied Zara and taken her into the stables, Spencer turns to Emily and asks if she’s mute.

Walking up to Declan, Spencer comments that they are “still here”, and that they are curious as to if they ever let people adopt the horses. Declan says that it has been done a few times, special cases, before saying that the lady they are talking about came up to Tilting Windmill with the strange girl. When Spencer questions, “Bethany?”, Declan says that he doesn’t remember names, but after the bucket incident, he doesn’t think they ever came back. Spencer wonders if it were always the two of them, or perhaps there was a third person, “another blonde girl who called Mrs DiLaurentis, mom”, but Declan tells her that a lot of people come through the center and he doesn’t take attendance. As Spencer and Emily turn to walk off, Emily questions Spencer why she asked if Alison had come up to the stables, especially after Alison told them she never met Bethany, to which Spencer reminds Emily that Alison has told them a lot of things. When Emily asks Spencer where she is going with her inquiry, Spencer says that she doesn’t know and that she just thought it would be worth it to float the question. Emily comments that it’s about to start pouring and that they should go, but Spencer tells her no, she has to take a look around first.

In the stables, Spencer is going through a visitors list, and when Emily says that they’re not going to list every visitor, Spencer says that she does no know that, “and I’m looking for Alison’s handwriting”. After Emily has walked into a stall, she picks up a riding helmet, and Spencer asks if she’s found something before asking why it is in the stall. When Emily asks what she means, Spencer doesn’t answer, but continues to look at the riding helmet before saying that “this is my sisters”. Telling Emily to look at the initials, Spencer says that she recognised the riding creases from where they used to take lessons, “but what is it doing here?” As a horse in the next stall starts acting up, Emily asks what he is doing, and Spencer explains that it is the thunder. Emily comments that they should go, but Spencer tells her no, not yet. Emily tells Spencer that she can take the riding helmet with her, to which Spencer mentions that she wants to check the list again, “maybe Melissa signed in with a different name”. Emily goes to leave, but comments that the gate is locked, before asking how they are supposed to get out. The horse in the next stall starts to kick at the fence, and looking up, Spencer tells Emily to quickly grab the other end of the ladder, and that they need to push it up against the gate. As the horse kicks the fence, a piece of wood snaps off and hits Spencer in the eye. While Emily is holding Spencer, the horse kicks the railing again and with the force of the kick and the ladder, the gate is forced open. Picking up the riding helmet, Spencer and Emily run from the stables.

Wetting a cloth, Spencer holds it to her eye and as there is a knock on the great room doors of the Hastings house, Spencer walks over to open it, but cannot see who is standing there because her vision is blurred. Finally recognising Toby, Spencer lets him again, where he tells Spencer that he got her message and then proceeds to ask what happened to her eye. Spencer tells him that something to stuck in it and she’s trying to get it out, and when Toby asks her what he can smell, Spencer tells him that it’s manure. Spencer explains that she and Emily went over to the stables Mrs DiLaurentis used to take Bethany, and when Toby asks if they found something, Spencer says that Bethany apparently didn’t like to be bribed, “and my sisters riding helmet was there”. Toby asks if Melissa has also been up there, and Spencer tells him it’s a possibility, or ‘A’ planted it. Toby again asks what happened to Spencer’s eye, and she tells him that they got locked in a stall and the horse next to them went psychotic and “we got really close to being kicked to death”. Toby wonders if ‘A’ has taken credit for what happened yet, and when Spencer mentions his name, Toby tells her he’s so tired of feeling like this. As Spencer asks him “feeling like what?” Toby tells her, powerless. Spencer says that’s what she wanted to call and tell him, and when Toby wonders if she was going to tell him that she was lucky she didn’t get trampled, Spencer tells him no, “to tell you that I’m sorry”. Toby kneels down in front of her and asks what she is talking about and Spencer tells him that if becoming a cop is going to put an end to this “then I says go. Study hard. Graduate early. Because coming back to this house, with my parents split up. Melissa being a part of this, I just”. Trailing off, Spencer tells Toby that it’s getting “so much worse”, and having taken the cloth from Spencer, Toby hold it to her eye and rests his forehead against hers.

Spencer walks into Alison’s bedroom, and Emily asks if she’s heard from Aria, but Spencer tells her no, “I just got off the phone with Hanna though”. Spencer asks Alison what is with the cop car in her driveway, and Alison says the cop brought her hear so he could get her dad’s numbers in Westport, and so Alison could pack up a few more things. Emily asks Spencer how Hanna’s mom is, and Spencer tells her that Ashley is a basket case, before questioning Alison if this is how it’s going to be from now on, “our parents are going to be physically attacked too”. Going on to say this is not the same ‘A’ who got their jollies by breaking into their lockers and leaving nasty notes, this ‘A’ is, but before Spencer can finish, Alison tells them it was Noel Kahn. Alison says that she asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house, and that she needed someone who mattered, someone like Hanna’s mom to stop questioning what happened to her. When Spencer asks why she would do that, Alison says that it worked.

March of Crimes

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Alison is putting some clothes away in Hanna’s wardrobe when Emily asks her why Noel would help her break into the Marin house, before Spencer asks how he would have explained himself if he was caught, “I’m sorry Mrs Marin, I just needed to borrow a butcher knife”. Turning around, Alison tells Spencer’s she a little loud, to which Spencer comments that Alison is “a little crazy”. Emily mentions that Spencer’s eye is getting worse, but Spencer says that she can see plenty out of the other one. After Hanna walks into her bedroom, Alison mentions that Tanner is trying to poke holes in their story, and correcting her, Spencer tells Alison that it is her story. Alison’s phone rings and Spencer questions if it’s Noel, “is that who you’ve been sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night to meet?” Alison asks Spencer what that’s supposed to mean, before wondering if she has been spying on her. When Alison doesn’t get an answer, she says that maybe now they’ll understand why she turned to Noel, and at least someone still has her back. As Alison starts walking out of Hanna’s bedroom, Emily asks her where she is going, and Alison says that she’s going to call her dad back, she’d like to do it outside, before questioning if Spencer is going to follow her or if she already has a camera set up for that. Peering out of the door frame after Alison leaves, Spencer mentions to Emily and Hanna and she never answered that question about Noel, and the only thing she can’t figure out is how he had time to “break into this place and lock us in those stables”. Emily tells Spencer that it wasn’t Noel’s helmet in those stables and they should be wondering if Melissa, but before Emily can finish, Spencer cuts her off and says that her sister wasn’t the one who hired Noel Kahn to terrorise Hanna’s mother, and that Alison has clearly gone rogue. As Emily says that she walked in on Alison being choked and it wasn’t Noel, Spencer asks if she’s sure. Noticing Hanna drinking from a flask, Spencer tells her to take it easy, but Hanna says last time she checked they were still in her bedroom. Hanna mentions that even the doorknob smells of Alison, to which Spencer wonders why Hanna was smelling the doorknob. Emily gets a text message from her mother and says that she has to leave, and when Hanna begs to go with her, Emily tells Spencer to make sure Hanna doesn’t drink and dial.

At her locker, Spencer sends Emily a text message, “just saw Noel. He’s def here today”, and after pocketing her phone and closing her locker, Spencer turns around to see Alison approaching her. Alison questions if Spencer is next, and when Spencer asks her “what?”, Alison explains that Tanner is at school again. As Alison says that if Tanner gets one of them to cave, and as she trails off, Spencer says that she’s not caving. Alison wonders about Aria, as she’s totally icing them out, before asking if there is something going on between her and Hanna. Spencer says that she doesn’t know, and Alison mentions that neither does Hanna, or at least that’s what she says. Spencer wonders how long Alison is going to be staying with Hanna, and where her dad is, and Alison says that she played down what happened last night so he wouldn’t rush back. Seeing Spencer’s face, Alison adds that it’s not like she feels safe in her bedroom, before Spencer says that she needs to go to class and that she needs to leave early to go see the eye doctor. As Spencer starts walking off, Alison calls out to her, and mentions that if one of them falls, they all fall, and ‘A’ wins. Looking past Alison, Spencer notices Hanna stumbling in, and when she asks Alison if her and Hanna came to school together. Alison tells Spencer no, Caleb dropped Hanna off, and comments that Hanna should be the one who Spencer follows.

As Caleb lets Spencer into his cabin, she wonders if Toby has been up there recently. Caleb tells her no and asks why, and Spencer wonders, “how about the board of health?” Caleb comments that he was going to straighten up after he took a shower, before offering Spencer a seat, but Spencer tells him she can’t, she was just stopping by on her way to the Ophthalmologist. Noticing the frying pan Caleb is holding, she asks if something is growing in it, and looking at the pan, Caleb mentions that Hanna tried to make nachos. Spencer tells Caleb that “this can’t go on”, and Caleb tells her that it is a frying pan and he’ll just buy Toby’s step mom a new one. Spencer comments that she’s talking about Hanna, “she’s a mess, and she’s been that way ever since you got back”. Caleb mentions that he thinks Spencer has him confused with Alison, and Spencer tells him she knows the difference. Spencer begins to say that Hanna is getting wasted in the middle of the day, and cutting in, Caleb saying that she’s not wasted, but going on, Spencer says that Hanna is crashing into people that she cares about. When Spencer says she understands Hanna not wanting to toast Zack tonight, Caleb questions what Hanna has against Zack, to which Spencer corrects herself and says she meant Aria and Aria’s family. As Caleb tells Spencer that she’s going to have to draw him a map, Spencer tells him that he’s not dense, “you know what we’re up against. ‘A’ is back and the cops are circling us with a million questions”. Spencer mentions that Hanna cannot be stumbling around the halls of school like she’s been on a bender in Cancun, to which Caleb questions her what is wrong with Cancun, and for her not to knock it until she’s been there. Spencer says that Hanna is making some scary mistakes, and when Caleb says that she’s a big girl, Spencer goes on to say that she’s also a loose cannon and he is supplying her with gun powder. When Caleb asks her what, Spencer points out that Hanna isn’t drinking alone. Spencer begins to say she doesn’t know what happened while Caleb was away, and cutting her off Caleb tells her she’s right, she doesn’t know the first thing about it. Going on, Spencer says that it none of her business, “and maybe I’m not one to judge”, but the thing is she always thought Caleb was the best thing to ever happen to Hanna, “and it really hurts to watch you guys fight whatever is eating at you like this”. As Spencer says that he and Hanna used to draw strength from each other and now she doesn’t get what is happening, Caleb tells her he has to take a shower.

At the Optometrists office, a nurse puts some drops in Spencer’s eyes and tells her that she can sit out in the waiting room and relax while her pupils dilate. Grabbing her phone, Spencer goes through her call history, but her vision is blurring. Looking around the waiting room in a blur, Spencer lightly rubs her eye before trying to focus on her hand which is blurry. Looking over at the reception table, Spencer notices two Jenna’s, and grabbing her phone, she goes to take a photo, but Jenna and Jenna are not in the frame when Spencer goes to check the snapshot.

Walking into a consulting room, Spencer calls Emily, and after Emily asks if she can call her right back, Spencer tells her no. Emily mentions that she is in Noel’s car, but Spencer tells her that “Jenna is here, okay. With another Jenna”. Emily asks Spencer what, and Spencer explains that they gave her these eye drops and she thought that she was hallucinating but she’s not. Emily mentions that she got Noel’s keys out of his locker and she searched his car, and that he was pictures of Alison from when she was dead. Spencer tells Emily that it makes no sense, and Emily wonders if seeing two Jenna’s does. Spencer asks Emily to define “dead”, and Emily tells her the last two years of Alison’s life, before Spencer wonders why Noel would even have that stuff. Spencer tells Emily that she needs to her to come right “here”, and when Emily says that she can’t, Spencer says that her eyes are not playing tricks on her and “something freaky is happening”. After Emily drops out, Spencer redials her number and turning around, Spencer notices an ‘A’ message on the letter chart, “CAN UCME YET A”.

Back in the waiting room, Spencer is pacing when Emily rushes in and asks Spencer which room the chart was in. Telling Emily to “shhh”, Spencer tells her that they are in there, and when Emily asks who is in there, Spencer says, “Jenna…. And Jenna”. Reaching into her bag, Emily asks if Spencer wants to see what she found, but Spencer tells her no, “I can’t even see my feet right now”. Hearing a walking stick, Spencer turns around, and Emily recognises Sydney as the second Jenna. Emily wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Jenna tries to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer tells Sydney that Emily asked her a question. Stepping in, Jenna says that it sounded more like an accusation, and when Emily asks Sydney why she never mentioned she and Jenna were friends, Jenna comments that maybe it never came up. Spencer tells Jenna that maybe she should let Sydney speak for herself, and when Jenna questions Spencer, Spencer comments that “when you ask the organ grinder a question you don’t really want to hear from the monkey”. Jenna asks Sydney if they can please leave, and when Emily tries to get them to wait, Jenna wonders how long it is going to take them to realise that they are nervous around the wrong person, and that she’s not Alison.

Walking into her family’s lake house, Spencer turns on the lights, and opening a drawer of a cabinet, she goes to stash Noel’s tapes and photos. Hearing a creaking sound, Spencer looks around the room, before closing the drawer and moving over to a bureau. Placing the envelope inside, Spencer takes the key from the hutch, and pocketing it she turns around. Noticing feet move under one of the sheets draping an armchair, Spencer grabs a fire stoke and pulls the protective sheet from the armchair. Stumbling backwards in surprise, Noel calls surprise, before Spencer asks him what he is doing “here”. As Noel asks her for the key, Spencer tells him to get out, “I swear Noel get the hell out or I’ll”, but before she can finish, Noel cuts in and wonders if she’ll call the cops questioning if she’s sure she want the cops to see what she’s hiding. Spencer tells him to “get out of here, now!”, before Noel comments that she breaks into his car, steals something from him and he’s the bad guy. Noel again asks for the key and Spencer asks him why he even has that stuff, “we know that it was you who broke into Hanna’s house. We know they you’re helping Alison”. Telling Spencer that she knows nothing, Noel demands Spencer give him the key and as he reaches for the fire stoke, Spencer asks what he’s going to do with the stuff. Spencer demands Noel to talk, and Noel tells her that Alison doesn’t even know he has it, and if Spencer tells her that he does, but before Noel can finish, Spencer asks if he and Alison are working together or not. Noel explains that their friend likes to throw away people when she’s done using them, and he needs to be prepared. Noel says that they aren’t just pictures, it’s proof that she was never kidnapped, and when Spencer questions if Noel is going to blackmail Alison, he tells her that it’s not blackmail, it’s insurance. Spencer wonders where he get the pictures and the tape, and Noel tells her that Shana sent them to Jenna and Alison asked him to borrow them from Jenna’s bedroom. When Spencer asks if he broke into that house too, “when?”, Noel tells her he was in their minutes before it blew up. Noel goes on to say that Alison keeps telling him that he’s lucky he got out when he did, but part of him is starting to wonder if that explosion wasn’t a coincidence. Spencer questions what Alison has on him and why he would do this for her, but Noel tells her enough with the questions, and for her to just give him the key. When Spencer tells him no, Noel demands her give it to him and stepping towards her, Spencer cuts his hand with the fire stoke. Raising the fire stoke ready to strike, Spencer tells Noel that if he tries it again she will slit his face open. As Noel tells Spencer that the stuff is his, Spencer mentions that he’s not the only one who needs insurance, “we need it too, okay”, before promising him that she’ll keep it in a much safer place. Spencer tells Noel to go, and when he doesn’t move, she says it again with much more authority, “go!”

A Dark Ali

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E10 Spencer.jpg
In Alison’s bedroom, Spencer and the other girls are shocked to hear that Alison said she didn’t know who her ‘kidnapper’ was, and therefore Cyrus Petrillo is still in police custody. When Emily suggests that Alison could have said no, and Alison reminds her that she was ‘blindfolded’, Spencer asks if they seriously have to remind her that she was never actually kidnapped. Emily points out that Cyrus’ confession is A’s doing as he knew about the rock, where she was kept, what she ate, what mattress she slept on, and when Hanna realises that it’s the same story that Alison told the doctor, Spencer says it’s the same story she also told Holbrook the night they got back from New York.

Walking out of the DiLaurentis house, Hanna wonders if it’s weird they haven’t got a text message from ‘A’ yet, to which Aria says that she doesn’t need a creepy text to read the writing on the wall. Emily tells Hanna and Aria to keep their voices down as they walk passed a police car parked outside, and Spencer sarcastically comments that with them there they won’t have to worry about being imaginary kidnapped. Aria mentions that once Tanner finds out the kidnapping story is a lie, it won’t be long before they figure out about New York and Shana. Emily says that Alison isn’t an idiot and she’s not going to walk right into an obvious ‘A’ trap, but Spencer says they don’t know that anymore, “we all heard her in there. She’s gone rogue”. Aria says that someone needs to go back in and make sure that Alison doesn’t ID Cyrus, and Hanna is quick to nominate Emily and Spencer agrees. Emily points out that Spencer is the convincing one, and when Aria mentions that she is the hardest to disappoint, Spencer adds, “it’s about your eyes”. After Emily has walked off, Hanna asks Aria how her mom is, and Aria says that she’s heartbroken. As Hanna comments that it’s so awful, first Aria’s dad cheats on her mom and then her mom’s sleaze bag boyfriend hits on her, Spencer tells Hanna that Aria was there, “she doesn’t need a play-by-play”. When Hanna notices playing toying with an envelope in her bag, she asks what it is, and Spencer explains that it’s Noel Kahn’s insurance policy. As Aria reaches for the envelope, Spencer says it’s everything Shana gave to Jenna that proves Alison was dead, “Ali knew it was out there, she just didn’t tell us about it”. Aria asks Spencer if Alison knows about it, and Spencer tells her no, and that she’s headed to her house to stash it. As Aria wonders if it’s safe for it to be in her house, Spencer tells her that she as a spot. Hanna questions Spencer about her spot, and Spencer says that nobody else knows about it. Hanna says that maybe Spencer should tell them where the spot is, just in case anything would happen to her, but opening the passenger door of Aria’s car, Spencer says goodbye to Hanna. Aria tells Spencer to be careful, and Spencer tells her that she will.

Walking into her bedroom, Spencer, on the phone with Emily, asks how it went with Alison. Emily says that it was unclear and that Mr D kind of kicked her out, before she asks if Spencer found a place for the thing from you know who. Spencer asks if Emily is speaking in code now, and Emily says that it sounds like a good idea. Walking over to her armchair with the envelope, Spencer says that she still needs a more permanent solution, “but I’ve got a temporary one”. Spencer asks Emily what she’s up to, and Emily mentions that she’s avoiding the Brew as much as possible, Zack may have gone back to Austria, but the place is still tainted. Emily asks Spencer if she’s ever tried Blue Lite Café, and when Spencer tells her “no”, Emily tells her not to. Having already taken the seat cushion off the armchair, Spencer lifts a cut out in the lining that reveals a secret compartment, and is shocked it find it empty. Emily asks her what is going on, and Spencer says that it’s gone. Emily asks what’s gone, and Spencer tells her the recording Alison gave her in the medical exam, “it’s gone”. Emily questions if it’s gone as in stolen or gone as in…, and as she’s searching around on the floor, Spencer tells Emily that this is not code, “it’s gone as in it’s not here”. Placing her phone down on the carpet, Spencer is crawling around on the floor, searching for the recording when Melissa walks in and asks if she needs any help. Sitting up and turning around, Spencer says she thought Melissa had left already, to which Melissa tells her that they forgot the grocery list. When Melissa wonders if Spencer is looking for something, or just redecorating, Spencer tells her she just dropped her pen. Spencer asks what Melissa wants, and Melissa tells her that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner tonight. As Spencer’s phone starts ringing with an incoming call, Melissa picks it up off the floor and hands it to Spencer, telling her to take it, and that she’ll wait. Answering the call, Spencer tells Emily that she’ll have to call her back later, before the caller starts playing Alison’s voice recording. As Spencer ends the call, Melissa asks if something is wrong, and Spencer tells Melissa to “tell mom that we’re out of peanut butter”. After Melissa has walked out of her room, Spencer receives a text message, “Check mate. –A”.

In her car, Spencer drives past Hanna and Caleb who are running. Pulling over, Spencer gets out of her car and comments that when Mrs Marin said Hanna was out on a run she thought she was joking, only for Hanna to tell her that seeing is believing. Spencer asks if Caleb can give them a second, but Hanna tells Spencer no. When Spencer questions “no?”, Hanna tells her that they’re doing a loop. Spencer says that “this is important”, and when Hanna doesn’t say anything, Spencer goes on to say that she stayed up all night looking through the surveillance footage of her backyard trying to figure out who took the recording of Alison. Hanna tells Spencer that whatever it is, she just not interested, and when Spencer mentions that she doesn’t even know what “it is” yet, Hanna says that she has to be at the audition in an hour, and as she has to. As Hanna starts to run off, Spencer asks her what audition, and questions if Hanna is seriously running away, “I’m fast than you, and I have a car!” Caleb tells Spencer to lay off it, and when Spencer asks what’s going on, Caleb tells her that she asked him to help Hanna, and that’s what he’s doing.

In Aria’s bedroom, Spencer tells Aria to “just watch the bushes” as they look through the surveillance footage of the Hastings’ backyard. Aria asks who the person coming out of the bushes is, and Spencer tells her to just watch. As Aria questions that Melissa just gave the guy something, Spencer says that “that’s not all”, and zooming in on the footage, Spencer tells Aria to watch what Melissa is saying, “do it. Trust me. Do it”. Aria asks when the video was recorded and Spencer tells her three nights ago, less than 24 hours before Cyrus Petrillo confessed. Aria wonders if Spencer thinks the guy in the Hastings’ backyard is Alison’s fake kidnapper, and Spencer says they already know Melissa is working for Mona, so why not ‘A’ to. Aria wonders if Spencer thinks Melissa sent her that text, and Spencer tells her maybe, “she always liked chess”. Spencer says that they cannot take any more chances and that they have to cut the cord with Alison before she drags them down with her. Aria asks what Spencer is saying, and Spencer tells her that they use what they got from Noel, “the pictures, the conversation with Shana”, as they prove that Alison was alive and decidedly un-kidnapped for the past two years. Aria questions how that help them, and Spencer tells her that they go to Tanner and they tell her the truth, “that we thought that Ali was dead up until Ravenswood. The only thing we know the past two years is whatever Ali told us. That she lied to us, just like she lied to them”. Aria wonders about New York, and that they can’t just come half clean, and Spencer says that she knows, “but we tell her what happened there too. That it was self-defense and you were protecting us. That’s the truth”. Aria says that the truth doesn’t amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars, and that the whole reason she’s freaking out about the Cyrus thing is because it could lead Tanner to the Theater. When Aria questions if Spencer wants to beat ‘A’ to the punch, Spencer tells her exactly, “because it’s better if they find out from us”.

Spencer is sitting on Emily’s bedroom floor when Emily walks is and says that Spencer was supposed to meet her outside her house, not in her room. Spencer says that Emily’s mom let her in on her way out, “she made me some snacks”. As Spencer offers Emily a carrot stick, Emily tells her that she doesn’t want Noel’s stuff in her house, and if it’s not safe at Spencer’s, than it’s not safe at hers. Spencer’s phone rings, and when Emily asks if it’s ‘A’ again, Spencer tells her that it’s Noel Kahn, “he wants his loot back”. Emily tells Spencer not to answer, but Spencer says she has to, “we might need him”, and that he may have more pictures or information that they can use. Emily reaches for Spencer’s phone and wonders what they could use more information for, turn on their friend. Declining the call, Emily goes on to say that Aria filled her in on Spencer’s great idea, and it’s not going to happen. Emily says that they should be burning the photos, and as she goes to reach for one, Spencer snaps her hand down on the photo, “Ali is not our friend right now. She’s a dangerous person who has no problem gambling with our lives”. Emily says that Alison isn’t dangerous, she’s hurt, and when Spencer questions her, Emily says that Alison doesn’t want her to tell anyone. As Emily gather’s up the photos, Spencer says that of course Alison doesn’t, “it’s always the same with you two, isn’t it?”, to which Emily tells Spencer to trust her, and that Alison’s not doing to ID Cyrus. Going on, Emily says that Alison is going to wait out the 48 hours and after that the cops have to let him go and it’s all over, and when Spencer asks if Emily believes her, “after all the lies she’s told?”, Emily says she does. As Spencer shakes her head, Emily tells her that Alison is not the problem, Melissa is, and that she’s the one who gave Cyrus the recording of Ali’s medical exam. Emily tells Spencer that she did her part, she talked to Alison, now if Spencer really wants to help, she has to talk with Melissa.

Sneaking quietly into her house, Spencer jumps when Melissa walks out of the shadows of the kitchen and asks if she found what she was looking for. Spencer mentions that she’s missing her blue sweater and she thought it may have ended up in the barn. Melissa asks if she had any luck, and Spencer tells her “no not really”, before telling Melissa that she saw her computer, “I know you’re looking up flights. London, Zurich, Taiwan”. When Spencer asks if she’s planning a vacation or running away, Melissa questions how that is any of her business, and Spencer wonders, “I don’t know, is it?”, before revealing that she knows Melissa is helping Mona. Spencer wonders if someone is making Melissa do something she doesn’t want to do and if she’s trying to run away, and Melissa questions if this is what it has come to, them searching each others rooms, looking for answers to questions they’re too afraid to ask. Melissa explains that she only helped Mona because she wanted Spencer to see that Alison hasn’t changed, and that she is as toxic as ever. Melissa says that they both know Alison wasn’t kidnapped, but sooner or later she is going to get what she deserves, and when it happens, she doesn’t want Spencer standing too close. Spencer questions if it’s all sisterly concern, and when Melissa asks if that’s so hard to believe. Stepping closer, Spencer asks Melissa what she did, “and I’m asking you, to your face this time”, but Melissa says that she can’t tell her, not yet. As Melissa begins to walk off, Spencer comments that Melissa is her sister, and questions if that means nothing to her, but Melissa tells her she should know that honesty does not come easy for their family. Spencer tells her that they can improve upon their genetics and they should at least try, to which Melissa tells her she’s trying. Opening one of the great room doors to leave, Melissa turns back to Spencer, and tells her that it is not safe for her here, or for Spencer, and that maybe Spencer should go with her.

In the Marin kitchen, Aria questions what Melissa said, that sooner or later Alison is going to get what she deserves, and Spencer tells her “yeah”, and that Melissa basically admitted that ‘A’ has something terrible in store for Alison, and them. Spencer mentions that it’s not too late, “we can go to Tanner. We can tell her the truth about Ali”, and Aria says that she knows, Spencer has mentioned that like 16 times already. When Hanna walks in to join them, Spencer asks what she’s smiling about, and Hanna tells her that it’s just a smile. Spencer mentions that she said this might happen, Alison walking into an ‘A’ trap with both eyes open, but she still can’t believe it, and Aria says that she can’t either. As Emily walks in from the patio doors, she tells Spencer that she was right, they can’t trust Alison, and that they need to cut ties with Alison now, tonight.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

File:Pretty Little Liars S05E11 Spencer.jpg
Walking towards the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer and the other girls stop across the street and look towards the precinct. Aria comments that it seems as though they’ve been here before, to which Hanna says that they’ll get it right this time. When Emily comments that this time is different, Spencer mentions that after this, Alison is on her own. As the girls start to cross the street, Emily notices the television screens in the shopfront behind them flickering and tells them all to wait. Walking back towards the shop, security footage of Alison leaving Hanna’s hospital room start playing, before a message materialises over the images, “we’re all in this together. A”. As Spencer picks up a brick and runs towards the shopfront, Aria, Emily and Hanna yell out to her and stop her from smashing the window. When the Alison security footage suddenly changes to the girls standing on the sidewalk looking at the shop window, the other girls start to walk back in the direction they came, but Spencer stays frozen in place and another ‘A’ message displays on the screen, “act normal, bitches’.

In The Brew, Spencer is sitting on one of the couches while Emily grabs them a hot drink. As Emily walks back over, Spencer tells her that Hanna went to go check on Caleb and Aria went home. When Emily tries to give Spencer her drink, Spencer tells her that she can’t drink coffee right now, to which Emily says that it’s decaf and that she bought it for the whipped cream. Emily asks if Spencer is feeling better, and Spencer tells her that she doesn’t feel better, but she does feel less stupid. Spencer thanks Emily for stopping her, and Emily tells her to save it for a real target. Spencer questions if the real target is ‘A’ in the flesh, to which Emily says that that’s one candidate. When Spencer asks Emily who she’s thinking of, Emily shrugs before saying that they’re all in this together, and that could be ‘A’, or it could be Alison. Liking her spoon, Spencer tells Emily that it could be ‘A’ wanting them to think its Alison. At that moment, Spencer’s phone rings and when she says that “it’s Alison”, Emily asks if she’s going to answer. Declining the call, Spencer says that she thinks they need to hit the mute button right now, before asking how Emily is. When Emily looks up to Spencer, Spencer mentions that she was the one who hung in there the longest, to which Emily says that she wasn’t defending Alison, she was defending somebody from a long time ago, maybe somebody who never existed. Emily goes on to say that the thing that she had with Paige was so genuine, and as she trails off, Spencer asks if Emily can fix it. Emily sarcastically tells Spencer sure, she can tell Paige she was right all along, her bad, now let’s kiss and make up. Picking up her cell phone as it starts to vibrate, Emily tells Spencer that it’s Alison, and when Spencer says that she’s looking for them and that she must be nervous, Emily mentions that Alison isn’t as nervous as her dad and that he’s taking her out of town because he’s worried about the kidnapper. Spencer comments that Alison is lucky that they realised him when they did, and Emily comments that he was real lucky. When Spencer notice Emily playing with the whipped cream on her coffee, she tells her not to play with her comfort food.

At Aria’s locker in school the next day, Hanna tells Aria that Mike deserves way better than Mona, only for Spencer to mention that boys hate it when you question their judgement. Aria goes to say that if she tells Mike that Mona isn’t who he’s looking for, but before she can finish Emily does for her saying that Aria won’t be able to separate them with a crowbar. Spencer says that Emily’s comment is colourful, “graphic, but colourful”. Walking down the hallway, Spencer and the others listen as Hanna shares her bad thought and that ‘A’ doesn’t want them telling the truth about Alison because they’d like to see them suffer. Spencer tells her that it’s not new information, to which Hanna emphasises the question of who besides ‘A’ wants to keep us quiet. Spencer questions if Hanna is thinking of someone in particular, and when Aria suggests Mona, Hanna tells her not Mona. Aria questions whose left, and Emily mentions Alison. Noticing Hanna’s facial expression, Spencer tells her that it is a bad thought. As the school bell rings and Aria and Emily have walked away, Hanna asks Spencer to wait a second. Spencer questions if this is another bad thought, to which Hanna asks if she still talks to Dean. When Spencer asks if she’s referring to her sober coach, and Hanna nods, Spencer says that she hasn’t since her mom fired him. As Spencer asks why, Hanna wonders if Spencer has his number and when Spencer gives Hanna a look, Hanna tells her that it’s not for her, it’s for Caleb. Spencer asks what’s wrong, and Hanna tells her that she doesn’t know and Caleb won’t tell her. When Spencer questions if this is about Caleb’s drinking, and Hanna says that it’s part of it, Spencer tells her that she can’t just introduce Caleb to a total stranger and say let’s talk about addiction. Hanna desperately tells Spencer that she has to do something, and Spencer mentions that she thinks there is somebody better for him to talk to.

In her bedroom, Spencer is on the phone with Toby, and wonders if she calls him Officer Toby or Cadet Toby, “I like Cadet, sounds you’re in Space Command”. Laughing at his response, Spencer asks if he can come over as she has to talk with him. After Toby says something, Spencer tells him no, and that it’s about Caleb. Saying that it will be easier if he’s here, Spencer goes on to say that “it’s always easier when you’re here”. Thanking Toby, Spencer ends the call and Hanna asks her if she’s sure about this. Spencer says that Caleb will listen to Toby and that they shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good bromance. As Spencer goes to hang her coat up behind her door, Hanna notices an envelope on the group and draws Spencer’s attention to it. Picking the envelope up, Spencer says that it’s from Melissa, “I recognise that anal retentive handwriting anywhere”. Reading the letter, Spencer rushes to her door and opening it, she calls out for Melissa. When Hanna asks what is it, Spencer tells her that Melissa is gone. Hanna asks where Melissa went, and Spencer reads out Melissa’s note, “I have to write this quickly, dad’s taking me to the airport. I’m sorry, you’ll know everything soon, I promise”. Hanna questions why Peter would make Melissa leave, to which Spencer says that she doesn’t know.

In the Hastings’ great room, Spencer and Toby are making out, before Spencer tells Toby that he’s going to make an excellent authority figure. As Spencer snuggles into Toby chest, Toby asks her where everyone is, and Spencer says that her mom is taking marathon depositions and her dad is staying at his club, “which is something I only thought men did in old movies”. When Toby asks about Melissa, Spencer says that she may be back in Europe, or at the Edgewood Motor Court, but that only thing she knows for sure is that Melissa isn’t here. As Toby stretches out, Spencer asks when he last saw Caleb, and thinking, Toby tells her a couple nights after his house blew up. Spencer asks how Caleb seemed, and Toby says that she should tell him. Sitting up, Spencer explains that Hanna stopped drinking, but Caleb hasn’t, and he says that it helps him sleep. Toby says that maybe it does, and when Spencer says that she thinks that there’s more to it than that, Toby questions whether she thinks that or Hanna does. Spencer says that Caleb is different, not in big ways, “but just little things”, and when Toby asks such as what, Spencer says that he looks… After she trails off for a moment, Spencer tells Toby that there’s a word that’s lost all of its meaning, but that’s what she thinks of when she sees Caleb. Toby asks what word she’s thinking of, and Spencer tells him “haunted”. Seeing something on Toby face, Spencer asks him what, and Toby mentions that it’s not drinking, it’s something else. Spencer wonders what makes him say that, and Toby explains that he saw the look she’s talking about, and that he saw it when Caleb came back from Ravenswood.

On the phone Spencer tells Hanna that they’re all set and all Hanna needs to do is get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille. Hanna mentions that Tanner thinks they killed Bethany Young, and when Spencer asks what she’s talking about, Hanna tells her that Tanner thinks they did it. Spencer questions if Tanner said that to them, and when Hanna mentions not in so many words, Spencer asks how many words and in what order. At that moment there is a knock on one of the living room doors and Spencer asks Toby, “the front doorbell is out, can you please go get that?” Going back to her phone call, Spencer asks Hanna where she is and when it all happened, and Hanna says that she was at the Mermaid Café with Emily and Aria. Going on, Hanna explains that Tanner came up to tell them that the Police are trying to catch Cyrus what’s his name, but she ended up saying they were trying to connect them with Bethany. Spencer says that there is no connection, to which Hanna tells her that there wasn’t before, but there is now, and they made it themselves when Aria got those drawings and Spencer went to go meet a man about a horse. Hanna then tells Spencer that she doesn’t think the police are believing a word Alison is saying and they still think that they’re five musketeers. Spencer says that she’s got Toby at her place, and for Hanna to just get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille at 7:30pm, and that they’ll just talk then. As Spencer ends the call, Toby tells her that Melissa isn’t at the Edgewood Motor Court and passes Spencer the package that was just delivered. Looking at the sending address, Spencer flips the parcel over and reading that what is inside is ‘personal and confidential’, Toby asks if she wants some privacy.

Sitting on her bedroom floor, Spencer watches a video message that Melissa has sent to her. Melissa explains in the video that Spencer was right and that she has to tell her the truth before it’s too late. Saying that Peter is taking her to the airport, Melissa mentions that she is going back to England and that Peter has been wanting her to go back since she told him what she told him in the police station the night Spencer was gone. Mentioning that maybe Peter was right, and that there’s nothing to do but keep quiet, Melissa says that she can’t just leave Spencer, not again, not like this. Melissa says that she’s going to tell Spencer the truth, and Spencer can do whatever she wants with it, maybe it’ll help her, maybe it won’t, but at least Spencer will know. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared, heard the two of them fighting, and that she also saw Spencer with a shovel in her hands. Going on, Melissa says that it felt like everyone that ever made the mistake of touching Alison was there that night. Melissa explains that she saw the body and she had thought Spencer had killed Alison with the shovel. Melissa says she’s not sure what happened, but standing there that’s what she thought, and she didn’t want anybody to know. Melissa mentions that she couldn’t look at her face, so she pushed her in the hole in the ground and covered her up, and she made the promise not to tell anybody what she did, or what she thought Spencer had done. Saying that she now knows that it wasn’t Alison, and she wasn’t dead when she buried her, Melissa goes on to say that she was a stranger and she buried her alive, all because she thought I was protecting Spencer. Melissa tells Spencer that their family has a gift for self-preservation, but there’s a point when you go from survivor to predator, and shrugging, Melissa says that she guesses that’s what happened to them. Through tears, Melissa says goodbye to Spencer, and as the video comes to an end, Spencer sits back in shock.

Shakily taking a sip of her drink at the Apple Rose Grille, Spencer listens as Hanna tells Toby not to push it with Caleb and that she’ll tap him on the foot when she thinks Caleb is relaxed enough. Noticing Spencer’s state, Toby asks if she’s alright, and Spencer tells unconvincingly, “sure”. As Caleb walks in, Spencer gives Hanna the heads up, and Hanna tells them to just play dumb. When Spencer calls Hanna out, Hanna says that Toby knows what she’s talking about. When Toby greets Caleb, he says that Hanna mentioned that he was having trouble sleeping, and when Hanna shoots Spencer a look, Spencer tells Hanna not to look at her, “this must be how boys communicate”.

Sitting at the window bench, Spencer tells Hanna that the boys are talking and that talking is good. Hanna wonders what Caleb can say to Toby that he can’t say to her, and Spencer mentions that sometimes people want to tell you things but they just can’t look you in the eye and say it. When Hanna questions why not, Spencer says that it’s because they’re afraid of what you’ll think of them, “that they let you down. That you let them down”. Hanna says that if you love someone then you should be able to tell them anything, and Spencer tells her that “that’s the theory”.

Spencer tells Toby that she promised him dinner, but Toby tells her that he doesn’t feel as though he earned it. When Spencer says that he tried, Toby tells her that all he did was screw it up. Placing some money down on the table, Toby gets up from the table and starts to leave the Grille. Spencer calls out to him, telling him to not run out on her to, to which Toby says that he’s not running out on her. Saying that he’s sorry, Toby explains that he’s just mad at himself. Noticing Spencer starting to tear up, Toby asks if she’s okay, and when Spencer asks “compared to what?”, Toby questions if it has anything to do with what Melissa sent her. Spencer tells him no, and after Toby gives her a look, she tells him yes, “maybe”. Toby asks what it was, and Spencer says that it was a going away present, “a little forget me not”. When Toby presses and asks what was in the envelope, Spencer tells him that she thinks it was the truth, and now that she has it, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it.

Sitting in the kitchen, Spencer re-watches Melissa’s goodbye video. As Melissa says that she can’t just leave Spencer, not again, not like this, Spencer pauses the video and tells Melissa’s still image that “you were always very good at leaving Melissa. You had a flair for the grand exit. And there were times you’d walk up those stairs and I just... wanted to applaud”. Pressing play, Spencer listens as Melissa quotes a line from the Tempest and finishes it off for her, “sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not”. Pausing the video when Melissa says that she saw the body, Spencer comments that Melissa thought she had did it, and tearing up, Spencer says that Melissa was the one to really kill her, “poor Melissa”. When Melissa goodbye and I love you, Spencer breaks down in tears, telling Melissa goodbye.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Emily tells Aria that she’s not talking with Tanner, and when Spencer says that she isn’t either, Aria says that she didn’t think it was them. Emily asks where Hanna is and Spencer says that she called all of them but Hanna’s phone went to voice mail. Aria says that it’s not Hanna, and Spencer realises it has to be Alison, to which Emily says that maybe they can stop her. As Aria asks how, Emily grabs a piece of paper showing Cyrus facing the bank ATM camera, and passes it to Spencer who passes it to Aria. When Spencer asks where she got the photo, Emily tells her Ezra. Spencer tells Emily and Aria that she has to show them something and that it can’t wait for Hanna.

After Aria and Emily watch Melissa’s video, Spencer explains that she just got it today and that it took her a while to decide whether or not to show it to them. Emily says that they understand, and Aria comments that Melissa killed Bethany Young. Spencer says that Melissa thought that she had just buried her and that Spencer was the one who killed her, to which Emily mentions that Melissa doesn’t sound so sure of that now. Emily makes mentions that when Melissa saw Bethany she was wearing Alison’s clothes, and Spencer says that it was another set of Alison’s clothes, “there had to be a duplicate set. Ali wasn’t walking around naked”. Aria questions if it was always somebody’s idea that Bethany take Alison’s place, and Spencer says for them to tell her another way that Bethany ends up in that yellow top. Emily says that they need to figure out a way around that picture of ‘A’ at the hospital or they’re busted, to which Aria asks what picture of ‘A’ she’s referring to. Emily says the picture of Alison, but Aria tells her no and that she had said a picture of ‘A’. Emily tries to deny it that’s what she said, and when Spencer tells her that “yeah you did”, Emily says that it was a slip of the tongue. As Spencer takes USB from her laptop, Aria asks her what she’s going to do.

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Ian Thomas: Kissed and briefly dated.
  • Started: Before Pilot
  • Ended: Before Pilot
  • Reason: Alison threatened to tell Melissa.

Wren Kingston: They flirted and kissed. (see "Wrencer")

Alexander "Alex" Santiago: Dated.

Toby Cavanaugh: Dating. (see "Spoby").

First Relationship

Second Relationship

Third Relationship


  • Spencer is the main target of "A," being the one he or she has targeted the most. It is probably because she is the strongest person of the remaining liars, and could stand up to Alison, something the other liars could not do except Hanna who once tried to defend Lucas from Alison's bullying.
  • The name "Spencer" is derived from a Middle English surname meaning "dispenser of provisions."
  • She is the most organized and hardworking one of the four.
  • Spencer was good friends with Alison, even though they fought constantly because Spencer was the only one able to stand up to her. Alison told only Spencer she had a secret boyfriend (later revealed as Ian Thomas) the summer she died.
  • Janel Parrish, the actress who plays Mona Vanderwaal, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, and Tammin Sursok, who plays Jenna Marshall, also auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings.
  • Spencer finds out Jason DiLaurentis is her half-brother in "The Naked Truth."
  • After staying with Toby at the motel, he invites Spencer to stay the next night. After sleeping over at Wren's place, he tells her she is welcome to stay anytime. She replies, "I might actually take you up on that," on both occasions.
  • Spencer has received 35 individual messages from "A," plus 25 messages sent to all 4 girls.
  • She was the first one to find out who "A" and Red Coat are.  She found out Mona Vanderwaal was 'A' in "UnmAsked," and  that Toby Cavanaugh was 'A' in "Misery Loves Company," and also she saw first Alison as the Red Coat.
  • Her favorite childhood game was hide and seek because she always won.
  • Out of the four girls, Spencer is the last one to lose her virginity. She lost her virginity to Toby in "The Lady Killer."
  • Spencer was the third of the four liars to be visited by Alison. She appears to her in the Hastings' living room in "If These Dolls Could Talk."
  • Spencer is very close to Aria. They have always been very close. They usually lean on each other for romantic advice and in -A's triumphs. Troian Bellisario even said that they have "a very close bond." They are also close because they are more intellectual than the other girls; they both love literature. In Cat's Cradle, on the police board, there was a note on Aria's head pointed to Spencer that said, "would do anything for her."
  • Spencer is also very close to Emily, as she was angry at Paige for making remarks about Emily being gay and when Spencer, Hanna and Aria suspected Paige of being A. They are also close as they both are/were close to Toby. Troian Bellisario said that, "Shay and I always laugh about our relationship on the show since we're always fighting."
  • Spencer is also quite close to Hanna. Troian Bellisario describes Spencer's relationship with Hanna as "very fun." Spencer is constantly correcting Hanna's grammar mistakes, as well as stopping her from doing ideas that could get in her trouble. 
  • Spencer along with Hanna are the only ones who did not cheat on her partner. Her sister's boyfriends were the ones that kissed her and Spencer was not in a relationship. Emily had kissed Nate while dating Paige and Aria had kissed Jason while dating Ezra (as well as kissing Ezra while dating Noel, and kissing Wesley while dating Ezra).  Spencer and Hanna kissed Wren, but that happened after their break ups.
  • She often texts SOS to the other girls.
  • Both Spencer and Toby have been suspected by the Police of hurting/murdering Alison.
  • Spencer kidnapped Malcom in order to prove to Mona that she wants to be on the -A Team.
  • In I Must Confess her birthday (April 11) is shown on Dr. Sullivan's files.
  • Spencer is the first and only liar so far to join the A-Team, even though she was a double agent.
  • Spencer's anniversary date with Toby is November 6th, because they kiss the day after Hanna and Caleb first sleep together in "A Person of Interest."

Book ComparisonEdit

File:Spencer (Comparison).png

Main Article: Spencer Hastings (Book Character)

  • Spencer lost her virginity to Wren Kim in the books, while in the TV show, she loses her virginity to Toby Cavanaugh.
  • In the books, Spencer has feelings for Wren, and is not sorry for dating him behind her sister's back. In the show, Spencer, although finding him good-looking, doesn't seem as interested in him, and apologizes multiple times to her family for their brief affair.
  • In the books, Spencer has dark blonde hair and green eyes and resembles Alison DiLaurentis, while in the series, she has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • In the books, Alison and Courtney are Spencer and Melissa's half siblings. In the TV series only Jason is related to Melissa and Spencer.
  • In the books, Spencer never even talks to Toby Cavanaugh, or it is never mentioned she has ever communicated with him before his death. In the TV Series, Spencer has a passionate romance with Toby.
  • In the books, Spencer's parents get a divorce because of her father's infidelity. In the TV series, Spencer's parents are still married, though there is a break of trust and a strain is put on the marriage.
  • In the show, Spencer attends Rosewood High. While in the books, Spencer attends Rosewood Day, a private school.
  • In the show, Spencer is admitted to Radley following a breakdown in the forest after finding Toby's supposed dead body. In the books, this doesn't happen to her instead it happens to Hanna because of A.
  • In the books, Spencer dates Andrew. In the TV series her and Andrew are just friends.
  • In the books, Spencer is going to attend Princeton while in the show she wants to attend UPenn. However she doesn't get accepted into UPenn, while she got early admission to Princeton in the books.
  • In the books, Spencer is revealed to have a surrogate mother where as in the show she does not.


Spencer: She's gone, but she's everywhere.

Spencer: You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.

Hanna: Hello? Is anybody out there?
Spencer: Its probably a rabbit.
Hanna [calls out]: Helloooo?
Spencer: It's a rabbit, Hanna. It's not gonna answer you.

Spencer [to Toby]: The whole message reads BAD, what does that mean? Am I supposed to go buy an old Michael Jackson album?

Spencer [about Aria being with Mr. Fitz]: Part of me thinks this is really self-destructive behavior. Most of me just thinks it's really hot.

Emily: Sometimes when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Spencer: Why are you talking like Ben Franklin?

Spencer: You don't paper over windows unless you're a vampire.

Spencer: Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail,and I just... I wanna grab it, and I wanna yank it really, really hard.

Spencer [skeptically, with regards to her sister's evening plans]: Church?
Melissa: Planning a christening.
Spencer: Isn’t that a little premature? What if it’s not born a human?

Spencer [to Aria]: Come on, we're team Sparia.

Spencer: He's your boyfriend, Aria. He's not a baby squirrel.
Aria: I was just trying to do the right thing.
Spencer: Totally wrong. Look, I've been there, I've done that. Every time you baby squirrel Ezra, you're taking away his nuts.
Aria: You did not just say that.

Spencer: These are my most collegiate-looking blazers.

Spencer: B is for bad.

Spencer: You gotta love the Hastings. I just get released from a mental hospital, and they welcome my friends with tea and crumpets.

Spencer: Mom, I am not a sofa!

Emily: How am I supposed to live in that house?
Aria: Just hang out on the second floor.
Spencer: And wear underwear at all times.

Spencer: God, why are you so mean, Dean?
Dean: Because you make me tense, Spence.

Emily: You know that A is always one step ahead of us.
Spencer: Yeah, maybe is.

Spencer: We made a pact Emily. A is finally dead and we were all ready to get back to our lives and now we're back on Planet Alison.

Emily: Coincidences happen.
Spencer: Yeah, all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts just waiting for you to walk under them.

Spencer: Aria, you need to take a psychological selfie right now. You’re letting your paranoia get the better of you.

Alison: You're a little loud.
Spencer: You're a little crazy!

Spencer [to Jenna]: When you ask the organ grinder a question, you don't really want to hear from the monkey.

Spencer [to Alison]: I'm sorry, do we seriously have to remind you that you were never actually kidnapped?

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